Transgender Swimmer Defeated by Another Transgender Swimmer

On Saturday, a male college swimmer who identifies as female was defeated by a female swimmer who identifies as male.

The New York Post reports that the University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas, a man who now competes as a woman and thus has broken many “women’s” records in the sport, was bested at an Ivy League swim meet. The woman who defeated Thomas, Yale’s Iszac Henig, came out on top in both the women’s 100-yard and 400-yard freestyle races. Henig also set a new record for the 50-yard race.

Although Henig is a biological woman, she identifies as a man and has already had surgery done to remove her breasts. But she was allowed to compete with the regular women, and Thomas, because she has not yet started her testosterone treatment.

Henig openly admitted that, upon “coming out,” she had two choices: Either “start hormones to align more with myself, or wait, transition socially, and keep competing on a women’s swim team.” She ultimately chose the latter, allowing her to continue competing with biological women for the time being.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder where people believe that there are more than two genders, and that anyone can choose their gender at any given time. The phenomenon has given rise to numerous cases of men deciding that they are now women, and thus transitioning to women’s sports, where their biological advantages allow them to surpass many previous records set by biological women.

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