Morning Greatness: The All-Star Jubilee Palooza J6 Festival of Heroism, Song and Strife Comes to a Close

Good Friday morning.

Here is what’s on 46 agenda today:

  • 10:45am: The President delivers remarks on the December 2021 jobs report
  • 6:35pm: The President and The First Lady meet with families who were impacted by the Marshall Fire; The President delivers brief remarks on his Administration’s response to recent wildfires in Colorado


Two minutes of hate:

Congratulations. If you are reading this, you have survived the All-Star Jubilee Palooza J6 Festival of Heroism, Song and Strife broadcast for the last seven days. Media bards serenaded and incited their echo chamber acolytes with tales of J6 valor in the face of filthy, main street Trump supporters who came to pollute and seize the golden halls of Washington D.C. with their American flags and silly expectations of free and fair elections. Mirabile dictu!

What was the point of this extravaganza? There are many. Earlier this week I wrote about how the J6 enterprise closely tracked with the RUSSIA collusion hoax model: create a pretense to unleash federal authority against political opponents, hot house the low information public with the manufactured scandal, amass political power to further cripple political opponents. This is a successful system for two reasons. First, because the media is an accomplice to leftist activist agenda and eagerly promotes the left’s fairy tales without question. Questioning used to be their jobs but nowadays the media apparatus spends its time puzzling about pronouns and which “races” need to be capitalized in their infomercial content. Second, is that the government bureaucracy has been captured by the left.

But another point should not be understated: the need for these otherwise mundane, impotent humans to hero-ize themselves in the face of their own failures. All week headlines sang the story of J6 trauma, tales of danger and escape from the violent mob who had breached the holy sanctuary that symbolizes their superior ways. Invoking the Holocaust, D-Day and referencing 9-11 is just sickening but the media and the leftists running the country see themselves as martyrs just like the brave men killed or maimed in WWII battle or the victims of Hitler’s gas chambers or first responders digging body parts out of toxic Twin Tower rubble. Surviving the J6 “siege of the Capitol” is of far greater significance in their minds than addressing inflation, a broken school system, spiking gas prices, labor issues, empty store shelves or the opioid epidemic. It was an attempted coup, after all!

Now that the performance has ended, many obvious and important questions remain about J6. Pelosi’s uni-partisan committee will not investigate where the false reports originated claiming that Brian Sicknick was killed with a fire extinguisher by rabid Trump supporters. They will not investigate the illegal transformations of the election process that set off so many citizens. They will not investigate why provocateurs were mysteriously removed from the FBI’s most wanted list. They will not investigate why an unarmed Ashli Babbitt was shot by a capitol police officer. They will not investigate who set the pipe bombs on January 5th. And they most certainly will not investigate why there was inadequate security at the constitutionally-protected, pre-planned event outside the Capitol on January 6.


Harris was inside DNC on Jan. 6 when pipe bomb was discovered outside
Harris slammed for comparing Capitol riot to 9/11, Pearl Harbor attacks
Biden administration awards first contract for at-home COVID tests plan

Civil unrest:
January 6 investigators don’t rule out concluding Trump’s actions constituted a crime
Scarf that congresswoman carried on the day of the insurrection featured voting card of enslaved ancestor 
Biden groups killing of Capitol Police officer by Farrakhan follower with Jan. 6 deaths
Officer who defended Capitol recalls near-death moment
Right. Trump did not want to tweet ‘stay peaceful’ during January 6 riot, key former aide says
LOL. Liz Cheney: Jan 6 Committee goal isn’t to prevent ‘Trump 2024’; probe should transcend partisanship
Dick Cheney slams GOP over January 6th
Dueling DC vigils for Jan. 6 show deep divides on Capitol riot
Capitol riot pipe bomb suspect remains unidentified one year later
Ashli Babbitt’s mom defends late daughter’s actions at Capitol riot
Cheney confirms she told Jim Jordan on Jan. 6 ‘Get away from me. You f—ing did this’
Pelosi: It was ‘inexplicable’ why it took so long for National Guard to be activated on Jan. 6 
Facebook Sued For Its Alleged Role In Federal Agent’s Death
Manhattan’s Soros-Backed DA Won’t Seek Life for Cop Killers, Terrorists
Ted Cruz walks back Jan. 6 ‘terrorist’ remark in heated exchange with Tucker Carlson
Illinois cop killed with own gun after pleading with suspect to spare life: prosecutor
NYC to increase number of police officers in subways, Adams and Hochul say
3 other cops in George Floyd death to stand trial this month

Coronavirus news:
Chicago nixes school for 3rd day as virus, union debate rage
Supreme Court To Review Challenges To Biden’s Vaccine Mandates
West Virginia requesting federal permission to administer fourth vaccine dose
FDA ordered to speed up release of approval data for COVID-19 vaccine
James Corden cancels shows after testing positive for Covid-19

Other morsels:
Schumer calls GOP alternative to vote reform ‘unacceptable,’ ‘offensive’
‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Mike Rowe Warns Everyone’s Going To Feel 4.5 Million Job Loss
Trump social media app to launch on President’s Day: report
Ex-Trumpers set to plot how to try and take down Trump
Ex-McCarthy staffer: GOP leader’s strategy dictated by ‘most extreme’ wings of party
Tim Kaine’s I-95 Traffic Ordeal His Own Damn Fault, Says Blackface Governor
Northam tells local Virginia reporter he’s ‘sick and tired’ of people asking what went wrong on I-95
Air Force Accused of Lowering Standards for Elite Unit to Accommodate Female Candidate

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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Liz Sheld is the senior news editor at American Greatness. She is a veteran political strategist and pollster who has worked on campaigns and public interest affairs. Liz has written at Breitbart and The Federalist, as well as at PJ Media, where she wrote "The Morning Briefing." In her spare time, she shoots sporting clays and watches documentaries.

Photo: Bicycle fencing surrounds the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 6, 2022, on the first anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol by supporters of then US President Donald Trump. - Thousands of supporters of then-president Donald Trump stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in a bid to prevent the certification of Biden's election victory. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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