Will We Reach Herd Immunity Against the Tyranny Variant?

The fact that over 800,000 people in the United States have reportedly died from COVID-19 is barely noted by the corporate propagandists, no doubt because it isn’t politically useful now that Bad Orange Man is gone. Or it could be that the media doesn’t want to highlight yet another failure of the woefully incompetent Biden Administration with Grandpa Dementia barely cracking the 40 point approval mark. 

If Trump were still in the White House, we all know 800,000 deaths would have been trumpeted on every front page, the topic of every single leftist outlet’s headline for weeks. CNN would have already resurrected their morbid death count ticker claiming that every single death was due to great and terrible Trump.

The fact is 800,000 is probably inflated, much like everything else in this country right now. We have long suspected that hospitals and hospices have attributed more deaths to COVID than is accurate (particularly since they were literally financially incentivized to do so). You got hit by a bus? We’d better mark you down as another COVID death just to be on the safe side. Five gunshot wounds but positive for COVID? COVID for sure. Motorcycle crash death? Clearly the damnable COVID took another soul in mid-ride. Knife to the heart? COVID. Stage 4 cancer? COVID. 

The real question we need answered is whether people are dying with COVID or from it. Some of us have been asking for that debate since the spring of 2020. Plenty of people have gotten it and have recovered. Plenty of people have gotten it and died, but there were other factors leading to their deaths such as pneumonia, a weakened immune system or some other condition. Some doctors have suggested that the COVID deaths among otherwise healthy people with no underlying conditions or serious comorbidities is probably in the one percent range, or 8,000 total since this all began (let that sink in when you consider the utter carnage of our economy and small businesses). The CDC stats show very clearly that 94 percent of the individuals who supposedly died from COVID did so, on average, with three serious comorbidities. In fact, a lot of those comorbidities can probably be traced back to something most people don’t want to talk about: obesity.

According to some medical experts, nearly 78 percent of reported COVID deaths are directly linked to the patient’s weight. That’s a startling number and an uncomfortable one. If you start talking about obesity you start messing with all sorts of big corporations from fast food giants to big sugar—and we can’t have that. Heck, you might even be attacked for fat shaming. So we continue on like little children, ignoring reality in the hope it will somehow just vanish and we can go on our merry way. 

Such social delusion appears to be the goal of social media and news censorship of factual COVID information, which seems to know no bounds. No questions, peasants! Accept the so-called expert narrative as gospel truth. In fact, Facebook recently went so far as to censor an article about the dangers of COVID censorship. 

The good news is that the end of all of the COVID madness is apparently in sight. While low IQ pundits and hosts on MSNBC and CNN were doing their best to whip up one more frenzy of lockdowns and mandates over the “great and terrible” Omicron variant, the truth is Omicron, while highly contagious, is not evenly remotely deadly. It means most people, even the triple vaccinated (technically triple jabbed with a therapeutic medicine, as we don’t actually have a vaccine), multiple booster shots while wearing five masks Karens are probably going to get it—which means we’ll reach herd immunity and be back to normal within a few months

That’s the good news. The bad news? Once COVID fades into the background, most if not all of our major institutions will still be broken. The CDC and NIH need serious reform. Corporate propagandists will still be around, acting not so much as “news sources” but as outlets for administrative state narratives. Tyrants from the federal to the local level will be looking for the next fear tactic to scare Americans into abdicating more power to the state. Big Tech will still be censoring and shutting down anything it disagrees with as it tramples the Bill of Rights. 

The only hope is that enough Americans will have been inoculated after this bout of madness to be immune to, and deeply skeptical of, the next attempt to erode their rights. We will get some inkling of whether that’s the case in the coming elections. If Americans are acquiring a herd immunity to tyranny, look for them to actually demand their supposed representatives look out for and defend their rights.

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Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

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