Morning Greatness: New Poll Finds 40 Percent of GOP Say Violence Against the Government Is Sometimes Justified

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Two minutes of hate:

A new Washington Post/University of Maryland poll registering public opinion about the January 6 riot and related issues was released over the holiday weekend. If you are confident that the corporate media has become irrelevant, the results from this poll should smack you back into reality. Many of us on the right think the corporate media has been exposed as illegitimate and disregarded by the public. That may be true for some of us, but it certainly isn’t the case for a large segment of the population. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Let’s examine some of the poll’s findings.

This survey is among adults, not registered voters or likely voters so the findings are skewed toward the less politically engaged. The unweighted party affiliations of the respondents are D-36%, R-27%, I-27% and I can’t tell what that looks like after the sample has been weighted because the WP/UMD results don’t provide that information. Often times a juiced up party affiliation is used to serve up more narrative friendly results if you know what I mean. Juiced up party affiliation + adult respondents = weaponized polling headline bonanza.

The big finding for the WP write up is that 40% of Republicans and 40% of Independents say “violent action against the government is sometimes justified” and only 23% of Democrats say the same. (My spidey sense thinks 40% of GOPers is low.) This suggests that the Democrats have far less support, almost half as much, for their Antifa/BLM surrogates’ fiery summer of looting, burning and violence as the Republicans have for the cartoon caricature of J6 the media has been incessantly shrieking about for 363 days. This is actually impressive considering the violence, arson, murders and looting were immediately downplayed and sugar-coated (“mostly peaceful” and “for social justice”) while the J6 riot was sensationalized and grandstanded (“insurrection” and “overthrowing the government”) for 363 days.

We can see how effective the media J6 propaganda campaign has been when looking at results from the question, “Do you think protesters who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, were mostly peaceful, mostly violent or equally peaceful and violent?” A staggering 54% say protestors were mostly violent with 78% of Democrats, 55% of Independents and 26% of Republicans saying so. Now this is just obscenely ridiculous because a small fraction, around 10%, are charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer of the 700+ arrested. None are charged with trying to overthrow the government and most are charged with trespassing and other misdemeanors. I would suggest the survey ask another question “True or False: Brian Sicknick was killed when protestors beat him with a fire extinguisher.” This way we would have a definitive baseline for the ignorance level of the respondents. And of course the WP write up of the poll furthers the myth that Sicknick was killed at the riot and not after the riot due to a stroke, “The Jan. 6 attack left one police officer and four others dead, and scores injured, particularly those in law enforcement who were overwhelmed for a time as the mob of protesters broke into the Capitol.” Just for reference, 140 officers were assaulted/injured on J6 and 2,037 were assaulted and injured during the Antifa/BLM riots of 2020.

Finally, let us look at the opinions about the punishments for the J6 arrestees. More than half (51%) say the legal punishments for those who broke the law is not harsh enough and 28% say punishments have been fair. Really? The Q Anon Vegan Shaman will spend four years in jail and he wasn’t convicted of any violent crime, many people are still in pre-trial detention/jail and they haven’t been convicted of any crime. This is another data point illustrating how much the media’s propaganda has infected the public however, it is entirely possibly that this country is so partisanized and corrupted that people believe their political opponents ought to be locked up a priori. I think this may be likely.

The survey also found that 69% of Trump voters say Biden was not legitimately elected which is on par with the previous 2017 WP/UMD poll that found 69% of Hillary Clinton voters said that Trump was not legitimately elected. As much as the corporate media hems and haws about how wacky it is that Trump voters think Biden is an illegitimate president, the Democrats/Clinton voters were the ones who started this trend, not just Trump but with Bush. To the Democrats, the only reason Democrats ever lose is because of fraud. And it’s worth remembering that the Democrats are also the party that normalized political violence with the Antifa/BLM riots which were eagerly spun as social justice battles by their media handmaidens. The J6ers were just following suit.

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