Cruz and Codevilla Decode Fauci’s COVID Capers

 “If a child goes into the hospital,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said last week, “they automatically get tested for COVID and they get counted as a COVID-hospitalized individual, when, in fact, they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. So it’s overcounting the number of children who are, quote, hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID.” That revelation brought a response from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas): 

“Now Fauci says this? Is this because pandemic politics have changed for the Biden admin?” he tweeted. Cruz was right. And before he passed away last year, Angelo Codevilla addressed the issue in “Doctors, Doctored Numbers, and Democracy.” 

Throughout the pandemic, the number of “confirmed cases,” has meant cases that come to the attention of the medical profession. Such cases reveal nothing as to the actual number of people infected. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 was also inexact “because it does not distinguish between those who died of the virus and those who die merely with it,” and “might have died even without it.” Codevilla later expanded that analysis in “Dismounting the COVID Tiger.” 

In 2020, doctors had been pressured “to label as COVID any set of symptoms that looked like it.”

For their part, medical bureaucrats “attributed hospitalizations to COVID-19 rather than to other causes. It led to patients being treated as if they had COVID rather than for what really ailed them, and attributing deaths to COVID that in fact were not.” As Codevilla summarized, “the very plasticity of the numbers by which the oligarchy scared the hell out of America in 2020 makes it possible, presto magico, gradually to ease the fear.” 

With the addled Joe Biden in the White House, Fauci plays the trick and Cruz calls him out. Codevilla was there first, and he also called out Fauci as a “deep state fraud.” The establishment media collaborated in the COVID con and remained unwilling to probe, as Codevilla put it, the “material complicity” of Fauci in “the development of the virus itself.” 

According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Science Policy, gain-of-function research can “enhance the pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens,” which can raise “biosafety and biosecurity concerns.” Knowing that danger, Fauci funded such dangerous research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Chinese scientist Xiangguo Qiu supplied the WIV with a cargo of deadly pathogens from Canada’s National Microbiology Lab (NML), and in 2017 and 2018, Qiu made repeated trips to the WIV. 

One of Qiu’s faithful defenders is Dr. Gary Kobinger, a former colleague in the NML’s special pathogens department. As it happens. Kobinger is now the director of the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas. The GNL, in turn, is a creation of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), headed by Fauci since 1984. 

Former GNL director James LeDuc wanted to know when COVID was first handled at the WIV, what viruses they had been using, and whether anyone at the WIF had been “conducting gain-of-function studies, recombination studies, or any other studies that may have resulted in the creation of the nCoV.” The WIV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Communist China, and part of their biological weapons research efforts, was not exactly cooperative. 

As Senator Rand Paul (D-Ky.) has noted, Fauci lied about funding gain-of-function research at the WIV, and in early 2020, Fauci opposed President Trump’s ban on travel from China. Embattled Americans might wonder about the ethics of a medical doctor who would be so dishonest and deceptive. For Fauci, it’s not a problem. 

Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, heads up bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, which oversees NIAID. By all indications, whatever husband Tony wants to do or say, Christine is going to tell him it’s OK. It’s a colossal conflict of interest, but as with the COVID numbers con, and the origin of the virus, the establishment media show no interest. 

Angelo Codevilla was on to it from the start. He’s gone now, but his work will live on in 2022 and beyond.

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About Lloyd Billingsley

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Hollywood Party and other books including Bill of Writes and Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Spectator (London) and many other publications. Billingsley serves as a policy fellow with the Independent Institute.

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