2022 New Year’s Resolution

 We are living in a unique historical moment where we will need to change some of our attitudes toward politics, confrontation, and activism if we and our children are to survive as free people, and as Americans bequeathed with God-given rights. Further, if we do not begin to take off our kid gloves, our children will be indoctrinated in anti-American concepts of “civil rights” and “social justice” and immersed in smut. Now is the time to battle for country, family, and God and for what is good, wholesome, and righteous.

It is clear that the political Left, whose political home and power base is in today’s Democratic Party, fervently wants to make us second-class citizens. Even questioning the decisions of local school boards or election results will taint you with the label “white extremist” so as to nullify your legitimacy. Americans are being silenced, threatened with job loss, and forced into social submission to the progressive Left’s fictitious and repressive paradigm. It is profoundly un-American. But, that is not surprising given that the Left no longer subscribes to the historic American ethos and way of life.

They are sending or allowing Antifa, BLM, and anarchist goons to burn cities, destroy shops, and beat up locals to get their way. They intimidate, bully, and maim—all in the name of social justice. If done by others, what BLM and Antifa do would be labeled criminal and immediately prosecuted. Now is the time for Americans, especially religious Americans, to fight back! Self-righteous anger is justified, indeed called for, against people on an unending rampage to physically harm you, rob you of your lawful heritage, and purposefully foul the souls of your children. 

We religious people must get involved in the nitty-gritty political arena, and as citizens we need to muster the emotional self-confidence and fortitude—the stomach—to confront those hell-bent on bullying us into submission.  

This is a spiritual war, a battle for the soul and survival of America that will be determined by our strength of will. Thus far the Left has internalized a much greater inner will, while we are acting like victims, defenseless. Their determination to win has won them successive victories, one after another. A prerequisite for fighting back is a belief in the righteousness of one’s cause and beliefs, followed by a righteous anger at being denied what is one’s birthright. 

Due to society’s neverending woke brainwashing, we have forgotten something essential: nothing is more important than protecting and saving oneself and one’s family. The Bible gives ultimate primacy to defending yourself. It is a paramount commandment. Those pushing to take away our liberty are doing nothing less than attacking us and our human dignity.  

Out of religious misguidedness, some claim that we should act timidly against those who attack us, that humility and humbleness demand a hands-off approach. This is not the correct moral response. Morality means doing what one ought to do in a specific situation. And, undoubtedly, when one’s physical status, spiritual condition, freedom, and human dignity are at stake, one is morally obligated to defend oneself. 

Our biblical religion is not pacifist. Our response must not be weakness, but tenacious vigor. God’s honor and code of conduct must be taken seriously and defended. Nor can religious freedom—biblical, religious freedom—be surrendered. It is self-contradictory to surrender religious freedom in the name of a religious mandate to always be humble. 

Of this I am certain: God does not ask that we meekly commit suicide. National suicide is not humility, but an escape from duty. The Almighty desires that we fight so we can live another, better, day. Why would God purposely disadvantage and doom those loyal to him by tying their hands behind their backs with notions of forever-timidity?  Why would God punish those who worship Him by demanding that in all situations we act with meekness and passivity knowing full well that the attackers against us are relentless and hence will be victorious and subdue God’s believers? Why would God embed a formula for our own defeat? Never! Yes, religious people pray, but we pray that God infuses His Spirit and salvation into our human capacities. Humbleness is not the answer for every occasion. Sometimes the sacred answer is full throttle forward. 

King Solomon in Ecclesiastes tells us there is no fixed, absolute emotion covering every situation. He writes:  “To everything there is a season. There is a time for war, a time for peace; a time for love, but a time for hate; a time for submission and a time for exercising power; a time for silence and a time to speak-up.” There is a time for anger. Yes, righteous anger in defense of that which is good and against that which is an affront to us and Him. We cannot be indifferent to evil. Evil must be hated . . . and vanquished; if not it will devour you as an individual and crush society and civilization. 

In fact, God wanted us to know that at times an unapologetic, full battle is the necessary choice. Thus in Exodus, when fighting on behalf of the Israelites against the Egyptian army, He says of Himself: “I, the Lord, am a Man of War.” In other words, if it is on occasion necessary for God to fight, so is it for us. Wars—even spiritual wars—are inevitable and necessary interludes of life. God implanted into us the emotions of, for example, anger, lust, and pride for those appointed times when anger is the precise emotion needed in behalf of self-defense and fighting evil; or lust for procreation; pride to demand the dignity and honor due us as living creatures filled with a soul.  

Meekness is an attitude, not a strategy. Important and necessary battles are won not through a plan of meekness but when necessary by meek people acting like lions. Meek means humble. Arrogance is the opposite of being meek. When the Bible speaks of the quality of meekness, it does so in contrast to arrogance, an attitude pervasive among the Roman conquerors cited in the Gospel. Their arrogant attitude prevailed not just in moments of war, but even when they ate and bathed. Joining the battle is itself not an act or attitude of arrogance. “The meek shall inherit the earth” means the humble shall ultimately prevail, as opposed to those, like the Roman conquerors, who were saturated with arrogance. The battle, and participation in the battle, is not the opposite of humbleness. It represents not an attitude of arrogance, but rather a duty to something greater than one’s comfort or safe pieties. Our soldiers in World War II were humble men who knew that meekness during battle was a recipe for defeat.  

A war against the Judeo-Christian heritage and ethos is being pushed by the Left. A coalition of interests on the Left have unofficially banded together to bring down this country and its Christian middle class, to make this a top-down society where the Constitution and rule of law are arbitrary and selectively used to the Left’s advantage and for its card-carrying members. 

“Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.” But, verily, self-defense is not vengeance. It is not “mean” to fight for your country, for justice, for fair treatment; it is noble and honorable. We need to remember that middle-class people are also entitled to justice and fair treatment. Saving your children and country is not vengeance.The Bible and our Constitution have granted us rights and promises of dignity, and they are not relinquished simply because we work hard, sacrifice, and play by the rules. We should be angered at those who wish to deprive us of our equal justice under the law, who demand that our children be denied advancement through merit, who scammed us to make us accept second-class status because we are white, and who grab our income and property for redistribution to greedy claimants. So much of “wokeness” is simply another ploy to force people to forfeit their wealth and hand it over to those claiming “entitlement.” It is an act of hate. It is accomplished by foisting neverending phony guilt. Just because a grievance comes from a “minority” does not automatically make it legitimate or ethical. 

We in 2021 are dealing with ever more brazen, harsh, cruel, power-hungry collaborators that are using guilt, intimidation, and bullying to transform this country into one run by a select few who care little about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We will be maligned, as participating in a form of virtue-signaling. Everything we hold dear and that made our prosperity and blessings possible will be thrown out and replaced by economic and cultural Marxism. The only exclusions made will be for those in the ruling class. 

Truth be told, much of this revolution is concocted by people who do not like most Americans, who consider us square, beneath them, uneducated, unsophisticated, rustic, religious. We are just customers to buy their products; workers to pay for the redistribution of wealth to those who despise America. We are the people elitists need to look down upon, so they can regard themselves as intellectually and morally superior, though they are incompetent and unable to run our country and manage our cities. There is something morally wrong and emotionally warped among those who despise the very country that has given them their freedom, blessings, and prosperity.  

The American people are a uniquely good-willed people. But, the Left and race-hustlers took advantage of our good will, kindness, compassion, and sense of fair play. We were “social-justice-sloganed” into accepting our own death, providing the rope to hang ourselves. We bowed to the god of all- encompassing tolerance and were rewarded by no longer being tolerated. In the name of tolerance, regular Americans are are considered deplorable. We are losing our liberty to phony “social justice.”

We should never surrender the preciousness of liberty, no matter the cause, for God Himself announced: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land, to all the inhabitants therein.” 

Many believe that God brings us into the world precisely at the moment in history when our talents and fortitude can fight the prevailing fight taking place during the epoch of our lives. It’s your country and heritage: fight for it! It’s your birthright, a fight for your children and posterity. Can there be a more important fight, a more important call to action? Thank God we are alive at this moment of calling!

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About Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus For America and spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs. He has authored Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Spirit (Evergreen) and Why Israel Matters to You (Evergreen). He has published op-eds in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, National Review, and The Federalist, and was a columnist for Human Events. A number of years ago he headed up a think tank of Black and Jewish conservatives. He currently hosts a radio show, is a popular public speaker, and is a frequent guest on Fox News and Newsmax.

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