COVID Spin-Ops: Government Failures Buried, Government Actions Hyped

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, here is what we know about the origins of the disease and governments’ role in bungling the response. 

The United States, French, and Chinese governments collaborated on gain-of-function research. This research created a pandemic-capable respiratory virus that for humans was more infectious and more dangerous than most coronaviruses, which are commonplace. 

Much of this research was done in a lab sited not in a remote location but in Wuhan, China: a metropolis with a population of 8.3 million people. An accidental release there could not be contained. An intentional release there could be made to look like an accident. Building the lab there grievously violated safety practices that had been near-universal since the disastrous Union Carbide toxic-chemical accident in Bhopal, India in 1984. 

Government officials dismissed the possibility of effective early treatment of COVID-19. No industrialized nation’s government funded or otherwise encouraged timely, well-designed clinical trials or other clinical work with immune-boosting vitamin D, generic antiviral ivermectin, generic antiviral hydroxychloroquine with zinc, or the clot-reducing supplement NAC. In the United States, state governments likewise did not fund or incentivize clinical trials or use of preventives or treatments not sold by government cronies. All governments and cronies cautioned strongly against using preventives or treatments not sold by government cronies. 

No industrialized nation’s government systematically funded or otherwise encouraged testing for immunity, especially testing not for antibodies known to fade but for lasting immunity known to endure 17 years and counting in the case of SARS-CoV-1. 

Every industrialized nation’s government strongly recommended using only negligible early-outpatient treatment, government cronies’ branded drugs, and government cronies’ hospital treatments. 

New York and other state governments mandated that infectious patients be accepted into nursing homes that were unable to prevent transmission via aerosols; the route normally dominant in pandemics involving respiratory viruses

The U.S. government claimed jurisdiction over fast, inexpensive home tests, prevented the sale of the tests developed first, and greatly delayed the sale of the tests developed later. State governments had asserted jurisdiction but didn’t defend their jurisdiction and didn’t defend customers’ and businesses’          rights

In every industrialized jurisdiction but Sweden and Florida, governments deprived many people of the right to work for extended periods. 

Remdesivir had never been approved for other diseases, had serious side effects, and like the later messenger RNA therapies, promoted development of more-dangerous variants of the virus. But the U.S. government approved remdesivir for COVID first out of the gate, and long held it up as the sole approved therapy. 

The U.S. government also blocked liability for, funded development of, approved, and promoted novel mRNA therapies with narrow action that reproduced only the virus’ disease-causing spike protein and none of COVID-19’s other 28 proteins. 

These mRNA therapies’ narrow action caused variants to evolve that were more infectious and, in the case of the Delta variant, more deadly. The narrow action also crowded out what would otherwise have been the more effective broad-spectrum immune response of people who had natural immunity from prior infection but whose possible natural immunity was ignored as these people were persuaded to also get the vaccine, and made to believe that this would help. 

Reproducing the disease-causing spike protein made the vaccine itself produce disease, which was treated as a side effect, in significant numbers of people—producing death in some, serious disease in others, and unknown future contributions to serious disease in an unknowable number of people. In many of these cases, people would have done far better if they could have just fought the more conventional virus itself rather than been persuaded to try a novel mRNA therapy. 

Government Spin Doctoring

And here is a short account of everything government officials have told the public since lockdowns and other restrictions began in March 2020. 

The novel coronavirus could be devastating to mankind. Millions would die unless governments acted quickly. 

U.S. government scientists were the world’s best experts on healthcare for a novel pandemic-generating virus. 

Above all, the virus needed to be caught by as few people as humanly possible. 

Allowing people to catch the virus and reach herd immunity would have killed people. People were going to be killed by Sweden’s government. People were going to be killed by Florida’s government.

People needed to wash their hands frequently. People needed to disinfect surfaces frequently. People needed to not touch other people. People needed to stay six feet away from other people. People needed to stay six feet away from other family members. 

Masks wouldn’t prevent transmission. Surgical masks would reduce transmission. Surgical masks and cloth masks would reduce transmission. Masks were the key to beating this disease. If a person didn’t wear a mask, he would be killing people. Children needed to wear masks. Small children needed to wear masks. 

To make sure hospitals had enough capacity, governments needed to slow the spread by keeping healthy people who had nonessential jobs from working for 15 days, then for 28 days, then for months on end, depending upon the U.S. government’s advice and the state, county, and city governments’ competence. 

To make sure hospitals had enough capacity, governments also needed to move elderly, infected people out of hospitals and into nursing homes. 

The virus was natural. It originated in bats and was transmitted to a human through a wet-market grocery where live animals were sold for food. The virus originated in bats, was transmitted to some to-be-established intermediate species, and from there was transmitted to a human. 

Hydroxychloroquine had a side effect that killed people. Plus, for this novel virus, hydroxychloroquine was unproven. It was a good thing that the government waited and scientifically checked out hydroxychloroquine’s efficacy, because the drug didn’t work on this virus. 

Ivermectin was a horse medicine. People aren’t horses. Ivermectin was an antiparasitic, so it obviously wouldn’t treat a virus. Ivermectin overdoses would kill people. Ivermectin use in place of medicines approved for COVID-19 would kill people. 

Fast tests weren’t accurate enough, and that would hurt people. The U.S. government was protecting people from the test manufacturers who, unlike the government, cared only about profit and not people’s lives. The U.S. government simply was protecting people from themselves. 

Remdesivir was safe and was effective against this novel virus. 

Experts all said that vaccines take five to 10 years to develop, but the government’s innovative public-private partnership developed not one but three vaccines in nine months. 

All three vaccines were “safe and effective” at preventing transmission of the virus. The vaccines prevented transmission of the disease. 

The vaccines were proven, but natural immunity failed sometimes and hadn’t been shown to last. Antibodies didn’t last, either. When antibodies were gone, the strong implication was that immunity would also be gone or would be insufficient. 

The vaccines didn’t prevent transmission but did prevent serious disease. Boosters would prevent serious disease. Vaccines for all ages were safe for all and would keep the people who were at risk from getting the virus transmitted to them, and doing anything less than that would kill these people. 

The Delta and Omicron variants each called for near-universal vaccination with the vaccines developed for the original virus. 

New variants would call for new narrow-spectrum vaccines. 

The Cure

Governments caused this disaster, worsened it, and used every study, crony, and avenue of communication for spin. 

For the government officials who knew that their government was culpable, the spin was damage control. For the government officials who didn’t know that their government was culpable, the spin was marketing. Every action helped the government and controlled everyone else. 

Healthcare doesn’t need to be vulnerable to centralized-government failures. 

The internet had been developed so that if conventional communications were destroyed by a nuclear attack, communications would continue. It provides this resilience by being massively decentralized. 

Massive decentralization has been, and can continue to be, a feature of the practice of medicine. Each skilled practitioner has preparation going into any novel situation, can rapidly gain clinical knowledge, and can rapidly share knowledge with peers. 

Some doctors have applied clinical knowledge and individual judgment to COVID and have produced excellent outcomes. 

But many doctors have dispensed centralized, government-funded advice. 

This advice has been much like the coverage in legacy media, in which the press buried vital information and offered highly misleading, government-sanctioned advice.

The result? Important research is being ignored, if it’s done at all. What studies have been done have applied generics wrong. Hydroxychloroquine has been studied without supplementing zinc. Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been administered late, when their efficacy was weakest and the disease effects were strongest. 

All such studies predictably generated outcomes that fail to indicate how effective these generics might have been if they were properly administered early in the course of the infection and disease. 

No patent-protected medicine from government cronies has been studied in such disadvantageous ways, or ever would be. Let every buyer beware. 

Government fails all the time—in war, in control of the economy, in health-payment systems, in social services, in schools, you name it. 

The cure is for individuals to use their best judgment when shopping for every product. For individuals to use their best judgment when voting for every politician. And for politicians to use judgment and have the emotional intelligence to limit other politicians. 

Individuals and politicians can each push back on other politicians, limiting governments. Then we the people will be free to work out the best solutions ourselves. 

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