Adam Schiff’s Delusion

Barbara Broccoli, a producer and owner of the rights to the James Bond franchise, recently entertained the implausible idea that Bond could be non-binary. I’d like to recommend a screenwriter to her: Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

Not only was pre-Congress Schiff an unsuccessful screenwriter, but as a Congress-pronoun, Schiff has a proven track record of inventing implausible fiction that ends in failure. 

If Schiff doesn’t write the script, he could at least market it, as he did with the Trump-Russia collusion lie. Arguably, no Democrat pushed the fictional Trump-Russia collusion narrative more vigorously than Adam Schiff.

In February of 2018 Schiff told reporters that there was “ample evidence in the public domain of collusion if you’re willing to see it.” This collusion was so obvious that the Democrats had to hire special counsel Robert Mueller to find it.

Two years and $32 million from the taxpayers later, Mueller concluded that “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Trump-Russia collusion couldn’t be found because Trump-Russia collusion never happened. 

Still, a month after Mueller’s conclusion, Schiff went on ABC’s “This Week” and repeated his lie that there was “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.” Like a madman, Schiff refused to accept reality, and instead repeated the failed, unconvincing story he had spent years rehearsing in his own deranged mind.

While Schiff is both a liar and fraud, he is doggedly persistent–as lunatics often are.  That’s why, in Schiff’s case, persistence is not a virtue, but rather a vice. 

Six months after the Mueller investigation came up with zilch, Schiff conceived his second failed story line. He stood before Congress on September 26, 2019 and dramatically pitched his latest story to the American people: “Quid Pro Quo.” 

“Yesterday,” Schiff declared, “we were presented with a record of a call between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine, in which the President—our President—sacrificed our national security and our Constitution for his personal political benefit.” 

Like the Trump-collusion story, Schiff’s Quid Pro Quo sequel was based on his own experience as a traitor and colluder, rather than reality. Schiff and the Democrats have sacrificed our national security and Constitution for their own political benefit. 

It was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign who had funded the fake Steele dossier, which made the fabricated, uncorroborated, and salacious allegations that served as the basis of their fictional narrative of Trump’s reported ties to Russia.

It was Schiff who had willfully and knowingly promoted the Russian collusion lie to undermine American democracy and overturn the will of the American people.

Still, he pitched his Quid Pro Quo sequel with sociopathic zeal. He told Congress and the American people with conviction that the record of Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president was nothing short of “a classic organized crime shakedown.” 

While Schiff only served as the salesman of Trump-Russia collusion, he was the author of the Quid Pro Quo story. “You better listen good,” Schiff claimed Trump told the Ukrainian president. “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent.”

According to Schiff, Trump threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine if the Ukrainian president didn’t dig up dirt on Joe Biden. But after Trump released the actual transcript of his “perfect phone call” with the Ukrainian president, it became clear that the failed screenwriter had not only taken extreme artistic license in his dramatization—he had outright lied. Again.

Schiff and the Democrats ultimately got their impeachment, but Trump was acquitted. Twice Schiff’s efforts had ended in humiliating failure.

But the third effort in his trilogy of lies would be his most desperate and embarrassing yet. He would swing for the fences.

After protestors stormed the Capitol building on January 6, Schiff went on “The View” and accused Trump of “inciting an erection.” The protests had stirred both Schiff’s imagination and perhaps something else.

Again, Schiff enthusiastically promoted an abject lie, again Trump was impeached, and again, Trump was acquitted. Schiff was “0 for 3.” He’d struck out. 

Trump hadn’t incited an insurrection anymore than the Nazis had won World War II; anymore than Trump had colluded with Russia or engaged in Quid Pro Quo.

But rather than accept the verdict and the facts, the California madman decided to attempt a remake of the failed “J6 Erection,” using the partisan J6 Committee to further bastardize reality and hope for a different ending.

Employing the tactic he had used to falsify Trump’s phone call in Quid Pro Quo, Schiff doctored and falsified a text message sent to Trump’s chief of staff from Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)—claiming that Jordan had called on Vice President Pence to “subvert the will of the American people.” 

Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Schiff’s co-liar on the project, falsely claimed that Trump waited 187 minutes to denounce the protestors. In reality, Trump had responded 23 minutes after the protestors first breached the Capitol.

While the MSM will continue to invest in boring, implausible Democratic Party fairy tales, their audience continues to shrink. Americans are as interested in Schiff’s latest remake of the “J6 Erection” as Hollywood was interested in Schiff’s mediocre screenplays.

While Schiff still dreams of an elusive hit, he’s doomed to failure because he’s a mediocre man with neither the talent nor credibility to be taken seriously.

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