The PowerPoint Mutiny and Democrat Deflection

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is that special combination of stupid and evil one would expect from a California Democrat, and just to prove it, he gives us his commentary on the American PowerPoint Mutiny of 2021. 

If you missed the news, the Liz Cheney-led January 6 Commission is investigating a PowerPoint presentation circulated in former President Donald Trump’s orbit with potential remedies for the highly questionable 2020 election. One of those remedies was to declare a national emergency and have the military count all legally submitted paper ballots. 

That never happened, of course. But Cheney (R-Wyo.) and the rest of the January 6 gang have assured us that this PowerPoint presentation was itself an attempted coup, and of course, a grave threat to Our Democracy™. (By the time Cheney is done with us, American democracy will resemble the one her father built in Iraq.) 

Enter Eric Swalwell. 

“How boldly are Republicans trying to overthrow the government?” he tweeted. “They had a PowerPoint plan. Why were they so bold? Because they think you and the DOJ don’t care and thus they can’t be stopped. We are in a battle for democracy. It’s on life support.” 

Swalwell’s contention, if you can believe it, is that Republicans attempted to overthrow the federal government but not with weapons, bullets, bombs, or tanks. Instead, their tool of choice was Microsoft PowerPoint. It makes total sense. Everybody knows that the simplest and most effective tool in staging a coup is PowerPoint. 

Little-known fact that I just made up: when Hillary Clinton’s State Department overthrew Muammar Gaddafi and his government, plunging that country into a civil war that rages to this day, she used PowerPoint. 

The Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched a full-scale civil war using PowerPoint. Their strategy is brilliant. They simply invite rival terrorist organizations to seminars, where they use PowerPoint presentations to bore their enemies to death. I’ve heard those sneaky bastards lure their enemies with a catered lunch. 

Kim Jong-un’s preferred method for keeping a chokehold on his people ensuring the continuation of the North Korean dictatorship? You guessed it. PowerPoint. 

It’s obvious that PowerPoint is a very powerful tool. 

Nonetheless, I have some logistical questions for Swalwell and his ilk, like former FBI agent Asha Rangappa, who keenly noted that “[t]here was a PowerPoint for the coup,” and Steve Vladek, a Texas lawyer who says “[t]here’s literally 36-slide PowerPoint deck on how Trump could use military force to prevent the peaceful transition of power.” (That’s not strictly true, but why sweat the details?) 

Among them are the following:

  •  What happens if someone accidentally deletes the PowerPoint presentation? Does that put an unexpected end to the coup?
  •  What happens if Microsoft does one of those annoying software updates in the middle of the PowerPoint coup? Is the coup put on hold until the newest version of PowerPoint is installed?
  •  What happens if a secret pro-democracy agent is present during the PowerPoint coup? Are the PowerPoint presentation participants arrested on the spot and thrown in jail? Do they become PowerPoint prisoners of the war on Our Democracy™?

Perhaps you think I’m being glib. I am not. Absurd statements like Swalwell’s deserve to be scrutinized with equally absurd questions. 

Eric Swalwell is stupid. Check out anything he’s ever said publicly, and you’ll find the evidence to support that statement. 

But often overlooked is that he and his friends on the political Left, including the media who give him a platform to speak, are evil.  

They have intentionally whipped half this country into a frenzy for the past five years, claiming that Donald Trump—the socially liberal New Yorker—is a fascist strongman who intended to end America as we know it. 

They laid the groundwork for that ridiculous narrative before Trump even took office with the Russiagate hoax, which was based on the phony Steele dossier. That document was utter nonsense from its creation. Everybody knew it. But Democrats defended it anyway, and now that it’s been proven to be utter nonsense, Democrats still won’t come off of it. Based on that lie, they painted Trump as an anti-democracy tool of Russia. And they got away with it.  

The premise that Donald Trump is a democracy destroyer is absolutely ridiculous on its face, but Swalwell-esque liberals and the media ran with it. They made Democrats so crazy and militant that they dressed up in pink vagina hats and “Handmaid’s Tale” outfits to protest his presidency. (Watch another show, liberals.) 

The same Democrats cheered as “anti-fascists” burned cities to the ground in protest of Trump’s presidency, which was, ironically enough, an actual attempt at a violent revolution to change the basic premise of our system from law and order to chaos and anarchy. 

And therein lies the actual point of all this hysteria. 

It’s a deflection from the lawlessness of the Left. They behaved lawlessly when the FBI presented the fraudulent Steele dossier to a FISA court in order to spy on the Trump campaign, and Americans are right to question whether they behaved lawlessly during the 2020 election, too.  

But the January 6 commission was established to deflect questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Any person who is actually serious about Our Democracy™ would want to prove to the American people that the 2020 election was completely above board. 

Instead, they’ve turned Capitol trespassers into political prisoners, and established a commission to subpoena organizers of a mostly peaceful protest so they can badger them about PowerPoint presentations. Their kangaroo court is a spectacle to distract you from your original—and perfectly legitimate—questions about election integrity. 

Eric Swalwell and his friends are not serious about democracy. Through their lies, hyperbole and deflection from their own wrongdoing, they have done more to hurt democracy than any PowerPoint presentation ever could.

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Peter D'Abrosca is a conservative campaign strategist, author, and columnist. A proud law school dropout, he is not a decorated member of the fancy credentialed class, and that's just the way he prefers it. He considers himself a political outsider who seeks to give a voice to the long-forgotten American working class.

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