Missouri AG Orders School Districts to Repeal Mask Mandates; Sends ‘Cease And Desist’ Letters to Noncompliant Schools

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt on Tuesday ordered all school districts in the state to immediately repeal their mask mandates, and has since sent multiple cease and desist letters to school officials who refuse to comply.

Schmitt sent a letter to public school districts across the Show-Me State after the Cole County Circuit Court in Jefferson City ruled that COVID-19 mask mandates and public health orders issued under certain administrative laws are invalid.

“Under this judgement, all mask mandates, quarantine orders, and other public health orders that are based on any of the invalidated regulations … are null and void,” Schmitt wrote in the letter.

“We have advised public health authorities today to stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately,” the letter continued.

Schmitt pointed out that state law doesn’t relegate authority to school officials to issue mask mandates and other health orders to begin with, and warned that a school district’s failure to comply with the Court’s order could result in enforcement action against it.

“We encourage you to take immediate action to remove all unconstitutional and illegal orders,” Schmitt concluded.

Although the court ruling was to go into effect later this month, Schmitt announced that he would be enforcing it immediately.

On Wednesday, after multiple big city school districts across the state said they would defy his order, Schmitt released a statement encouraging parents to report to his office any districts that continue to enforce the unlawful COVID-19 rules, setting up potential lawsuits against them.

The Springfield Public School District, for instance declared that its mask policy will remain in place until January “once our youngest students have had an opportunity to be fully vaccinated.”

The district called Schmitt’s letter “an interpretation” of the court’s decision and argued that there is a 30-day period before the decision is final.

“Furthermore, there is significant disagreement about how and if the Cole County decision even applies to public schools,” the district told staff and families. “A full review by attorneys for Missouri public school districts, including SPS, is currently underway.”

According to Schmitt, however, schools never had the right to issue mask mandates under Missouri law. He urged parents to email “illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov” with tips about noncompliant schools.

“We want to hear from you about school districts continuing to enforce mask mandates and quarantines, in violation of the recent Cole County ruling,” Schmitt wrote on Twitter. “Parents are sick and tired of the stonewalling, and so are we.”


The Missouri AG posted on Twitter several of the complaints he’s received from parents in various noncompliant Missouri school districts, along with his cease and desist letters to school superintendents.


Schmitt is running for U.S. Senate in 2022, joining former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens on the Republican side, and Lucas Kunce on the Democrat side.

Current Sen. Roy Blunt, a moderate establishment Republican, announced on March 8th that he would not seek a third term.

Schmitt said on Twitter that Missouri is “leading the way in taking on tyranny at the fed & local level.”

These fights are about preserving the most noble experiment in history—our republic. We’re born free. Gov’t exists to secure our rights not to take them away.

Americans want America back & I won’t back down.

“Parents have had enough of mask mandates and are fighting back. As their Attorney General — I’m proud to stand with them,” Schmitt wrote in another tweet.

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