Who Is the Real Brandon?

Common sense tells us that a man who reads his stage directions from a teleprompter out loud can’t be running the country. And so it would be a mistake for Americans to focus our outrage over our national situation on Joe Biden. The Left hopes we’ll make that demented sap the fall guy for the current administration as a whole. It would make their next big job—stealing 2024—a lot easier. 

Biden won’t be running. He’ll be in disgrace, and the Democrats will be happy to leave him lying in the gutter. Kamala Harris won’t be running either. She’s as repugnant as Hillary Clinton, but without the long-running institutional connections that might plausibly keep her afloat. And the Left needs plausibility.  

The Left needs a new, old face. Someone who has no real record to examine. Someone who can be trusted to follow orders. Someone who will never contradict leftist orthodoxy. Someone who knows how to fawn and be fawned upon on late night TV. 

Michelle Obama would be an obvious choice. She certainly thinks she deserves it, and her husband, who is beyond doubt closer to power than Joe Biden is, will be pulling strings for her. Mrs. Obama has all the aforementioned qualities that are desirable to Democrats. Americans who love their country can’t stand her, of course. But the other half of the country thinks of her as a political pseudo-Oprah (whom they also love and would also gladly make president, if they could). 

What the Left needs, in fine, is to be able to steal the next election and claim victory without inaugurating a civil war. So the question isn’t whether someone like Michelle Obama would win in 2024 (she wouldn’t) but whether America would accept being told that she won—whether America would accept an Obama (or similar) presidency as a fait accompli

I don’t know the answer to that question, but that strategy is the Democrats’ only path to retaining power. And while you might think the answer would be an obvious “No,” we did accept a Biden presidency, and many Americans who publicly expressed doubt about the legitimacy of that decision on January 6 are now in prison. 

Keep in mind that most Republicans in Washington don’t mind being in the minority. They don’t even mind losing the presidency. What they like and want is the status quo, in which they get to be in Washington, doing deals “across the aisle” which always involve sending more of your money to their pet constituencies in the great, ongoing middle-class rip-off.  

Those Republicans hate Trump, and would hate working with him again. Unlike them, Trump didn’t amass his money over a long career of “public service.” He isn’t one of the Washington in-crowd. 

So expect professional Republican politicians to do their bit in helping the Democrats this election season—they’ll try to paint Trump as a washed-up danger to the party, a divisive (oh no!) figure. Meanwhile, the Republican strategy to avoid Trump will be precisely to create divisions in the Republican base. If they can prevent Trump getting the nomination, the Democrats will be home free in 2024, and everybody in Washington wins. 

Meanwhile, America loses. 

We’ve finally moved beyond the two-party system. Our government is so large that it is run almost exclusively by career bureaucrats who persist from one administration to the next, pursuing their own agendas. As we saw during the Trump years, the bureaucrats feel a positive obligation to frustrate the policies of a duly elected president with whom they disagree. And the politicians of both parties feed these bureaucrats and get their own money-power-prestige kickbacks in return. 

As long as Americans are willing to continue playing the game, they’ll continue fleecing us, year after year. Each year, a little more of our money, a little more of our freedom. 

So it’s important to remember what “Let’s Go Brandon” really means. The real Brandon isn’t Biden, it’s Washington, D.C.: Politicians and the federal agencies they created.

No matter how well a Republican politician talks about traditional values and so forth, chances are he can’t be trusted. The only acceptable presidential candidate in 2024 is Trump. The only acceptable candidate at any other level is one who will take the “less government” side of every single issue and every single vote, with no exceptions. Anything short of that, and you’re not looking at a real Republican or even a Democrat—you’re just looking at another little piece of Brandon.

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