What Ballgame Is the Media Watching?

Imagine a sports beat writer covering a professional team that consistently loses on a daily basis. The 1962 New York Mets, who finished the season with an abysmal record of 40 wins and 120 losses, or the 1994 Dallas Mavericks, or the 2005 Atlanta Hawks, who both finished with a record of 13 wins and 69 losses, or the 2017 Cleveland Browns, who managed to go 0-16, all come to mind.

Now imagine the same reporter, instead of writing about the team’s futility, poor management, turmoil inside the locker room, empty seats and angry fans, instead chose to claim that the team’s losses are actually successes. In a normal world, at a normal news organization, that reporter would be fired immediately.

There’s no way to sugarcoat losing. People don’t like being told that their eyes and ears are deceiving them, or that incontrovertible evidence that’s right in front of them isn’t actually there.

In a nutshell that is what leftist corporate media does every single minute of every single day to protect the current occupant in the White House, and the Democratic Party at large. 

In his first 10 months in office, Joe Biden has caused more damage and harm to this country than just about any other president in modern U.S. history. Both his action and inaction have exacerbated problems and his rhetoric bears virtually no resemblance to reality.

Our southern border is essentially wide open, our supply chain shows no signs of improving, our economy is floundering, and the labor force participation rate remains virtually unchanged since the height of the pandemic in June 2020—even with three vaccines and therapeutics widely available.

The prices of food, gas, heat, and vehicles have risen by 6.2 percent in the past year, inflation shows no signs of slowing, those who refuse to get vaccinated under Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate are finding themselves out of a job, and thanks to unscientific guidance from the CDC, masks are still in vogue for everyone ages 2 to 120.

Parents who are concerned about their children’s curriculum are being treated as domestic terrorists by the Biden Department of Justice, and the Taliban just held a military parade using captured American-made armored vehicles, thanks to Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Kabul in August.

But those who only follow the corporate media could be forgiven for refusing to believe that Biden bears any responsibility for any of these self-inflicted catastrophes—disasters that he has either created or worsened.

Amidst all of these crises, here is how the front page of the November 17 online edition of the New York Times chose to cover Biden’s presidency: One headline read, “As Gas Prices Surge, Biden Asks F.T.C. to Investigate Illegal Conduct.” Another headline said, “Electric Bikes and ‘Tree Equity:’ The Niche Items in Biden’s Social Bill.” A third headline read, “Catholic Bishops Avoid Confrontation With Biden Over Communion.” And a fourth headline said, “U.S. Plans To Spend Billions To Increase Vaccine Supplies,” with the subhead reading: “The Biden administration will invest billions of dollars to expand U.S. manufacturing capacity, aiming to produce at least one billion doses per year.”

So according to the sophisticated elitists at the “paper of record,” investigating supposed corrupt activity at ExxonMobil and Chevron could be the key to lowering gas prices, but Biden’s socialist Green New Deal initiatives, cancellation of pipeline contracts, and begging OPEC to increase its oil exports couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the rise in oil prices.

Meanwhile, the Times wants us to know that if Biden’s monstrous “Build Back Better” bill passes, a $4.1 billion tax break will be awarded to those who buy expensive electric bicycles for their commute to Whole Foods, as well as a $2.5 billion tax break for those who participate in “tree equity.” Yes, even the trees on Park Avenue are racist and rooted in white privilege.

The Times also wants to reassure us that even though Biden believes in killing babies on demand, he’s actually a very good Catholic. And even though every American who wants to get vaccinated can now do so, it’s very important that we ramp up even more vaccine production so that we can force everyone to get booster shots, and continue to prolong the pandemic, while creating more joblessness and government dependency.

As if the Times’ lack of curiosity about Biden’s flailing presidency wasn’t bad enough, somehow, the propaganda by the corporate media activists at the Washington Post was even more egregious than that of the “paper of record.”

Here is what their coverage of Biden looked like on November 17: One headline said, “Biden administration to submit treaty fighting hydrofluorocarbons to Senate.” Another read, “Biden administration to buy Pfizer antiviral pills for 10 million people, hoping to transform pandemic.” And yet another headline announced, “Cruz’s blockade of Biden’s foreign policy appointees is hitting Africa the hardest.” Finally, another one read, “Four key questions for Biden’s FTC, FCC nominees.”

In the Post’s fantasy world, Biden is doing a phenomenal job, but also Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s refusal to hold hearings for Biden’s State Department nominees means he’s responsible for a “destabilizing situation” in Ethiopia and ongoing coups in wonderful countries such as Guinea and Sudan.

In reality, this is all cover for Biden’s abject failures and his abysmal approval ratings, which continue to fall. A recent Washington Post-ABC poll revealed that just 41 percent of Americans approve of the job Biden is doing, and only 39 percent think he is doing a good job handling the economy.

Too bad leftist media doesn’t seem to realize any of this is happening in their alternate reality.

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