Kyle Rittenhouse Found NOT GUILTY on All Counts

Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday was found NOT GUILTY on all of the homicide and intentional homicide counts in the shootings of Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum and of Gaige Grosskreutz.

As the verdicts were being read, Rittenhouse, 18, became visibly emotional, shaking, and fighting tears.

The teen was charged with the first-degree intentional homicide of Huber, first-degree reckless homicide of Rosenbaum and attempted first-degree intentional homicide of Grosskreutz. two reckless endangerment charges, and

Rittenhouse was facing a mandatory life sentence if convicted of the most serious charge.

Live Video from the Courtroom below:

There were cheers outside the Kenosha County Courthouse as Rittenhouse was found not guilty:

Conservatives celebrated the verdict on Twitter, with many complimenting the jury, praying for peace in Kenosha, and calling for retribution against the many media outlets that smeared Rittenhouse.

A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) advisor called for civil unrest:

In his Twitter bio, Dyjuan Tatro claims to be the Senior Advisor of Strategic Outreach for the DCCC.

More reactions from lefty journalists and politicos on Twitter:


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