Progressivism Is Built on a House of Lies

If you pull back from the various progressive arguments pushed by the “I believe in science” crowd, you may be shocked to discover most of them are based on things which simply aren’t factually true. 

The poison of critical race theory (CRT) is just an illusion built on racism and topped off with a heaping portion of bigotry, for example. As a scientific fact, race is not an essential component of human character. Black race? White race? Asian race? It is all based on superficial appearance. Classifying individuals as “people of color” because of what they look like is about as racist as anything could be—it is the definition of racism.

CRT advocates will say race is a social construct—i.e., not a physical reality—but then they build an entire belief system around it as if black and white were about the only reality that exists.

In truth, only individuals exist, unlike these artificially constructed groups which are abstractions. Yet supposedly intelligent people act as though the act of classifying based on this or that trait somehow makes the resulting group a real, physical reality. They are incorrect. These ideas only exist in the ether.

I don’t say this from some “we’re all brothers so let’s hold hands and sing kumbaya”-type feeling. My feelings have no impact on facts and reality.

Yes, we all came from someplace—we didn’t just pop up from under a cabbage leaf—but so? And we are more like our close ancestors—like mom and dad—than like people with different ancestors. This is the stuff of middle school biology class.

But in no way do a handful of visible physical traits create substantially different, unique races of humans. Unfortunately, conservatism has also been caught up in this illusion and perpetuates this destructive myth.

We need to end the racist classification of individuals based on just a handful of physical traits. Doing so only leads to more problems because the foundation isn’t true.

Ask the purveyors of this falsehood to describe the black and white races. What common characteristics do all black people have? How about all white people? What key features are different between the so-called races? 

If something is “in the blood,” then please explain what it is. It must be genetic yet the Human Genome Project found there are no different races of humans, just one—the human race. Again, this isn’t based on some warm-and-fuzzy wishful thinking but on the scientific results of decoding the entire human genome—the genetic blueprint of being a human.

Yet we continue to focus on this fiction, to the detriment of all.

Or how about transgendered rights? Again, the science on this is very clear—there is no such thing as a transgendered individual. They are no more real than unicorns. Obviously, these individuals who call themselves that have the same rights as you or me but they do not require “transgendered rights” since the basic feature doesn’t, in fact, exist in reality.

Again, even conservatives are caught up in the game, acting as though these things are real. It’s time to end the parroting of this illusion and then, perhaps, we can make progress with these poor souls who experience this mental condition.

Or how about the very idea of government? People speak and act as though “government” is a real, physical phenomenon that acts and emotes apart from the people who compose it. “It” does this. “It” does that. “It” is almost God-like in its power. 

Bull. Government is no more real than a corporation. Both are legal fictions—artificial entities—created by law and staffed by people no better, smarter, or possessed of more wisdom and moral standing than you and me. Speaking and acting as though government is a physical reality prior to our individual existence only leads to poor decision making.

How about taxation and wealth creation? If a country could tax its way to prosperity would there ever be a poor country? Yet many believe it to be possible—against all evidence to the contrary. 

Look about. Wherever you find conflict you very likely will find progressive people passionately believing in things that simply aren’t true. The patriarchy?! What the hell does that even mean?

And we aren’t talking about “true” as in a philosophical belief but true as a scientific, reality-based fact.

This childishness is detrimental at an individual level but catastrophic when societies engage in it. If we want to end a great deal of cultural friction, we must jettison the falsehoods so many hold so dear. Sadly, I won’t be holding my breath.

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About John Conlin

John Conlin is an expert in organizational design and change. He holds a BS in Earth Sciences and an MBA, and is the founder and President of E.I.C. Enterprises, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to spreading the truth here and around the world, primarily through K-12 education. He has been published in American Greatness, The Federalist, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, and Public Square Magazine among others.

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