Loudoun County Transgender Rapist Pleads No Contest to Second Assault

On Monday, male student who abused his school’s “transgender” bathroom policy to rape a female freshman pleaded “no contest” to charges stemming from a second assault he committed after being transferred to another school, according to the New York Post.

The 15-year-old suspect, a boy who identifies as transgender and wears skirts around school, committed the second assault on October 6th, when he grabbed a female student, pulled her into an empty classroom, and groped her. As a result, he now faces conviction on charges of sexual battery and abduction; the “no contest” plea came as part of a deal made with the prosecution.

He had previously raped a 14-year-old female freshman in another school, Stone Bridge High School, in May. After entering the women’s restroom wearing a skirt, he raped the female student. The incident was covered up by school officials, as it would’ve exposed grave flaws with the school’s policies on transgender bathrooms right before June, which is designated as “pride month.” He was thus transferred to Broad Run High School, where the second assault took place. He has already been found guilty of the first rape by a juvenile court.

Both schools are located in Loudoun County, Virginia, one of the wealthy northeastern counties which borders Washington, D.C. The incidents and subsequent response by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) drew widespread outrage and condemnation from parents. The father of the first victim, Scott Smith, appeared at a public meeting of the LCPS board on June 22nd, where he reacted angrily to a school board member falsely claiming that no sexual assault had taken place on-campus. When Smith revealed what happened to his daughter, the school board called the police on him; he was subsequently beaten and arrested by officers.

Jessica Smith, Scott Smith’s wife and mother of the first victim, released a statement on behalf of the family after the rapist’s “no contest” plea, in which she said that “today is not just another day for our family. It is a day that further vindicates my daughter against her attacker, holds him accountable for what he did, and helps advance the healing of both our daughter and our family from the suffering we have endured over these past months.”

“What we have been going through should be a lesson for parents across the Commonwealth,” she continued. “And, it should also serve as a call to action for all parents like us to stand up against local school boards that don’t put parents and their children first.”

The dual cases of rape and assault by the same suspect became a flashpoint for protests against school boards across the country, with major political ramifications for the commonwealth of Virginia in particular. The incidents were seized upon by Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin, who vowed to crack down on such transgender policies, as well as the teaching of the far-left, anti-White curriculum known as Critical Race Theory, if elected governor. He ultimately won the election on November 2nd, defeating Democratic former Governor Terry McAuliffe. Republicans also won the statewide elections for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, and flipped the Virginia House of Delegates from a Democratic majority back to a Republican majority.

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