The Royalist Left

The Left lives in an upside-down world of its own creation. Yet in our pluralistic republic, it is entitled to its delusions. The problem is these delusions are not enough. Their misery demands company.

Whether their largely undereducated and overly indoctrinated masses know it, the Left crawled out of the anti-Enlightenment, reactionary ooze of French philosophe Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideological cesspool. Stated simply, the Left’s goal is to rule as an enlightened vanguard under the direction of a “legislator” to impose a new civil religion and other diktats upon Americans and drag them back into an idealized state of nature composed of “noble savages” no longer constrained by the corrupting influences of civilization. It is why the Left’s use of a vehicle called the “Democratic Party” is so deeply, bitterly ironic. For the Left’s tactics and aims are anything but democratic. 

Of course, the Left’s tactics and aims don’t fit on a bumper sticker and, regardless, many leftists wouldn’t be caught dead in an internal combustion-propelled vehicle. Further, as recent election results in Virginia and New Jersey suggest, when the Left’s tactics and aims are imposed through public policy they prove ineffective and, to no rational person’s surprise, unpopular. But this is why the Left spends so much time and money crafting “narratives”—i.e., lies—to obfuscate their unpopularity. Sometimes they are successful, other times not; but the Left’s narratives and disinformation should be easily exposed when one remembers the upside-down nature of their delusions.

The Left are the modern royalists. They believe themselves among those of our fellow citizens who would benefit from an authoritarian regime and the status quo; and as such they are diametrically opposed to the core principles of the American Revolution—a populist uprising, if ever there was one.

Prior to the American Revolution, all sovereignty was vested in the king or queen; and the people were subjects of the crown, possessing only those rights allowed by the sovereign or the parliament (using the crown’s delegated sovereign power). To put it succinctly, the governing paradigm was the king or queen at the top and the people on the bottom.

After the American Revolution, all sovereignty was vested in the American people, individually and collectively. Each American’s individual rights were understood to be from God, not the government—the latter established to protect these inalienable rights and serve only through and with the consent of the citizenry, who were largely to be self-governing. The new, revolutionary paradigm inverted the pyramidal governing paradigm: now, the people were at the top and the government was on the bottom. This is the populist, principled foundation of American exceptionalism.

And the regressive, royalist Left cannot stand it.

Why not? Because it forms the ultimate barrier to their agenda of imposing their upside-down world on everyone else. Wedded to the administrative or deep state rule of elites to advance their crony socialist agenda, the Left only believes in “democracy” as a means of further concentrating the citizenry’s power in centralized, unaccountable government institutions and individuals. From Lenin to Pol Pot to Pelosi, for the royalist Left democracy becomes the road to serfdom, not the remedy for it. 

Small wonder the Left’s modern royalists pimped a deadly pandemic to try to unilaterally “reset” America—the public be damned. Their “rules for thee and not for me” rejected self-government for everyone but themselves, while their elitist cohorts in the Pravda media covered for them even as they shamed you, if you didn’t toe their arbitrary and capricious line. 

So, too, by chasing God from the public square, the Left’s modern royalists are implicitly denying that our rights come from Him and not the government. For these secular modern royalists, the verity of God-given rights is but a superstition to be tossed over the wall between church and state and, thus, eradicated from the public square. 

The end result being that your rights are from government, and it can now arbitrarily determine which rights it will protect or trammel. Ask the faithful in Nevada how, during the pandemic, they felt about being able to go gamble in casinos but not worship God in church. 

Consider how these self-credentialled experts and self-anointed saviors believe themselves magically empowered to dictate the pursuit of their fellow citizens’ happiness—in both the public and private sectors, citing each other as they argue from authority to coerce the citizenry into compliance with their diktats—even to the unconscionable authoritarian extreme of stealing your job and shunning you from society for refusing to be coerced into accepting their compulsory medical procedure and practices.

By rejecting that our nation’s sovereignty is rightly vested in the self-governing citizenry, who have God-given constitutional rights that government—only through the public’s consent—is created to protect, the regressive, royalist Left rejects the foundation of American exceptionalism; and, ergo, remains at war with the American Revolution. They will not rest until the governing paradigm is returned to a pyramid with the Left at the pinnacle and the people as their subjects.

This is why the regressive, modern royalist Left is so fearful of a true, patriotic populist movement that reaffirms the foundational principles of the American Revolution. And why, somewhere, with an envious gleam in his bloodshot eyes, King George III is looking up at them, smiling.

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About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

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