The Biden Regime Will Turn the Military on the People Unless We Push Back

 “The coldest of all cold monsters.” That is what the modern state is. Nietzsche’s devastating analysis in Thus Spoke Zarathustra hit the nail on the head: the state is an engine of death. It wages war on the people, its agents are “annihilators” who seek the destruction of everything vital and potent.

All who witnessed the last 18 months of the COVID regime and the biomedical tyranny imposed by Joe Biden and his handlers implicitly understand what Nietzsche meant. The bureaucrats who make up the arm of the state, who serve this cold monster, hate the people. They make their lives miserable. Lockdowns, vax mandates, mask orders, critical race theory in schools, transgender bathrooms . . . the list goes on and on.

Ritual humiliation is the point. The agents of state power see themselves as the rightful masters of the people. To these creatures of the institutions, citizens are nothing but human resources to be bent to their malformed will.  

This perverse view extends even to the American military. The time is coming, soon, in which the armed forces will be turned openly against the people. The Biden inauguration lockdown in D.C.—replete with checkpoints, thousands of national guardsmen, and the full weight of the nation’s security apparatus—was only a taste of things to come.

The Biden regime has no moral compunction against using force at home to impose its will. The barriers are practical, not ideological. Biden, in June of this year, mocked “gun-rights advocates” as a defense against tyranny. They would need “F-15s and nuclear weapons” to defeat the state, Biden claimed.

Implicit in this apparently weird statement is the acknowledgement that his administration would not hesitate to turn its full military might, including atomic bombs, against the populace in a war. The state, the coldest of cold monsters, headed by an endless mob of Anthony Faucis would not hesitate to impose its will in the most brutal manner possible.

The “pattern in the mount” is America’s wars overseas. The Bush Administration didn’t launch the war in Iraq and Afghanistan simply as punitive measures for 9/11. Rather, the aim was to radically transform the political and cultural way of life of these peoples. The American state declared war not on a few individuals or specific governments, but on entire modes of being. Afghanistan and Iraq would become democracies, even if they had to be bombed to smithereens to make that happen.

This hubristic project failed, of course. But not until after an enormous outpouring of money and blood. The United States used massive surveillance programs, biomedical data collection, secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, and a drumbeat of drone strikes to impose its will.

Everything our scientifically trained  and sanctimonious elites did abroad to foreigners and “terrorists” will be done here at home. These chickens were always meant to come home to roost. The response of the bureaucracy, of the state, to 9/11 was to implement invasive security in every airport in America, spy on Americans without warrants, and launch bloody wars based on lies, with no accountability to boot.

It does not take a wild imagination to see the endgame. Tactics used against terrorists abroad will be used to beat down “insurrectionists” here at home. The decrepit conditions in D.C.’s “deplorables jail” and the ferocity with which federal law enforcement has gone after Boomers for wandering around the Capitol and making mischief shows the radicalization of our regime.

This has happened before. In the 1990s, the Clinton Administration had no qualms using armored vehicles, snipers, and heavy weapons against dissidents. The FBI burned 76 men, women, and children alive at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. At Ruby Ridge, a government sniper killed a mother in cold blood while she held her 10-month-old child.

As America becomes more divided and as the political class becomes more and more unhinged in its attempt to cling to power, the likelihood of state violence against the people increases. America is lucky. So far, there has been no real right-wing acts of terror against the regime. If there were, the situation might already have gotten out of hand.

The attempts by America’s national security apparatus to instigate provocations (in order to justify its own overreach) have failed . . . so far. The boobery surrounding the attempted “kidnapping plot” against Governor Gretchen Whitmer is instructive. The FBI managed to entrap a bunch of low-IQ rednecks in an elaborate plot to kidnap and possibly kill Whitmer, but it required immense effort and goading.

This could change in a heartbeat, however. The vaccine mandates, the endless drumbeat of anti-white racism from the Left, and the anti-Trump hysteria that animates the ruling class, is a toxic mixture. It could easily explode under the right circumstances.

In that situation, we can expect the Biden regime to deploy the military and national guard against its political enemies just as it did when it felt threatened by the January 6 “insurrection.” The Russiagate collusion hoax and General Mark Milley’s attempt to wrest control of the nation’s nuclear weapons from the elected president in the wake of the 2020 election show that our regime will no longer tolerate real opposition or dissent. We live in a regime of edicts and emergency “public health” measures. The Constitution is long dead.

If Americans on the Right are to prevent the use of the military and national security apparatus against the people, we must defang these institutions. The most powerful weapon at our disposal right now is mockery. We must strip America’s surveillance state and our bloated military industrial complex of honor and deference.

As a practical measure, we need to get public approval for the military to below 40 percent. Without a majority backing its actions, the armed forces cannot be used domestically without significant problems. What Christopher Rufo did with critical race theory must be done with the post-9/11 security state.

The Right needs to stay on message, pointing out over and over again that the military establishment is ideologically leftist and defends its own bureaucratic interest. The Pentagon has lost interest in winning wars and preserving the rights of the people. It exists to increase its own budget and follow “the process.” The bureaucrats who populate the military-industrial complex swamp feel no loyalty to ordinary Americans. They are loyal only to their own “expert” interests.

Patriotic Americans have no choice but to wage unceasing spiritual warfare against our degenerate and corrupt ruling class within the foreign policy establishment. Social media provides an excellent avenue for doing so. Twitter, for one, is populated with a horde of high and mid-level military officers who are both extremely liberal and extraordinarily hostile to the citizenry. They must be exposed for what they are.

My own presence on Twitter is bent entirely to this end—I have a mandate from heaven to fight back against this “coldest of cold monsters” using every spiritual weapon at my disposal. This mission has so far proven a success. My following continues to grow as I “ratio” multi-star generals, war planners, and recruiters who spend more time worrying about their fingernails, LARPing as military geniuses (despite repeated failure), and flying the flags of foreign powers in uniform.

This spiritual battle is just getting started, but there is no time to waste. Americans must join the fray. Unless we push back, the use of America’s institutions of “national defense” will be turned against the people. Spiritedness in defense of our rights is our best weapon.  

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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

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