Joe Biden Gaffes His Way Through Second CNN Town Hall Train Wreck of the Year

Joe Biden stumbled through another CNN town hall Thursday evening, committing a series of bizarre gaffes in his second town hall train wreck of of the year.

During a sparsely attended town hall in Ohio, last July, Biden repeatedly struggled to collect his thoughts as he attempted he to address a number of important issues with host Don Lemon.

Many of the same issues were on display last night, as Biden made odd hand gestures, redeployed his bizarre dramatic whisper, and struggled to remember basic facts.

At one point, Biden stood with his fists clenched weirdly in the air for nearly 20 seconds as host Anderson Cooper asked him a question about inflation.

Cooper asked Biden whether he agreed with the The Wall Street Journal’s assessment that high inflation was likely to remain into 2022. Biden, it should be remembered, repeatedly asserted over the summer that the inflation the country was seeing was only temporary.

“What’s happening is they’re going to have to compete and start playing(sic) hard working people a decent wage,” Biden told reporters in June. “The number one consensus is it’s going to pop up a little bit and then go back down,” he said at the time.

Last night, however, he said that gas prices would remain high into 2022. “I don’t see anything that’s going to happen in the meantime that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices,” he said, adding that inflation on everything else will continue unless congress passes his massive spending bill.

Clenched fists, according to some health experts, is a sign of dementia.

Later in the town hall, Biden deployed his widely mocked dramatic whisper, and combined it with an odd hand gesture.

When asked about the possibility of raising taxes on the wealthy, he said corporations need to “at least pay your fair share. Chip in a little bit.”

“You have 55 corporations, for example, in the United States of America, making over $40 billion, don’t pay a cent—not a single little red cent,” he whispered dramatically, while making an okay sign with his thumb and index finger, and holding it up to his eye. Many in the “Blue Anon” media have denounced this gesture as a symbol of white supremacy, and have attacked Republicans when they’ve used it.


During another awkward moment, Biden had to be rescued by Cooper when he forgot the name of the second largest port in America.

Asked about the supply chain woes his radical policies have exacerbated, he floundered badly.

“Forty percent of all products coming into the United States of America on the West Coast go through—uh—Los Angeles and um—and um—uh, um— what am I doing here?”  Biden faltered.

Cooper interjected: “Is it Long Beach?” To which Biden replied: “Long Beach. Thank you.”

Biden also floundered when asked about the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden’s first instinct was to create the impression that he had been to the border as president, but seemed to realize mid-sentence that the lie would be fact-checked, so he falsely asserted that his wife had visited the border.

“I’ve been there before, and I haven’t, I mean, I know it well. I guess I should go down… now, my wife, Jill, has been down. She’s been on both sides of the river. She’s seen the circumstances there,” he said.

CNN factchecked Biden’s claim that his wife went to the border, and could find no evidence that such a visit ever took place.

“CNN could not immediately find any evidence that Biden has previously visited the southern border, and the White House has not specified when this visit supposedly occurred,” adding “Jill Biden’s last visit to the border was in December 2019, during the presidential campaign, not as first lady.”

Biden was probably confusing Dr. Jill with Kamala Harris, who didn’t actually visit the border, but did meet in late June with various officials in El Paso, a border town in Texas. Earlier that month, Harris went on a disastrous two-day trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where the leaders of both countries blamed the Biden regime for the massive and untenable surge in illegal immigration.

When asked if he thought mandating first responders to get vaccinated, and firing them if they refuse, was the right thing to do, Biden answered without hesitation, “Yes, and yes!” to the vocal approval of the hand-picked CNN audience.

He went on to deride freedom as a societal ill, calling it the “freedom to kill you with my Covid” in an effort to scapegoat unvaccinated Americans as super-spreaders of disease.

The truth is, not only do vaccinated Americans also spread COVID, they could be the primary vectors of the virus at this point, according to some medical experts like Dr. Robert Malone, the discoverer of mRNA vaccines.

“The vaccinated show less disease in general,”  Malone explained in a recent interview.

“This is going to be a little bit of a mind-bender for people,” he added. “The vaccinated are actually higher risk for becoming super-spreaders because they’re replicating virus at the same or higher levels than the unvaccinated, but they feel better, so that means they’re more likely to be out in the community.”

The problem with this should be obvious, but Malone spelled it out: “If you think that through, you’ve got a situation where you have people who are feeling relatively good moving out into the community highly infectious—and that could well account for some of this surge,” he said.



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