Saul Alinsky, Let’s Go Brandon, and the End of the Biden Presidency

Joe Biden’s presidency is in existential trouble. In fact, nine months in and it is already toast. The coup de grace is a silly little phrase, “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

For those few who don’t know, you can go here to get the full story but in a very short period of time “Let’s Go Brandon!” has become a national Joe Biden joke—and one in which everyone can participate.

As the famous intellectual leader of the Left, Saul Alinsky noted in Rules for Radicals, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Humor and ridicule can be fatal if you can use them against your opponent. There generally is no effective response to it and the more you struggle, the worse it gets.

And that is the situation Biden finds himself with the grassroots explosion of “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Just the other day iTunes reported an anti-Biden song, entitled “Let’s Go, Brandon” by the rapper Loza Alexander had shot to number one on the hip-hop chart. Listen to the lyrics—amazing.

Even more amazing, as of October 19 it was the number two song in all categories and had been for a number of days! Behind only Adele’s latest release.

This is a remarkable situation and one would hope there is at least one Republican consultant who isn’t a dumbass and can see the implications.

Look at who the average hip hop listener is. First, they are young; almost two thirds of the hip hop audience is between the ages of 18-34. Younger people are also the most likely to be living on the lower economic rungs.

Black listeners comprise 46 percent of the hip-hop radio audience, Hispanics make up 25 percent.

They are relatively uninformed, politically speaking—they self-report only a third of them make it a point to watch news shows at some point during the week.

And yet these are the people who have jumped on the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” bandwagon?! It shows the organic and deep roots of this phenomena. Young, ethnic, relatively poor, relatively uniformed and thus most likely relatively non-political and they drove the song to number one in a matter of days!

If this message is resonating with these folks it is yikes-time for Sleepy Joe and one of the most incompetent administrations in recent times. 

It also presents an amazing opportunity for the Republican Party to reach out to an audience they have ignored for far too long.

Although they might not become Republicans anytime soon, there are far more areas of agreement and commonality than not. Let’s start with those commonalities and build from there.

And the biggest, most obvious one is children. Everyone wants a better life for their children—everyone. And the schools many of them have attended and the schools their children are forced to attend are a national disgrace. Everyone knows this is true. Far too many young people’s lives are being destroyed before they even get a chance—and far too many of these kids have black and brown skin.

The vast majority of our schools spend over $20,000 per pupil per year to deliver these life crushing results. How difficult a “sale” is it to reach out to these parents and convince them to support a transformation of public schools by changing how they are funded? Rather than letting the government determine how our tax dollars are spent, give control of 100 percent of it to parents—in some sort of state-regulated environment of course—and watch the world change. 

And as the world changes so will the political landscape. If the Republicans can’t sell giving away $20,000 per kid per year to poor people, then they simply can’t sell.

The breadth, width, and speed of the “Let’s Go Brandon!” phenomenon shows the Biden Administration is toast—whether they know it or not. Can the Republicans capitalize on this and help change the world for the better? God is teeing this one up for them. Let us all hope they can do something with it.


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About John Conlin

John Conlin is an expert in organizational design and change. He holds a BS in Earth Sciences and an MBA, and is the founder and President of E.I.C. Enterprises, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to spreading the truth here and around the world, primarily through K-12 education. He has been published in American Greatness, The Federalist, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, and Public Square Magazine among others.

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