Is Jessica Tarlov a Fascist?

The correct answer to this question is: “Not yet . . . but the Jury is still out.” 

The actual point of the exercise—as I will make clear—is not to offer a real time judgment as to where so-called liberal Americans are at this point in time. But rather, where they are headed. How much fascistic government will they support? Right now, Biden—or the figures in the shadows pulling his strings—are attempting to add 80,000 agents to the federal police, and sic them on citizens for every  check over $600 that they write on their personal bank accounts.

The liberal Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, is perfectly on board for this massive expansion of federal police and their authority over Americans’ personal lives. Which is no mystery, as she has been the beneficiary of millions of corrupt dollars dropped into her personal accounts by the big banks she oversees. But then, when it comes to corruption, her boss Biden and his family are America’s reigning experts (a Hunter original, anyone?). 

At the same time Commissar Pelosi is preparing her fourth Stalinist show trial of Trump and his supporters, many of whom have been locked up for 10 months in solitary confinement, charged with the crime of “trespassing” in the Capitol on January 6. At the same time, Ashli Babbitt’s murderer roams the nation’s capital scot-free, courtesy of his patron and protector Pelosi. In short, so-called liberals have been perfectly on board as the Biden radicals—a bare 10 months in power—have marched steadily towards a final resolution of the problem created by their unflinching view of political opponents as “enemies of democratic America,” “white supremacists,” and “domestic terrorists.” 

Deciding where Jessica Tarlov stands on this once-liberal spectrum provides a bellwether for answering the $64 million question as to how much fascistic repression liberals are willing to take. Along with former Representative Harold Ford (D-Tenn.), Tarlov is one of only a handful of Democratic strategists still capable of registering even marginally fair-minded judgments about Trump-DeSantis Republicans, while resisting the temptation to tar and feather all conservatives as “white supremacists,” “Hitler wannabes,” and “domestic terrorists.” 

Tarlov is a rising star in the Democratic firmament, having replaced the redoubtable Pat Caddell as the Democrats’ critic-from-within alongside her boss, pollster Doug Schoen. With Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), she occupies the furthest outlier spot on the Democratic spectrum for offering reasonable critiques of Democratic outrages, as the mass of America’s moderate electorate deserts Joe Biden in droves. Will Biden drive this once great nation off a cliff if he continues the calamitous course he has embarked on since his inauguration 10 months ago? Thirty-eight percent of the electorate thinks the answer is yes.

Which brings us to our moment of truth. America’s teacher unions are a bastion of communist perfidy and Marxist indoctrination in our k-12 classrooms. They took the COVID-19 year off—with pay—because they could, even though there was no measurable threat to their health had they decided to show up for work instead. They took the time to inject a pack of anti-American racist lies into the k-12 curriculum called the “1619 Project” and critical race theory, designed to portray America as a racist country from birth whose institutions and laws should not be respected by anyone with even a modest sense of decency and justice. In other words, they have done the work of America’s most hateful enemies—from Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing to Kabul, Ramallah, and Gaza—as an ideological service.

School boards are elected by the teacher union slush funds. Naturally when parents complained, the teacher unions—who are the biggest donors to the Democratic Party—appealed to the Justice Department to send in the FBI to harass and intimidate them by putting them on lists—a tried and true tactic of totalitarian regimes.

This is where Jessica missed a beat. Instead of recognizing the threat her own party posed to the parents, her country, and the democracy liberals are supposed to cherish, and even though she couldn’t figure out why the FBI was invited in, she still weighed in on the threat posed by the parents, angry about a curriculum which teaches their sons and daughters to hate their country, and if their skin is white to hate themselves.

Here’s Jessica’s response

To pick up on something that Jesse said, you know, use the word peaceful which is critical to the First Amendment and understanding of how these meetings should go. We all realize that even if you disagree with someone you should treat people with respect. You shouldn’t get in their faces. There’s video of people, of teachers and school board members being accosted on the street. It’s my impression, just understanding, you know, President Biden and the people who work for him, Merrick Garland, they don’t seem like irrational people that they are going to be talking about folks who are taking this to an inappropriate level versus just someone who is saying excuse me, I don’t agree with this bit of the curriculum.

And most parents, I think, should understand that the mass mandates are not coming from the teachers themselves. That’s coming from the higher-on ups up there.

 Of course the teacher unions run the schools and the school boards. They also make up 25 percent of the delegates to Democratic national conventions. They elect the school boards with the slush funds they extort from their members. There are no “higher-on ups up there.” And, of course, Merrick Garland is a corrupt snake, a rubber stamp for whoever in the deep state is pulling those fascist levers. Garland went on the record before a congressional committee saying of the January 6 mainly peaceful demonstration—they’ve mainly been charged with “trespassing” Jessica—“I think this was the most heinous attack on the democratic process that I’ve ever seen,” and then claiming that only patriotic conservatives could be characterized as “domestic terrorists.”

 Shame on you, Jessica. It’s time for people like you with decent instincts to wake up to the threat your own party is posing to the future of democracy in our country, and take a stand against it.

Editor’s Note:  A version of this article appeared originally at FrontPage Magazine.

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