Un-fat For Command

General Mark Milley is a big boy. When he isn’t selling out America to the Chinese, lying about the murder of random Afghan civilians, and undermining the elected president of the United States, it is clear the man enjoys a lap or two (or three) around the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet.

On September 30, I pointed out on Twitter that Milley’s hefty bulk was well outside of Army standards. All Hell broke loose. An Army major out of Fort Dix by the name of Justin Rose doxxed my personnel file, releasing my military physical fitness records in an attempt to “own” me. It’s true, in 2019 the Marine Corps allowed Marines to run as many physical fitness tests as they wanted. I ran four of them. Three were underwhelming, the fourth was a first-class score within acceptable standards for officers. Hardly the nuclear drop MilTwitter thought it was.

But it doesn’t matter. Even if I were 400 pounds and eating potato chips on my couch, I’m not in charge. Milley has no excuse. Former junior grade Marine officers like myself shouldn’t receive more public scrutiny than four-star generals.

I don’t mind making my personnel files public as long as all personnel files are released. The American people, in fact, have a right to know the quality of the leaders sending their sons and daughters to die in foreign lands. Mark Milley, obviously, is not in regulations for either physical fitness or height and weight. That matters. As Milley himself said in 2018: “‘If [soldiers] can’t get in shape in 24 months, then maybe you should hit the road.’” I agree!

Photo evidence indicates that Milley cannot be taller than 5-foot-9. Per Army regulations, a soldier over the age of 40 at that height can only weigh a maximum of 186 pounds. Milley is, by the looks of it, much closer to 230 or 240 pounds. An anonymous source within the Department of Defense with access to Milley’s personnel file sent me a screenshot of the document, which claims he weighs a laughable 181 pounds.

In military lingo, Milley’s file has been “pencil whipped.” His aides “ran” a “PT test” and found that he was “up to standards.” Incredible how that happens! In America’s corrupt and degenerate regime where members of Congress have stock portfolios that post unceasing gains, it isn’t surprising that a general or two might milk the system for the sake of their careers.

Milley’s depredations with regards to China and undercutting the president were much worse in scale than his apparently fraudulent PT records, it is true. But it is important to remember that Milley is also physically weak. This is not a man capable of standing in the gap and leading his men to victory. He is unfit by nature. It isn’t even clear he could walk up a flight of stairs without getting short of breath.

It doesn’t matter that Milley was a Green Beret or has combat decorations, either. A leader doesn’t earn the right to coast on his laurels because he participated in two failed wars. 

Scrutiny is in order. Members of Congress on the House Armed Services Committee, like Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), should be asking questions. It is time to reveal these people for the losers they are. Congress is the ultimate deposit of the people’s power, not the Pentagon.

Congress should make continued funding for the entire Department of Defense dependent on Mark Milley running the Army’s physical fitness test on the national mall in front of the entire legislative body. The American people and their elected leaders should see exactly what kind of men we have entrusted with our security. And, for that matter, every other flag officer in the military should be required to do the same.

Our generals need to “post physique.”

The days of automatic deference to the uniform need to be over. The debacles in Afghanistan and Iraq, the obvious decline in readiness, the draconian vaccine mandate, and the spreading “wokeness” in the ranks all call for the public to take a hard, fresh look at their preconceptions about the military.

Our generals spend too much time in meetings and grifting on corporate boards, and not enough time prepping their bodies and minds for real war. They have failed in their duties. It is time that the American people see that failure for what it is. Milley isn’t the only general out of physical standards, and he certainly isn’t the only one out of moral standards.

This spiritual rot at the top has infected the lower ranks. Military Twitter is a cesspit of junior grade officers and enlisted men who exert enormous and unwarranted power over the top ranks. The inmates are running the asylum.

The Defense Department brass desperately cares what anonymous uniformed soldiers with Twitter clout think about them, yet they care virtually nothing about what everyday Americans make of their work.

The consequences of the very public breakdown in order and discipline in our military has far-reaching effects. Young, spirited American men should be paying attention: There is no future for you in these ranks. You will not prove yourself a man by skating through a watered-down basic training or special operations course.

The reality is clear: America’s young men are simply bodies to be dumped into the meat grinder of a bureaucracy we call the military. America’s sons need to stop giving their bodies and minds over to men like Mark Milley and Joe Biden. If these men of fighting spirit really want to serve their country, they should start by taking on our corrupt ruling class.

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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

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