They Shall Not Pass     

In principle and practice the alt-Left has rejected, and is angling to redefine, the Constitution, the foundational ideals, the governing precepts, the history, the culture, and the entirety of America to “fundamentally transform” our free republic into the authoritarian socialist utopia of “their democracy.” (Which, as Katya Sedgwick points out, in reality, isn’t “democracy,” but rather an elitist administrative state providing the illusion of freedom through state-sanctioned “choices” and permitted freedoms.)

After a four-year year reprieve under President Trump, the alt-Left Biden Administration is now continuing Obama’s weaponization of the federal government to repress their fellow citizens who dare to dissent from the elitist administrative state’s diktats—the latest being parents who oppose the indoctrination of the children with the Marxist-derived, inherently racist critical race theory. 

Such unconscionable abuses of power will avail the alt-Left naught.

The American people’s patience is ending. They know the alt-Left is the reason Americans are fearful of acting in accordance with free consciences, fearful of speaking out, fearful of exercising their God-given, ostensibly government protected and respected individual rights. They know the alt-Left and its cancel culture are insidiously subverting our constitutional rights and pursuits of happiness. 

And the people will act accordingly. 

The Left knows it. You can see their fear of the sovereign American people with every one of the Biden Maladministration’s repulsive abuses of power. You can see it in every bought and paid for corporate media fluff piece pretending Biden and his cohorts are competent. You can see it in every flailing, faltering attempt to pass the Left’s insane-on-its-face $3.5 trillion partisan payoff to its political cronies that will expand an already inflationary economy to bursting. And the alt-Left knows it. You don’t need to be a climate alarmist to know which way the wind blows.

Discarding real science for political science as they pimped the American people’s pain during a pandemic to generate fear and make the public more malleable so they can advance their own partisan aims, the alt-Left usurps your God-given individual rights and replaces them with illusory, government-permitted behaviors. In furtherance of this aim, they redefine the pursuit of a “more perfect union” with the socialistically defined “common good.”

Ils ne passeront pas.

The Left is vitiating the sacred parent-child relationship; indoctrinating school children with racist ideology and self-hatred; concealing school systems’ actions toward and information about children from their parents on matters such as birth control, abortion, and gender; and, when parents dissent, declaring them domestic terrorists subject to the state’s repressive police powers.

Ils ne passeront pas.

Jettisoning pluralism for the identity politics of their DIE cult of “diversity, inclusion, and equity,” the alt-Left is indoctrinating people—at the risk of losing their jobs in both government (funded by the taxpayers) and in the private sector—with racist ideologies; this indoctrination is even being applied to the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the military, in crystalline violation of the seminal principle of equal protection under law and of a non-partisan armed services.

Ils ne passeront pas.

Trapped in a perpetual state of adolescence where they project their multitudinous sins upon their victims, the alt-Left serves as heralds of the cult of death in their promotion and glorification of abortion (even up to the point of birth) and euthanasia; and in their callous demands for health care to be rationed and/or denied the ill for political and/or fiscal reasons.

Ils ne passeront pas.

The claim that free speech is unsafe is made to silence dissenting views by the very same alt-Left that, at other times, argues “silence is violence.” These are the folks conspiring with Big Tech to implement the censorship the Left has foisted upon academia (under the Orwellian conceit of Marcuse’s “liberating tolerance”) to suffocate free inquiry and expression, and ultimately the very freedom of conscience requisite for institutions of higher learning, science, and indeed all of society to properly function, let alone reach its full potential.

Ils ne passeront pas.

The alt-Left Biden Maladministration is refusing to follow federal law and protect our nation’s borders, thereby cheapening the citizenship of all Americans, and those immigrants who are legally striving to earn it.

Ils ne passeront pas.

The alt-Left is conniving to “fundamentally transform” the most prosperous, equitable, and powerful nation in human history into a form of government that has uniformly led to poverty, oppression, and state-sanctioned mass murder.

Ils ne passeront pas.

Yes, the alt-Left has gone too far. No further shall they pass.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

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