Democrats Fiddle an Old Tune On Race

Three racist Democratic initiatives currently underway are Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate in New York City (NYC), the continuing the Black Lives Matter Marxists’ “Defund the Police” movement, and the application of critical race theory in schools. 

The Democrat Mayor of New York City is the poster child of woke, radical, leftist politicians—anti-police, pro-criminal, pro-BLM, and a self-professed “antiracist.” His mandate will compel people to show proof of COVID vaccination before being allowed to enter indoor restaurants, bars, museums and movie theaters—either as patrons or employees.

But who is really being targeted to suffer disproportionately? 

Only 31 percent of NYC’s 1,837,936 black residents are fully vaccinated compared to 71 percent of Asians, 46 percent of whites, and 42 percent of Hispanics. De Blasio’s edict effectively will segregate 1,268,176 black New Yorkers, preventing them from entering their city’s 23,650 restaurants, 100 museums, and 200 movie theatres or work one of the 32,617 restaurant jobs currently held by blacks. This is the new Democrat/COVID apartheid—deliberately and disproportionately removing more than one and a quarter million black bodies from public view, baring their involvement in civic life, and depriving thousands of work.  

Starting at the top with Joe Biden, the Black Lives Matter lie of systemic police racism has been propagated throughout the entire Democratic Party establishment. This lie has been the motivating factor behind BLM’s “Defund the Police” campaign, enthusiastically supported by Democratic mayors, city councils, and legislators—with disastrous results. Massive amounts of funding and manpower have been stripped away from police departments and the “Defund” mentality has resulted in anti-police/pro-criminal legislation eliminating qualified immunity and abolishing cash bail. Facing hostility and lack of support, police have pulled back from proactive law enforcement. 

The result has been a crime catastrophe for black communities. Black neighborhoods in major Democrat-run cities including Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, and New York are virtual war zones. In 2019, the number of black victims of homicide in the United States was 7,484, with more than 90 percent killed by black offenders. In 2020, black homicides spiked to 8,600—and are surging again this year. 

Financed by leftist billionaire George Soros, radical state’s attorneys are in power across the country. These rogue prosecutors do not see their role as protecting law-abiding citizens, seeking justice for victims of crime, or punishing criminals—but rather, the dismantling of the system from within. Tens of thousands of felony cases and warrants have been dismissed in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other cities. Laws are not enforced and many prosecutions for violent crime and gang violence—including murder, are not pursued. Violent criminals and gang members operate without fear of prosecution and unleash further violence upon the black community.

Critical race theory (CRT) is a race-based Marxist ideology that propagates the notion that the United States is inherently racist and must be destroyed. Under the guise of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” it is now indoctrinating millions of children in our schools. The anti-white racism of critical race theory is blatant and obvious: CRT proclaims that all white people are born as irredeemable racist oppressors and that “whiteness” is something to be eradicated. But CRT is racism not only directed at whites but also against blacks—and it is more insidious than obvious anti-black racism. 

CRT is rooted in an assumption of black inferiority, which works in two ways. First, it teaches black children that they are born victims, the system is rigged, and they lack the individual agency or ability to excel, achieve, or compete equally with whites. To ingrain this self-image of inferiority, standards and expectations of behavior, conduct, grades, and test scores for black students have been lowered or eliminated. 

Second, CRT steals the tools of success away from black children so those who want to achieve on their merits, can’t. CRT theorists view the concept of meritocracy as a tool of white supremacy. Consequently, the values that have always maximized success for anyone—hard work, planning ahead, being on time, perseverance, valuing education, objective and rational thinking—are vilified as examples of “whiteness.” CRT guarantees black failure, which reinforces victimhood, resulting in more failure—a perpetual cycle of failure, despair, dependency, and resentment. Not surprisingly, the term “achieving black excellence” appears nowhere in CRT writings.

Two recent examples of CRT-driven school policies put its racist belief of black inferiority into focus.

Kate Brown, the white Democrat Governor of Oregon recently signed a law eliminating the requirement that high school students demonstrate minimum proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to graduation. The stated purpose of this patronizing policy is to “help” black and other minority students. Oregon’s black students (and, indeed, students of all races) can now officially graduate high school as functional illiterates.

As with all students, the message these students and their parents need to hear is, “Our teachers are here to help you learn, achieve, and succeed. We know that you are capable of doing this through commitment, hard work, and study.” But instead, Kate Brown and her Democratic legislature delivered the condescending and racist message of black inferiority. In essence, what they are telling these young people is, “We know that you are not as smart as white kids, so don’t even try to study. In fact, we believe that you are so stupid, we’re not just going to lower the basic standards—we’re getting rid of them.”

Sharyn Briscoe, the black principal of Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia recently took critical race theory to its inevitable conclusion—racially segregated classrooms. In a return to the policies of the Jim Crow South, Briscoe created separate classrooms for blacks and whites. Now, white students would not have to sit next to black students and black students would be provided more “opportunity” by not having to compete with “superior” white students—just like the racists did it in the old days. The black mother of one of the segregated children has filed a lawsuit over this outrageous discrimination. 

Racism has always been at the core the Democrat playbook—dividing people by color is essential to maintaining the power of the leftist elites. But average people are getting wise and are sick of it. American people of all races who cherish the values of faith, family, freedom, and equality are standing up, coming together, and will prevail. 

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About Maurice Richards

Maurice Richards is the former chief of the Martinsburg Police Department in West Virginia. He served as chief from 2015 to 2020 after a 24-year career in the Chicago Police Department. Richards holds a doctorate in adult education from Northern Illinois University. His writing has been featured in Human Events, The Federalist, The Hill, and The Daily Caller

Photo: Shahar Azran/Getty Images