Does the Biden Regime Believe in Its Own Legitimacy?

What do you call a regime that lies constantly, and then admonishes the people when they question the integrity of the regime and its anointed figurehead? 

If you ask Joe Biden and his propagandists on cable news, it’s called “democracy.” Anyone who doubts Biden’s legitimacy, they’ve been telling us, is part of the “big lie” and quite possibly a domestic terrorist. 

This was the central theme of a recent speech Biden gave in Philadelphia, in which he declared that the January 6 “insurrection” was comparable to the Civil War, and that “democracy” is under attack by people who disagree with him. Within weeks of saying that Americans would need nuclear weapons to take on the government, Biden seized the opportunity to remind them “how close” a mob of unarmed Trump supporters came to overthrowing that government. Thankfully, “democracy prevailed” with the ascension of the Biden regime. 

Would a truly democratic regime, confident in the faith and backing of the people, assert its right to rule so aggressively? Does the Biden regime believe in its own legitimacy? 

Would a democracy keep citizens in a gulag in the nation’s capital, on the pretext that they are “domestic terrorists”? 

Would it spy on its critics, as we now know it is doing to Tucker Carlson? 

Would it censor information it finds damaging, and fabricate disinformation it finds useful, as we know it did to sway public opinion before the presidential election in November? 

What country is this, again?

America is under occupation. We are ruled by a hostile oligarchy that calls itself a “democracy” but no longer pretends to be constrained by the consent of the governed. More and more openly, it treats Americans like subjects, if not enemy combatants, in their own country. 

America, Occupied

Every American institution of influence has been taken over by radical ideologues who believe they have an unconditional right to rule. 

Public schools are the regime’s reeducation camps, where the next generations are brainwashed into hating America and advocating that it must be replaced by the regime. Unelected bureaucrats in our military and intelligence agencies are loyal to the regime, on whose behalf they police dissent. Our military leaders are self-righteous maniacs who believe they are in no way under the control of the civilian population, but rather have a sacred mission to keep “democracy” safe and secure from “Nazis” in flyover country. They made this very clear by turning our nation’s capital into a fortress after the “insurrection.” The message: this is not your country anymore, rubes.

Like similar regimes from the past, ours uses absurd, malicious propaganda to justify its depredations. We are told that a riot that was over in hours, in which the only person killed was an unarmed female veteran who was there to protest and whose killer remains protected by the regime, was an “insurrection”—an existential threat to “democracy” worse than 9/11 and the Civil War combined. 

As our elected officials carry on a sentimental parade about this “insurrection” behind a wall of protection, the nation’s borders are being overrun by foreigners invited here by the regime to  transform the nation’s demographics and secure the regime’s hold on power. 

The American people are no longer sovereign. We have no control of our borders, and if the regime gets its way we will soon have no control of our elections. Our country has been stolen from us. That is an act of war, compared to which January 6 was less than nothing.

Accept the Sham Election, or Else 

The real “big lie” is that the regime is a legitimate “democracy.” As the saying goes, the lady doth protest too much. Just like January 6, the regime cannot talk about the 2020 election without hyperbole. It was not only legitimate, they tell us, but the very most legitimate, most fair, most robust, most democratic election ever. It is “not hyperbole,” Biden says, to call it “the fullest expression of the will of the people in the history of this nation.” We can never go back, then, to the way we voted before the coronavirus. That would be “Jim Crow on steroids.” And why should we? Only insurrectionists worry about voter fraud. 

With its obnoxious “big lie” rhetoric, the regime is scapegoating the people for their legitimate grievances. If they can be forced to pretend that the 2020 election was fair and that Biden is not a crooked gerontocrat installed in a ruthless power grab, then they will have acquiesced to the rule of the oligarchy and may never expect legitimate elections ever again. 

The 2020 election was a sham, a Third World farce. It is not necessary to consider ballot shenanigans to acknowledge this. The sheer volume of lies the regime told to take down Donald Trump, the extent of the dirty cover-ups to protect Biden, were unlike anything in American history. The media behaved, as they do now, like Pravda. 

For these same people to now shriek about “the big lie” can be nothing other than a boast, a flex of power meant to demoralize. 

After all, didn’t these very same people spend years frothing about the “pee tape” at ear-shattering volume to discredit Trump? Yes, they did that. They know that we know that they did that, and they don’t care. They’re saying, “we can do whatever we want, tell whatever lies we want, tamper how we please with your elections, but you’re never allowed to push back. If you should dare, we’ll make certain to destroy you—in the name of democracy.”

The “Big Lie” and the East Germanization of America 

The response to January 6 has been far more dangerous an affront to democracy than the riot that took place that day, which the regime has used as a pretext to openly tyrannize the people with a bugbear of “domestic extremism.” 

Its pride inflamed by “insurrection,” the regime is now, in the name of “democracy,” pursuing the most draconian crackdown on civil liberties in American history.

It is holding political prisoners in solitary confinement, with the indulgence of political leaders and the depraved indifference, if not gloating pleasure, of the regime’s loyalists, who are only too happy to watch the suffering of dissidents.

It is soliciting civilians to turn in friends and family who have turned to “extremism,” that is, against the regime. 

The leader of the opposition, Donald Trump, has been blacklisted from the public square because of “the big lie.” 

The Capitol police are turning into a militarized, secret police service.

The White House is working hand in glove with Facebook, one of the very same companies that helped make Biden the president, to censor the flow of information. 

Dissidents can find themselves jailed for sharing memes, placed on no-fly lists, and barred from basic financial services. 

Liquidating the Kulaks

The regime issues its lies, threats, and commands with a casual impunity and tyrannical arrogance toward the people and their rights. 

But like similar regimes in the past, ours buys indulgence for its abuses by making allegiance worthwhile for a great many civilians. While a lucky few find comfort and advantage in repeating its lies, many others at least can secure some immunity from its depredations. Many of these are liberals who once opposed the establishment, but are now dutiful bootlickers of the military and intelligence services. 

The regime and its loyalists, even as they carry on about the “big lie,” use the same blood libels over and over again to discredit opposition as a form of disease. 

They are uncompromising in their efforts to stamp out the infection. Civil liberties are abrogated for the regime’s kulaks, the “conspiracy theorists,” “insurrectionists,” “white supremacists” (that is, whites who don’t hate themselves), and other vermin who challenge authority. Unvaccinated lepers should be excluded from the workforce. Those who spread “misinformation” should be censored. Political prisoners have only themselves to blame for their predicament. If they did not want to be denied basic civil rights, then they would not have challenged the regime.

Tyrants are always insecure. Lacking the consent of the people, they must have eyes and ears everywhere. They must strike at the first cracklings of opposition. Is this not how our government now behaves, with the obsequious complicity of the press? 


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Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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