Hunter Biden, Con Artist 

Recent reports confirm the White House has helped draw up papers to keep the names of those who buy Hunter Biden’s artwork confidential, raising even more questions about ethics concerns.

What will Hunter do next? We all wondered “where’s Hunter?” during the entire campaign, and now we know. 

He was front and center at the Biden inauguration, standing at his anointed father’s left hand. He’s an undiscovered artist, winning rave reviews and charging rarefied prices to connoisseurs who will remain undisclosed. Why would they want such anonymity?

He’s a compelling writer of a touching memoir filled with what he describes as beautiful things like drug addiction and abuse. But, he fails to mention a child he fathered—evidently not part of his beautiful past and more likely a memory of that ugly child support he was forced to pay.

And what about that laptop the FBI knew about for over a year? The New York Post was banned from Twitter for reporting about it. The Russian hoax lie was their fallback for a quick fix and the laptop was brushed aside as Russian disinformation. Lies upon lies were created for this wunderkind of a man and would-be Achilles heel who would have proved fatal to anyone but Joe hidden away in the basement hoping to beat the clock which COVID-19 supplied.

The Hunter Biden horror show is one of the greatest scams perpetrated by the press. As Hunter, a racist, sexist, amoral middle-aged man with a history of both drug and alcohol abuse and influence peddling cons his way through life by virtue of being a Biden, it is clear that many people are there to rescue him from accountability. What is the motivation for this cover-up?

It’s a question which when posed leads to the conclusion that powerful people are protecting Joe Biden. Hunter is necessarily a reflection of his father’s own character issues, particularly since the “big guy” has gone on the record stating Hunter is the “smartest guy I know.” Honestly Joe, please do not insult the intelligence of all those who feed you such lines that are meant to hide Hunter’s failures. Do you really think people buy this bunk and, if so, isn’t it pathetic that you haven’t met more intelligent people? This outrageous assertion defies any level of shame.

Understandably, a father may make excuses for his children. But when the parent is the president of the United States and is getting a cut of the action, maybe this ceases to be “being a good dad,” and becomes a criminal arrangement. When the son is a fifty-one year old who compromises our country’s security by making deals with our enemies and enriching himself and his family, then perhaps there is some need to investigate these business dealings. Joe’s confident assertion regarding Hunter’s mental acuity demonstrates a complete contempt for the truth.

Another tactic used by the Left is to maintain Hunter’s personal life is off limits due to a coordinated public relations effort that maligns anyone who even approaches questions about his character. To investigate Hunter is somehow ingeniously turned into lacking sympathy for those struggling with mental illness. We allow this shutting down of our rights to ask by giving in too easily and backing away from false charges, scared to be accused of some lie.

Racism is usually the accusation thrown at the Right for questioning policy; ironically, Hunter’s use of the N word somehow was given a free pass, as was his clear expression of Asian hate when he called Asian women “yellow.” I guess the excuse is that it’s Hunter being Hunter, a tormented genius creating expensive artwork and writing brilliant books, excusing the clear racism which would cancel everyone else.

 He has the liberal privilege of the entitled Biden, whose cognitive abilities are often compromised but never questioned. Mental illness and decline are unmentionables when it comes to the Bidens. How do you combat the Left when their default insult to end all discussion is either accusations of racism or of insensitivity to those struggling with addiction? Forgetting the hypocrisy of Hunter’s exploits, it is certainly a fact that at the very least Hunter poses a national security risk.

Systemic privilege has allowed this dangerous First Son and his complicit dad to keep the Biden crime enterprise free from scrutiny. The abuse of power which this father-son duo has perpetrated in the name of family values is reprehensible. So, in the spirit of the innocent and honest child who said the emperor is wearing no clothes, we must all condemn Hunter and his father for parading naked with absolutely no shame while the adoring, blinded crowd looks on, obviously brainwashed and silenced.

Krysia Lenzo is a political and media strategist for Republican candidates. She is on the board of the Metropolitan Republican Club and is the Executive Director of Harvard in Tech. She holds a B.A. from Harvard College and a J.D. from Fordham Law school. 


About Krysia Lenzo

Krysia Lenzo is a political and media strategist for Republican candidates. She is on the board of the Metropolitan Republican Club and is the Executive Director of Harvard in Tech. She holds a B.A. from Harvard College and a J.D. from Fordham Law school. 

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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