Morning Greatness: CNN Ratings Crater in Post-Trump Era

Good Wednesday morning.

Two minutes of hate:

CNN, a tabloid media outlet used to prop up human beings who are otherwise professionally worthless, is suffering a rating slump. The cable channel garnered it ratings during the Trump Administration by promoting hysteria and formulating scandalous political fantasies but now, there’s no reason for brainwashed leftists to watch the entertainment outlet. The Daily Caller reports:

In June of 2021, CNN had an average of 580,000 total daily viewers – a drop of 49% compared to June of 2020. The network also lost 59% of its viewers in the critical 25 – 54 age demographic, with an average of 133,000 total day viewers in the demographic for the month of June.

CNN lost the most viewers out of all three major news networks. MSNBC had the second-largest drop in viewership and lost 37% of its total audience compared to June of last year. The network had an average of 763,000 total viewers in June of 2021 and 99,000 viewers in the 25 – 54 age demographic, a drop of 48%. Fox News had the largest number of viewers and the least substantial drop since last year – it lost 35% of its total viewers for an average of 1,172,000 total viewers in the month of June and had an average of 195,000 viewers in the 25 – 54 demographic, a 42% decrease since June of 2020.

Former President Trump mocked CNN’s failures in a public statement: “CNN ratings are down 70%. MSDNC is also way down,” he said. “Actually, they are ALL way down. They say the news is ‘boring’ since I left D.C. Morning Joe, Joy Reid (whoever that is?), Nicole Wallace, Jake Tapper, and even Chris Wallace, at Fox, in free fall. A wonderful thing to see!”

Jake Tapper, who identifies as a “journalist,” fired back at Trump. “If I had incited and inspired a deadly insurrection and attempt to undo American democracy I might not be out there bragging about how many viewers it had. On any channel. But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cat,” Tapper wrote.

He seems so sane and rational, I wonder why his viewership has dropped 70%?

On Tuesday, the SCOTUS voted to keep the CDC’s coronavirus moratorium on evictions. Landlords have been unable to evict tenants during the CDC’s moratorium which means people who depend on passive income from their rental properties are not getting their income. The moratorium will end on July 31, assuming it’s not extended…again. The July 31 end date is the result of an extension from a June 30 expiration date. The decision came down to a 5-4 split and the deciding vote was cast by Brett Kavanaugh. Roberts, of course, voted with the three liberal judges as well. The Biden Administration has said it will not extend the deadline.

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House again passes bill to remove racist symbols from Capitol
US days from completing formal Afghanistan withdrawal but up to 1,000 troops could remain
House votes to repeal 1957, 1991 war authorizations
House passes bill to strengthen authority of federal watchdogs

Civil unrest:
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Ilhan Omar tells CNN: ‘I don’t’ regret equating US and Israel with the Taliban, blames Jewish lawmakers
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Coronavirus news:
Delta variant now accounts for 26% of coronavirus cases in US, CDC estimates
Moderna Vaccine Protects Against COVID-19 Variants, Including Delta, Study Says
Britain thinks it can out-vaccinate the Delta variant. The world isn’t so sure
Arkansas vaccine incentives not working: Health officials
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill to Ban COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates at Schools, Universities

Other morsels:
California governor sues to get party ID on recall ballot
An 88-year-old survivor of the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, was carried to safety by her neighbors
Right. NSA denies electronic monitoring of Fox News host Tucker Carlson
NYC Elections Board Takes Down Mayoral Race Results After Finding ‘Discrepancy’
Pressley is latest ‘squad’ member to back Turner in Ohio special election
Surfside building residents file another lawsuit against condo association
Stefanik Challenger Was China Daily’s Lawyer
Fox News to pay $1M penalty after investigation into workplace culture
Supreme Court rules against bond hearings for deportees who reentered US
Supreme Court leaves CDC eviction moratorium in place
Britney Spears has been pushing her attorney to petition to end her conservatorship in days since hearing

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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Photo: ATLANTA, GA - MAY 29: A man waves a Black Lives Matter flag atop the CNN logo during a protest in response to the police killing of George Floyd outside the CNN Center on May 29, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Demonstrations are being held across the U.S. after George Floyd died in police custody on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

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