Attendees of Gay Pride Event in NYC Clash With Police, Trash Greenwich Village Park

A gay pride event in New York City over the weekend got ugly in more ways than one.

Partygoers who attended the event at a Greenwich Village park left a huge mess in their wake, and at least eight people were arrested when the event turned violent, Fox News reported.

Thousands of people celebrated their “pride” in the city’s popular and iconic Washington Square Park on Sunday.

Video footage posted online shows the park littered with trash such as paper cups, plastic bottles, paper bags, fast food containers, as well as empty boxes of Truly and White Claw.

Liberals, including self-avowed environmentalists, are notorious for trashing the environment at their protests and celebrations.

Clean up crews on Monday reportedly had to use leaf blowers to clear the massive piles of trash from the park.

“The park’s pathways, lawns, perimeter, and landscapes have all been cleared of debris, and the fountain will be drained and pressure washed tomorrow,” a spokesperson for NYC Parks told Fox News. “Parks are open to everyone and we’re glad that they’re places of celebration, but the impact can be extraordinary. We encourage all New Yorkers to do their part to help keep their parks clean.”

During the festivities, scuffles broke out in the crowd, and partygoers clashed with police. The NYPD reportedly used pepper spray to quell the violence.


Police had ordered partygoers to disperse the area and some refused, resulting in arrests, sources told the New York Post.

The metal barriers had been placed in front of the arch to protect it from graffiti.

Someone dressed in all black spray-painted a red “ACAB” (short for “All cops are bastards”) just a few feet away from dozens of barricaded cops Sunday night as NYPD vehicles lined the street between University Place and Fifth Avenue on Washington Square North.

Sunday night, a food vendor was viciously attacked near the park, Fox reported.

Video footage shows several people surrounding a man wearing a yellow shirt and hitting him in the face and knocking him to the ground.

Onlookers reportedly accused the man of making a “hateful slur” to someone from the LGBTQ community,” but the New York Police Department told Fox News that the vendor was attacked over pricing.

 Three or four people then attacked him and threw items, the police said. The victim briefly lost consciousness and sustained a gash on his head and was taken to a hospital.


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