The Biden Doctrine:  American Spreadeagle

It has become a bit trite to use the common refrain that America under Joe Biden’s weak and frail presidency has “put the United States last, not first.” 

It is, in fact, much worse. 

We have gone full spreadeagle to use a sexual metaphor. America is getting screwed royally on just about every front. The Urban Dictionary has a hip but lewd definition, if you need one. 

This is a coherent foreign policy of a great superpower? No, it’s worse than any lame Obama-style apology tour or lazy U.N. speech decrying past American history or decline. It is a bold repudiation of American sovereignty, military, political, and economic supremacy, and leadership on every single front.

It is truly and profoundly anti-American. 

Let me count the ways in which they are wrong, since I worked on the Senate foreign relations committee way back when then-Senator Joseph Biden was the junior elected official from Delaware (and a lobbyist for the credit card industry) and Tony Blinken was his then-minority flunky. They were dead wrong then and have been for 40 years on every foreign policy issue—from Iran to Russia and from treaties to foreign aid and globalism. It does not surprise me at all to find us exactly where we are just six months into his failed and illegitimate presidency. 

On immigration and the border, Biden has simply swung open the border gates and allowed chaos, mayhem, and illegal movement, without any consequences, to lawbreakers. The Biden policy has made the violent Mexican cartels rich and turned their human trafficking coyotes into the real brokers of American citizenship. 

Biden’s plan amounts to gross child abuse. There is no enforcement, no catch, no return, and a big neon electric sign that reads, “come now!” hangs where there used to be controls, customs and security. Holding facilities for kids recently broke 700 percent capacity. Drugs like the killer fentanyl are flowing freely across our border. With 2 million people arriving already this year under the Biden—or is it the Harris?—plan, we in effect no longer have a southern border or a sustainable country. 

On Iran and the Middle East, we have gone from peace and accord to Hamas launching thousands of Biden-subsidized bombs (how many times do we have to defund UNRWA?) leading to the reinstatement of the Palestinian problem as the make-believe lynchpin for any progress in the region. Israel has been totally sold out. 

Trying to resurrect a failed Iran deal, Biden has shipped the hardline ayatollahs yet more billions for nothing, given up on sanctions that were working, and sent the elitist and pompous John Kerry (also a former Democratic senator from Massachusetts who served on the same foreign affairs committee with Biden) as his emissary.  Kerry can now kiss and make up with the radical shiite Islamicists, who want to put an end to Israel and dominate the entire region and beyond through their terrorist military proxies—Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis. Did I mention Biden just gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban? A Saigon moment. 

In Russia, we’re witnessing an unmitigated disaster. After years of hoaxing by Democrats and the press, Biden has handed Putin’s third-rate regime (a country with not even the size of the Texas economy) everything they want and more, including a propaganda bonanza. Agreeing to a foolish summit gave Putin a victory and equal footing before Biden even arrived in Geneva. 

We fought the Cold War to stop Russia in Europe. But Biden gave Moscow the go ahead to build out the Nordstream2 pipeline which grants Russia control over European energy policy while filling the Kremlin’s coffers with constant cash. Can anyone explain why we would pay for NATO to contain the Russians while Biden and Germany (its former chancellor is chairman of Russia’s Gazprom) achieve precisely what we have worked so hard to avoid? Hunter Biden got paid off, Joe the “Big Guy” must have gotten something, but America and its hard-working taxpayers got completely screwed.

On China and the CCP, Biden has literally put up the white flag. China Joe, as the moniker suggests, doesn’t consider the Communist Chinese to be adversaries but noble competitors. The total embarrassment of a meeting in Alaska signaled the end of American dominance in the Pacific and over the critical sea lanes. 

On the Wuhan flu, Biden and his pawn, Dr. Anthony Fauci, are in a conflict of interests and they are letting the Chinese get away with (mass) murder. Removing sanctions, forgetting the poor and enslaved Uighurs, giving back Hong Kong and soon Taiwan, Biden might as well be in the employ of Xi Jinping—his supposed long-time “good friend.” Again, Hunter cannot even yet unwind his massive, gifted investments with China and the CCP. Who knew it was so cheap to buy off America? Biden’s sell-out scandal is even better than the original one with Judas in the garden of Gethsemane.

On energy independence, on day one Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline putting Americans out of work and back over the barrel of foreign oil producers. Every fake green action Biden has taken and climate change lie he has told—from regulation to halting production—has made America more vulnerable and reliant on foreign fiefdoms in the Middle East and even Russia for its energy. Why in God’s name would anyone want to go back to a situation of dangerous American energy dependence and high gas prices, unless you were never for America in the first place? 

Regarding the military, Biden has in effect frozen the Pentagon budget, put all new innovations and weapon systems on hold, and installed a leadership cadre more committed to fighting so-called domestic “extremists” in the services than to combatting our enemies abroad. With critical race theory ensconced from the top-down, Biden has invited Marxism right in the front door and laid the groundwork for drone strikes on American soil against American citizens. His Obama holdover appointees also want to cancel the new Space Force. Bad, we are told, merely because it is a Trump initiative. 

On globalism, Biden has never met a globalist institution he did not adore. He worships the United Nations and all its crazy agencies; he put us back in the ineffective but costly Paris climate agreement; and he shipped money to the World Health Organization faster than you can say Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus—which I admit, is a mouthful of Communism and would be fun to hear senile Joe read off his teleprompter. 

The telling line on Joe’s real predilections occurred in Cornwall at the G-7 meeting, when slick Emmanuel Macron of France said on greeting him, “welcome back to the club.” Yes, Joe is happier being a global citizen, than being an American citizen. Cue up “We are the World,” about now. 

On transatlantic affairs, it is goodbye to Brexit, the UK (Joe has Irish loyalties remember), and any bending of history toward the arc of sovereignty. The EU is now the absolute center of our attention and to hell with the idea that they are anti-American. So is Biden. He might in the end even decide to join the august Brussels body and bail them and their fake currency out. It would yield U.S. sovereignty while integrating us with his preferred socialist values. 

On economic policy, America under Biden and his dopey treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, have ceded authority over markets, listings, tariffs, trade, and money. Biden doesn’t care if the dollar falls; it appears to be his actual intention. The big action was on global taxation. Biden easily roped in the other socialist nations to tax corporations, first 15 percent but soon far more. It puts cash in the registers of the all-powerful state, Biden’s only and true allegiance. 

Reviewing this long and growing list of tragic failures there is no place where Biden and his globalist cronies are not essentially screwing America.  Undoing Trump is one thing, this is an abdication of the U.S. national interest and a capitulation to our adversaries and outright enemies.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, not one to mince words, told Fox News, “I know some of these folks, they took a very different view, they lived in a bit of a fantasy world. They led from behind, they appeased. I hope they will choose a different course.”

Pompeo is right.

Surrender is the overriding theme of Biden’s foreign policy; it is, in fact, the Biden Doctrine.




About Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and, with Felipe J. Cuello, Trump's World: GEO DEUS. He appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

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