Inner-City Violence Is Unfathomable 

Our inner-city violence is unfathomable. It is an utter shame and catastrophe. Baltimore is unfortunately the ironic paragon of this brutal decline into lawlessness.

A once proud city, of which I’ve written previously, has descended into chaos under the continued failed one-party leadership spanning six decades, only to be exacerbated by the continued wokeism and Black Lives Matter push for less policing and more anti-white rhetoric.

Despite the previously held hope for improvement following the 2020 mayoral election, the city continues to hit deadly milestones. Mayor Brandon Scott, a leader with little practical experience aside from working in the city council as a liaison and later as an elected councilman, is continuing the awful tradition of Democratic inaction.

Asked if he was concerned about the recent surge in shootings city-wide, Scott replied, “No, what I’m concerned about is us focusing every day to make sure we’re saving lives in Baltimore . . . ” He then continued with more platitudes, but offered no action.

Let’s look at why action is so critical right now.

As of June 21, the city surpassed 160 homicides in the first half of 2021. If that isn’t sad enough, consider that the city recorded 57 dead in 50 days. That’s more than one death a day. If you consider the combat fatalities of U.S. troops in Afghanistan starting in 2001, it wasn’t until six years later that fatalities rose to more than 100 per year. Put another way—it was safer to be in a combat unit in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2006 than it is to live in Baltimore in 2021.

Yet too few people are speaking up on behalf of the victims of this horrible crime surge. The politicians are so caught up in being woke that they’ve forgotten that their first priority is to provide for public safety. They’re too afraid of stepping out of line with Democratic Party elites and BLM activists. They don’t want to be canceled.

How very selfish of them. Their own political careers come before the very lives of their own constituents? How shameful of a city, of an entire nation.

How have we become so selfish? How have we become so callous?

Don’t these lives matter? BLM activists tell us how much black lives matter and how important it is to defund the police. How does that fit into the real-world circumstances of Baltimore and countless other cities? Shouldn’t the life of a homicide victim matter too?

As long as the police force continues to be hobbled, and is used for social change implementation, then real security cannot exist in our inner cities.

Consider the utter disregard a gunman had in the Bronx as he opened fire on a rival gang member as he fled near two children. It is a terrifying moment. Pure agony to watch. To see someone indiscriminately shot at point blank range, while two small children barely escape the flying bullets. If you watch the video closely, you can see the smallest child shaking in fear. It’s gut-wrenching.

How many more times has the same horrible incident occurred across our nation? People losing their lives to senseless violence? Children scarred for life, or worse their very lives extinguished in the crossfire?

Is it because we’ve devalued life? Democrats tell us that it’s acceptable to kill children in utero. Is it an increased sense of selfishness? Society tells us to go get what’s rightfully ours. Is it the lack of moral certitude and a sense of belonging? Postmodernism teaches our society that you make your own truth; that there is no God.

What a horrible way to live. No value in life, no appreciation for others, and no sense of eternal hope or optimism.

Baltimore is just one unfortunate example among many. It is an example of something that should never be accepted. As a nation we must value life, protect it, and ensure our politicians and leaders will use their authority to provide security. When they don’t, they need to be replaced.


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About Jason Bland

Jason D. Bland is a Doctoral student at Regent University, specializing in Strategic Leadership. His writing focuses on leadership as well as social and political commentary from a conservative, Christian worldview. He has led organizational operations in both the military and civilian sectors, and also provides independent leadership coaching and consultation.

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