When Hairy Met Silly 

This month, Florida banned males from entering your daughter’s locker room. In 2019, then-Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson expressed concern about “big hairy men” infiltrating women’s shelters. You would think feminists would cheer. But Democrats ignore their base on this one.

It’s a disturbing trend: “Non-binary” pronouns in Merriam-Webster dictionary; A male “Miss Spain”; A transsexual pimp on the evening news. And don’t forget Victoria’s Secret caving in to pressure to include a man pretending to be women in its famous fashion shows or magazines like Men’s Health profiling that man, as if the majority of its readers would be interested. 

A 2015 Fox News article says, “Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender celebrities have been greeted with almost universal acceptance.” Forgetting the lesson of the Trojan Horse, Fox News program “Gutfeld!” invited Bruce Jenner on as a guest this month, but that show’s hosts used female pronouns for the male Bruce Jenner, and happily called him “Caitlyn.”

The Chicago Sun-Times published, then pulled and apologized for, an essay stating that female impersonator “Laverne Cox is not a woman,” and the federal government under former President Obama warned that not acknowledging the self-proclaimed sex of any individual could constitute harassment.

School District U-46 in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, like many districts across the country caught up in (or intimidated by) the cult-like fervor of the “trans” movement, changed its anti-bullying policy within its mandatory student code of conduct to include “gender identity.” Parents “must” agree to the code of conduct in order to enroll their children, according to district officials.

Yet the resistance to this science-denying ideology also grows.

A protest at Hillsboro High School in Missouri against a boy’s use of the girls’ bathroom—the boy claims he is a girl despite having all his original parts—is just one of many cultural events that suggest claims of universal acceptance are greatly exaggerated. 

During a U-46 Board Meeting, one of this commentary’s writers, Jeanette Ward, asked if a student’s refusal to use a gender-dysphoric peer’s preferred pronoun could result in a charge of bullying. Two board members indicated that such a refusal would constitute bullying, and the remaining four remained silent. It would appear that the government is compelling minors to lie or face discipline.

 Now that hatred has been redefined, stating facts is deemed hate speech and bullying. Finally, the endgame is in sight: Participate in the mass delusion or face sanction, not at the hands of a tiny, statistically insignificant and aberrant group—albeit one that can generate a lot of email and lawsuits—but at the hands of the government.

The media uses the pronoun “she” to describe biologically male students who wish they were girls, and in so doing denies science and the very basis for sex-segregated restrooms and locker rooms. If biological sex does not determine restroom usage, there is no reason to prohibit any student from using any restroom, locker room, or shower that he, she or “ze” desires. “Indecent exposure” becomes meaningless.

What really gets the goat of one of this commentary’s writers, African-American Jonathan Farley, is when defenders of this nonsense claim that trans identity is analogous to race, based on nothing other than the fact that both blacks and opposite-sex impersonators have been discriminated against. This fallacious analogy ignores that racism is based on objective, behaviorally neutral conditions akin to eye color, whereas opposite-sex impersonation involves subjective, often fluid feelings, and volitional behavior—including acts that violate the privacy of others. 

We should have compassion for a girl whose peers facilitate her confusion or delusion by electing her homecoming king, or for the sex-confused Cornell University student who uses “they” to describe himself. It is not mean-spirited to say that the feelings and beliefs of such young people are not “normal.” Nor is it bullying to refuse to participate in their delusional thinking. It is no more compassionate to pretend a boy is a girl than it is to pretend that someone is Napoleon or to pretend that an anatomically whole person who experiences Body Integrity Identity Disorder is an amputee. 

It’s not the Chicago Sun-Times that should have apologized. It’s Time Magazine that should apologize for putting Laverne Cox—a biological male who pretends to be a woman—on the cover where even children at the supermarket will see adult deviance. Public libraries with “drag queen story hours” to expose children to deviance—libraries that would call the cops if a man dressed in a normal suit wanted to have children roll on top of him—should apologize. It’s absurd to claim, as “trans” ideologues do, that if you don’t like such images, don’t look at them. No one has that choice today—not even mothers with young children—because such images and ideas are ubiquitous and even put in kindergarten curricula in Washington State.

If Republican politicians challenge their Democratic opponents on this single point, Republicans will win every fair election. This is the issue the GOP should seize to win back the government.

Facing the Inquisition, astronomer Galileo Galilei (according to legend) retracted his claim that the Earth went around the sun rather than vice versa. But Galileo whispered defiantly, “And yet it moves.”

We applaud Dr. Carson and the state of Florida for taking a stand. It’s time for Galileo’s pendulum to swing back.

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About Jeanette Ward and Jonathan David Farley

Mrs. Jeanette Ward is a former Elgin, Illinois District U-46 School Board Member. Dr. Jonathan David Farley, D.Phil. (Oxon.), was named one of Ebony's “30 Leaders of the Future” and was the Harvard Foundation’s Scientist of the Year in 2004. Seed magazine named him one of “15 people who have shaped the global conversation about science in 2005.” He has written for the New York Times, Time, and The Guardian. Ben Carson mentioned Dr. Farley in a speech circa 2004.

Photo: Photo by David McNew/Getty Images