Biological Man Prohibited from Participating in Women’s Olympic Trials Due to Testosterone Levels

In a victory for women’s sports, a man who falsely identifies as a woman was barred from participating in the Olympic trials for the women’s 400-meter hurdle event, the Daily Caller reports.

The athlete in question is CeCe Telfer, a black man who has identified as a man for the majority of his life. Telfer had previously competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s Division II 400-meter runs as recently as 2016 and 2017; he ranked 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017. He then switched to the women’s Division II in 2019, coming in first in the 400-meter run.

However, his bid to compete in the Olympics on behalf of the United States was shut down after World Athletics confirmed that he failed to meet their guidelines on “testosterone suppression” for so-called “transgender” athletes. Any events ranging from 400 meters to one mile are inaccessible to athletes who possess testosterone levels above 5 nonomoles per liter for a year.

USA Track & Field released a statement on the decision, stating that the World Athletics’ “conditions had not yet been met” by Telfer by the initial date of June 17th. Subsequently, “USATF provided CeCe with the eligibility requirements and, along with World Athletics, the opportunity to demonstrate [his] eligibility so that [he] could compete at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. According to a subsequent notification to CeCe from World Athletics on June 22nd,” the statement continued, “[he] has not been able to demonstrate [his] eligibility.”

With ongoing efforts to mainstream the notion of “transgenderism” – the false and biologically-disproven notion that one can change their gender whenever they feel like it – there has been a spike in so-called “transgender” athletes trying to compete in the other gender’s team, with the overwhelming majority of these cases being men who now claim to be women. Like Telfer, this has resulted in many mediocre male athletes suddenly becoming dominant “female” athletes over all of the biological women.

As such, a majority of states have taken some action against this dangerous trend. Five states – Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, and Tennessee – have passed laws banning men from competing in women’s sports. Twenty-six other states have seen such bills introduced in their legislature.

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Photo: The Olympic Rings displayed by the Odaiba Marine Park light up on the day marking 50 days to go for the Olympic games on June 3, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jinhee Lee/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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