The ‘Party of Science’ Can’t Do Math

The Democrats can pretend to be the “party of science” but one thing is for sure: they are definitely not the party of math.

The 2020 election has been and likely will continue to be a point of great contention among Americans in all 50 states. Even as a young American born during the Clinton Administration, I’ve noticed a skyrocketing spike in partisan strife between ordinary Americans. 

In the past few years alone, we’ve watched the media become ever more vicious, the politicians markedly more brazen, and the political ruling class dangerously more corrupt.

We are told to believe that Joe Biden received 81 million votes—the most in history—while winning only 509 counties across the country—the fewest in history.

Millions of Americans not only have concerns about election integrity but have also developed the conviction that America is no longer governed “by the people” and instead is governed by political power brokers.

We are told to believe that for only the second time since 1952, and that for the first time in nearly 25 years, a Democratic candidate for president won Arizona and did so by a margin of roughly 10,000 votes statewide.

In response, a small group of courageous leaders in the Arizona State Senate did the responsible thing: they asked for an independent forensic audit of their own election to ensure that this apparent, sudden, and drastic change was actually one called for by the people of Arizona. 

Since April, a full forensic audit, the likes of which we’ve not seen before, has been taking place in Arizona. 

Last week, I visited the Arizona audit with former Missouri governor and current U.S. Senate candidate, Eric Greitens—who is also a Rhodes Scholar, I might add. (Full disclosure: I’m managing Greitens’ campaign.)

I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, the entire media establishment has parroted the line that any examination of the 2020 election anywhere by anyone under any circumstance is a “dangerous conspiracy theory that threatens democracy.” 

In reality, what’s happening in Arizona is so impressive, it’s almost unbelievable. 

The audit is nonpartisan. The auditors aren’t simply searching for evidence to prove their hypothesis—they are on a complete fact-finding mission. 

This process is consistent with the most basic tenants of criminal investigation and the scientific method. The auditors are responsible only for determining and supplying a complete set of facts, supported by evidence. 

For example, to even gain entry to the building where the audit is being conducted, you must have authorization to pass through several checkpoints staffed by Arizona State Rangers and other armed security personnel. Every person who enters the audit floor is credentialed. 

Visitors are instructed to leave all electronic devices, pens with blue or black ink, and pieces of white paper in a secured room. Everyone is required to wear face coverings—not necessarily as a precaution against COVID-19 but more importantly to ensure uniformity and impartiality throughout the entire audit process. 

The building has disabled wireless internet access and the entire audit is powered by machines hardwired to servers situated in the middle of the audit floor.

When hand-counting ballots, trios of volunteers sit silently as each ballot is presented in front of them for review. They aren’t allowed to touch the ballot or make verbal or nonverbal signals to the other assessors. In designated intervals, the three tally sheets are compared for uniformity. 

The audit is using a strict procedure to ensure chain-of-custody by creating a paper trail every time a ballot is moved.

Auditors are also using machines to photograph 2.1 million ballots using DSLR cameras to determine the authenticity of the ballots. These machines can also determine what type of writing utensil was used to fill in each ballot—or if one was used at all.

Dozens of surveillance cameras monitor every single phase of the audit, many of which are publicly available via live stream.

Every potential independent variable is thought through and accounted for. 

And yet the cries of “conspiracy theory” continue. As any high school debate student could tell you, the number one tell of a losing argument is the employment of ad hominem attacks. 

No matter how much they try, Democrats can’t argue with the forensic audit process in Arizona—as a matter of fact, most of them couldn’t even explain the process to you. So, what do they do? They attempt to discredit the auditors.

Democrats love to talk about how Cyber Ninjas, the cybersecurity firm chosen by Arizona legislators, has never done an audit on the scale of the one we are seeing in Maricopa County. 

Well . . . it’s true. Because no one has. This has never been done before.

When examining a “Read Only” copy of digital election data the digital security firm CyFIR uncovered that at least one election database folder was deleted. It’s still unclear whether the deletion was caused by a computer error or a person. CyFIR has also been targeted by the media and opponents of the audit.

This audit is needed and there’s no legitimate logical reason for anyone to oppose it. If Democrats believed they fairly won the 2020 election in Maricopa County, in Arizona, and across the country—they would support these efforts.

Fortunately, we are likely to see forensic audits taking place in several other states where there have been grave concerns—states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to name a few.

While it’s unclear what might happen if these audits prove that the 2020 election was fraudulent, one simple reality remains: if election officials in these places didn’t know how insecure their elections were, they were criminally negligent. If they knew and chose to ignore it, they are simply criminals.


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About Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson previously served in the administrations of President Donald Trump and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Johnson is currently the campaign manager for Eric Greitens’ U.S. Senate campaign in Missouri.

Photo: Photo by Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images