Western Elites’ Badass Bootlickers

Throughout history, the creative community has often used their art as a means to “speak truth to power.” To do so, artists needed moral courage—a truly precious commodity. When it comes to genocidal Communist China, the creative community can only “speak truth and cower”—and the truth only slips out as a “mistake.” For this, one need only be venal.

Enter stage left, John Cena.

In promoting his film “Fast & Furious 9″ (ostensibly necessitated by the fact “The Fate of the Furious” wasn’t enough to fully squeeze every last cent out of this threadbare cinematic vehicle), Cena fumbled his lines and committed one of the few remaining taboos in Hollywood: he upset the genocidal Communist Chinese regime. Cena’s offense? He stated the truth: Taiwan is a country.


In nanoseconds, Cena went from kick-ass to kowtow, issuing a CYA statement that sounded less like a tough guy and more like Artie Fufkin:

Hi China, I’m John Cena. I’m in the middle of ‘Fast and Furious 9’ promotions. I’m doing a lot of interviews. I made a mistake in one of my interviews . . . I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry about my mistake. I apologize, I apologize, I’m very sorry. You must understand that I really love, really respect China and the Chinese people. My apologies.

To underscore his servility and shame, Cena even delivered his remarks in Chinese

Now that is some badass bootlicking.

Though we continue to be disgusted by the humiliating obeisance our fellow citizens pay to genocidal Communist China, Americans nevertheless grow accustomed to our nation’s elitists acting as Beijing’s lackeys. Over the decades, the genocidal Communist Chinese regime has weaponized the market access to its oppressed people. They have also harnessed Western elites’ amoral avariciousness to further their insidious aims. 

Given their ideological view of Western greed, the regime calculated the West would provide the direct foreign investment, technology, and jobs that Communist China needed to grow stronger both economically and militarily. Over time, intoxicated by the potential profits to be made, Western elites would ultimately do damn near anything the regime demanded to maintain market access—or, more aptly, the potential for immensely greater profits. 

Tragically, the regimes’ strategy has succeeded to date, rekindling Beijing’s “middle kingdom” mindset, which as Gordon Chang notes, is rooted in imperial Chinese history. The greedy barbarian world revolves around the superior Chinese people; and those barbarians must kowtow to the regime—or else.  

Greedy, groveling Hollywood and its pampered minions are but one party in a long line including American multinational corporations and professional sports leagues who merrily trash America while tongue bathing Communist China for fun and profit. 

Recall how throughout the pandemic it was considered a conspiracy theory—and an allegedly debunked one at that—to ponder if the COVID-19 virus (of which, any use of China or Wuhan to identify it was censored as racist) had been engineered in a Wuhan research lab and negligently released into the world.

And, if one wondered if genocidal Communist China, by closing domestic travel but allowing international flights, had intentionally turned its citizens into bioweapons to spread the virus and its concomitant medical, economic and political consequences throughout the world to protect the regime’s strategic interests and advantages, the person positing that possibility would be institutionalized.

Now, the truth has its boots on and is getting out. Someone even opened the lid on Joe Biden’s nap time and got him to flip flop on his earlier decision to stop an investigation into the Wuhan lab. (Whitewash alert: Slow Joe is planning on asking the corrupt World Health Organization and genocidal Communist Chinese regime for pertinent data to determine what really happened. Talk about toxic imbecility.)

Now ask yourself: Why? Yes, refusing to cite the obvious regarding genocidal Communist China and COVID-19 did damage President Trump. But the silence and coverup would have occurred regardless of Trump. Follow the money

And, when one does, a glimmer of a silver lining appears. For while engaging in appalling behavior unworthy of free people, perhaps these self-anointed American elites can provide the audience an edifying, if not happy, ending by answering an eternal question (and caution):

“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

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