International Capitalists: Useful Idiots, Practical Communists, or Both?

In a previous article, I explained how multiple Communist leaders in history saw no contradiction between using capitalism and capitalist know-how in the pursuit of the goal of achieving a Communist society. From early Communist theoreticians such as Eduard Bernstein to Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin, to Chinese dictators Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, and now Chinese President Xi Jinping, these Communist leaders and intellectuals have said explicitly that these things are not in conflict. Unfortunately, the Right ignored them. Economically speaking, this is the epitome of the nonplayable character (NPC) bug in today’s American “right-wing” thinking.

The result? Almost 30 years of Communist infiltration in every single institution in the United States since the end of the Cold War. While one American administration after another was antagonizing and saber-rattling in the face of paper tigers such as Iraq and Libya, or trying to renew conflict with Russia, China—an actual Communist dictatorship—was given more and better access to U.S. markets, cultural institutions, and narrative-shaping institutions than all of the former combined. This was useful idiocy. This was treason.

Subsidiaries of Communist China

International “American” capitalists made billions of dollars by outsourcing American jobs to China. According to U.S. News and World Report, between 2001 and 2011, the United States lost more than 2.7 million jobs to Communist China in return for cheap products that could have been made better here. Who facilitated the transaction? Hundreds of companies that call themselves “American,” that’s who. It is dizzying to research the lists upon lists upon lists of “American” companies now beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. In the process, companies including AMC, Motorola Mobility, Legendary Entertainment, General Electric, and Starwood Hotels are now owned by Communist Chinese nationals.

In 2018, Apple saw almost 20 percent of its sales in China; Intel saw over 23 percent of its sales in China. While Apple does business with Communist China and tolerates its Uighur slave laborers in Xinjiang, it bans free speech platforms such as Gab from its phones in America.

Starbucks realized over 20 percent of its sales in China. Meanwhile, CEO Howard Schulz endorsed Joe Biden for president, and Starbucks employees since 2016 have given up to 97 percent of their political campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. While Red China oppresses its people and the Democrats whom Starbucks helped elect repress Heritage America, here’s what Schulz had to say in his personal letter to Xi Jinping about his business in China: “I truly believe Starbucks’ best days are ahead in China and that the values of creativity, compassion, community and hard work will guide the company toward an even greater business and community contribution, while continuing to build common ground for cooperation between our two countries.” 

Even companies such as Facebook, which are banned in China, generate billions in revenue from communist-run Chinese businesses. This is the same Facebook that gaggedand continues to gagthe previous sitting president of the United States and openly admitted to manipulating American elections.

This is just a short sampling of the numerous other international “American” companies including Boeing, Nike, Pfizer, and Qualcomm which have put profit before nation, state, and community by paying obeisance in Red China, and employing known Communist Party members from China.

Between 2014 and 2019, Communist Chinese entities sent at least $315 million to “American” universities such as the University of California-Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Duke, and MIT. “American” university deans have allowed Communist China to steal technologies and patents worth billions of dollars “using spies, students, and researchers as collectors.” Do “America’s” universities see any problem doing business in the nexus of global Communism? Evidently not.

Hollywood Kowtows to Beijing

“American” entertainment is no better. While Walt Disney Corporation commits culturecide against itself in the never-ending war for wokeness, slapping content warnings on “racist,” “sexist,” or other such sundry content from its beloved vault, it has no problem enmeshing itself in the Communist Chinese slave state, thanking Red China for allowing it to film Mulan near Uighur concentration camps in Xinjiang. While NBA players were greedily filmed denouncing the purported “racism” of the United States through the various lies and half-truths about race and policing, no such denunciation has followed from the NBA or its players about real abuses in Communist China. Maybe this has something to do with the $500 million to $1.5 billion the NBA makes from its businesses in Communist China.

“American” media is guilty as well. It is “American media” generating narratives that conflate criticism of the Communist Chinese government in its handling and generating of the Wuhan flu as racism. This same media spent four years pushing lie after lie about Trump, about race, about the economy, about Nick Sandmann, about critical race theory and every other communist-inspired weapon of division while going ballistic at any hint that the Wuhan virus was created in a lab by Communist Authorities in Hubei.

What are we left with? An “American” defense industry made dependent on and subject to Chinese manufacturers of strategic materials like the microchips, rare earths, and semiconductors which make modern warfighting instruments like guided missiles, communications, and precision weaponry possible. At the same time, the previous pandemic exposed the woeful state of American health manufacturing, dependent on and subject to Chinese medical products from drugs to antibiotics to medical personal protective equipment.

Are international capitalism and international Communism—so enmeshed as they now are—so different after all? 

I don’t think so.

The Profit Motive

But why was this allowed? Because the only job of corporations is to deliver profits to their shareholders. That’s it. If we accept this premise as true, then why should we be surprised? If “American” international capitalists are not really subject to the nation-state or to the moral law and they can increase quarterly profits by bowing before or being taken over by communists, why wouldn’t they? Capitalism does not necessarily imply any moral or ethical law, which is its great strength but also its great weakness. The defenders of our pernicious capitalism love to insist on this principle. Why don’t we take them seriously?

And why are conservatives still proclaiming their unqualified love for capitalism? What exactly do they mean by it? As these corporations unify with their Communist partners in China to wage imperial war on the political leaders of Middle Americans, to colonize it with mass immigration and diluted citizenship for the low-paid serfs servicing these same Ivy league managerial overlords, what exactly are Republican politicos praising in “capitalism?” I just cannot understand it. It’s like a jilted husband continuing to sing the praises of his hostile and cheating wife while she takes a roll in the hay with her lover who is also openly hostile to and detests the husband. It is pure cuckoldry.

What is my call to action? To confront Communist China directly? Absolutely not. We cannot do that until we have isolated and rid ourselves of their subservient pawns who illegitimately rule us in our own country. The enemy isn’t Communist China per se, but the stooges and cliques of wealthy counterfeit Americans who have radically transformed this country into something the founders would be ashamed to behold. 

While international capitalists calling themselves “Americans” continue to work to build their own empire in the United States via “our democracy™” through drawing upon profits made in Communist China, we have to take a clear look at our situation as it is. It is not simply confined to economics. 

Socially, we are living under a Bolshevik regime as well, in a country where no-fault divorce and infanticide (first legalized by Lenin in the Soviet Union) are openly accepted and encouraged. Take a look at this rather lengthy list of “American” corporations which support infanticide and divorce because divorce increases female labor participation (driving down wages) and abortion keeps women working. This counterattack against the international capitalist-international Communist order must completely defeat it both socially and economically. What is necessary is to name explicitly the Communist infiltration of this country and to wage a crusade to throw it out of our communities, our personal devices, our families, our screens, and our nation.

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Charles J. Urlacher is a former public school teacher who didn't indoctrinate American kids into hating their country and the ancestors who built it.

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