Colonial Pipeline’s Communications System Knocked Offline; Problem Not Related to Ransomware

Colonial Pipeline’s communications system was knocked offline on Tuesday, leaving shippers unable to plan fuel shipments, according to multiple reports. The disruption was not related to the previous ransomware attack, or any type of reinfection, according to a company spokesperson.

“Our internal server that runs our nomination system experienced intermittent disruptions this morning due to some of the hardening efforts that are ongoing and part of our restoration process. These issues were not related to the ransomware or any type of reinfection. We are working diligently to bring our nomination system back online and will continue to keep our shippers updated. The Colonial Pipeline system continues to deliver refined products as nominated by our shippers” the spokesperson said in a statement posted on social media.

Colonial Pipeline is the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, transporting more than 100 million gallons of fuel per day.

The system was recently reopened after a ransomware attack that prevented millions of barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from flowing to the East Coast from the Gulf Coast.

At least eleven states plus Washington, D.C. experienced gas shortages after that attack on Colonial Pipeline. Gas is still in short supply at many stations in Maryland and the Carolinas.

Service was restored after Colonial Pipeline paid nearly $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency to the DarkSide cybercrime group.

Thus far, barrels are reportedly continuing to flow on the line.

On Tuesday, Senator Chuck Grassly (R-Iowa) blasted the Biden administration for shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Grassley took to the Senate floor to stress the importance that pipelines have in America, and called for Biden to reconsider his decision.


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