Biden’s Big Lie

Occasionally, we get a break from the lie.

On Thursday, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lapsed into uncharacteristic truth-telling.

“I don’t think the American people are racist,” Biden conceded in a Thursday interview. Harris agreed in a separate interview the same day, saying “I don’t think America is a racist country”.

Nice, but seemingly at odds with what Biden had said in his speech only the day before.

There, as per the standard Democratic script, he described the United States as a nation plagued by “systemic racism.” That systemic racism had even infected the criminal justice system. (Translation: Non-white American citizens can have no confidence they’ll get a fair trial if they’re ever accused.)

Biden added that a terrifying scourge of “white supremacist terrorism” was now on the rise. White supremacy, he implied, had even driven the Capitol building attack (the “attack” in which Capitol security guards unlocked the doors and allowed protesters inside). 

Biden even described the allegedly white supremacist intrusion into the Capitol as “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” This was a remarkable claim given that the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks killed nearly 3000 people; the Pearl Harbor attacks killed 2,403; thousands of rioters rampaged through American cities for weeks this past year, burning, smashing, looting, and murdering; the Soviets ran hostile infiltration efforts throughout half a century of Cold War; and “law enforcement” agencies (now under Biden’s direction) routinely frame the innocent, protect the guilty, interfere in elections, illegally spy, illegally leak classified information, deceive FISA court judges, change evidence, hide behind perjury, and destroy the lives of political opponents.

Nor did Biden mention that the only person who killed anyone during the “white supremacist attack on democracy” was a black Capitol Hill security guard who shot and killed an unarmed white woman without any warning. (I would mention the guard by name—except I can’t, because the Biden Administration itself is still protecting him from legal and public accountability, despite what looks like excessive force. No irony there or anything.)

The calumnies in Biden’s speech aren’t new. To give just one example, Biden told CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell last July that systemic racism is “not just in law enforcement, it’s across the board. It’s in housing, it’s in education, and it’s in everything we do.”

Biden’s not alone. Democrats have been obsessively denouncing the United States of America as a cesspool of systemic anti-black racism for years. And why wouldn’t they? The “Big Lie” mind control trick has been working like gangbusters for nearly a century. It’s even been replicated in the lab. For them, it’s just good politics.

Is the Big Lie of White Supremacist America, in fact, a lie? Let’s put it this way: Every available scrap of social science data indicates it’s a lie (see here for starters). That doesn’t mean individual instances of racial discrimination don’t occur. Everyone knows they do. It’s only to point out that, given the data, it’s a lie to say that America is a systemically anti-black country run by white supremacists.

For what it’s worth, my own experience aligns with that data. I’ve been on the planet for half a century. I grew up in Washington, attended university in Utah, have lived and worked in California and Hawaii and Tennessee. As a touring musician, I’ve traveled to every part of the United States—big cities, little towns, and everything in between. I’ve been in thousands of conversations with people from all walks of life about all sorts of things.

In all that time, I’ve never met an actual white supremacist. You’d think that in a country supposedly teeming with neo-Nazis, I’d have overheard something or other at some point. I am white, after all. You’d think at least one of these millions of people would feel at liberty to say things around me they wouldn’t say around nonwhites. But I’ve never met anyone who said they thought white people were just plain better than nonwhite people.

Not even the notorious media creation that is Richard Spencer says this kind of stuff. That I can discover, Spencer only ever says he wants to be around white people because he’s white—not because he thinks white people are objectively superior to non-whites. When your country’s most notorious “white supremacist” isn’t even a white supremacist . . . to what extent is the white supremacist scare as real as, say, Joseph McCarthy’s red scare

You even begin to wonder if the big problem here is precisely the opposite of white supremacy. Maybe the problem is that a lie about white supremacy is triggering the irruption of lunatic forms of black supremacy so outrageously toxic, that some black voices are now asserting blacks should be free to attempt murder at will and with impunity; and on the other, a pathological white self-loathing bordering on the suicidal. How can either of those extremes be healthy? They can’t be, of course.

This is how nuts things are now. If, after the George Floyd incident, Nancy Pelosi had announced it was time for whites to do the responsible thing and atone for all their guilt and complicity in racism by committing suicide; and then explained that the government was going to set up special “white suicide clinics” in every city, where honest, good, responsible white people could go and have themselves painlessly euthanized, thousands would have done it.

That would have happened. You know it. I know it. That’s how nuts this has gotten. And the line-up at Nancy Pelosi’s suicide clinic would be full of white “suicide volunteers” who’d never practiced a single act of racial discrimination in their entire lives, and never would.

We are living in a nation in the throes of mass psychosis. The Big Lie of a systemically anti-black, white supremacist America is spawning ever more lunatic forms of black supremacy; debilitating white self-loathing; and additional forms of lethal civic dysfunction beyond the scope of this piece to describe. It’s tearing the country apart—and Joe Biden and his entire party are perpetuating it. 

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