Morning Greatness: Poll Shows Biden Less Popular Than Police, Law Enforcement

Good Friday morning.

Biden viewed less positively than police: poll
US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House
DOJ Considering New Domestic Terrorism Laws Aimed At Violent Domestic Extremism
Most votes ever! Biden speech draws 26.9 million viewers, down from Trump
Five hot-button issues Biden didn’t mention in his address to Congress
Biden speech interrupted by protesters
100 Days Into Biden’s Presidency, Hunter Still Owns Stake In Chinese Private Equity Firm, Business Records Show
McConnell calls out Biden for progressive ‘bait and switch,’ says ‘Bernie is really happy’
Gov. Kristi Noem says South Dakota is suing Biden administration over fireworks at Mt. Rushmore

Civil unrest:
Texas Lawmakers Step in to Prevent Critical Race Theory from Creeping into School Curriculum 
More than 100 US colleges and universities are now requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccinations
NYC shooting at Peter Luger Steak House leaves 2 wounded
Congressman Says ‘White Liberals’ Are Greatest Threat To Black Conservatives
OUTRAGEOUS. FBI defends ‘suicide by cop’ designation for 2017 baseball field shooting
Minnesota man gets 4 years for torching police station after George Floyd’s death
California mayors want $20 billion for homeless crisis over next 5 years
Elizabeth City protests: At least 2 arrests as demonstrators face off with cops in riot gear
Man accused of vandalizing Minnesota mosque says it was joke

Coronavirus news:
Arizona School Board Bolts as Parents Protest Decision to Keep Mask Mandate
“Controversial” Joe Rogan addresses his controversial anti-vaccine comments
Whoops. Contact Tracing System Breach Compromises Private Info Of 72,000
North Carolina state audit shows poor families faced hurdles in receiving COVID-19 relief
Brazil bans Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine due to carrying live cold virus: report
About a quarter of adults say they won’t try to get a Covid-19 vaccine
Full FDA approval of Covid-19 vaccines could help fight vaccine hesitancy, officials say
Chicago to roll out ‘Vax Pass’ so vaccinated can attend summer concerts

Other morsels:
Florida legislature passes election bill imposing new restrictions on mail-in voting
This is fine. Five federal agencies potentially breached in Pulse Connect Secure hack
Rudy Giuliani joins ‘Tucker’ after FBI raid, claims agents showed no interest in Hunter Biden hard drives
Idiots. Cooking hub Epicurious faces backlash for boycotting beef in the name of climate conservation
Horrific. Dozens killed in stampede during gathering at Israeli holy site: report
FBI warned Giuliani, Ron Johnson Russia was attempting to meddle in US election in 2020: report
Zarif Had No Knowledge of Israeli Strikes Until Kerry Told Him, Translation Reveals
NBA Sells Sneakers From Chinese Company Suspected of Using Uyghur Forced Labor
Gaetz, Greene plan national tour to call out RINOs
Pence ties himself to Trump, in first public speech since leaving office
Vermont becomes first state to allow women to enlist in all Army National Guard combat roles

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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