Biden’s 100-Day Humiliation

There have been few surprises in Biden’s first 100 days. He is not the moderate, beneficent “uniter” portrayed by his campaign and the “news,” but a hyperpartisan, gaslighting tyrant—the puppet of social engineers who are now radically transforming the country. 

Biden, in ways unlike any president before him, is ignoring the rule of law and the obligations that bind a government to its citizens. He treats foreign nationals with solicitude while showering Americans with contempt. When he addresses the people, he speaks as if he is talking to ungrateful, errant children. 

He does more hectoring and fearmongering than governing. He delights in pious speeches about “unity,” but he and his fellow partisans are doing everything possible to secure permanent power for themselves. He claims to speak for the little guy, but his agenda is eroding sovereignty and what is left of America’s frayed social fabric. As a substitute for competence and virtuous leadership, Biden makes empty gestures of competence and virtue. He traipses around clownishly, ostentatiously masked, barking orders at the masses while letting their homeland get ransacked by invaders.

But Biden is not embarrassed by any of this. The message from the White House and the room-temperature-IQ propagandists who support its every move is clear: Americans are subjects, and they are owed nothing. Their country, as it has existed for centuries, does not deserve to survive. 

Biden’s Favorites

Papa Biden, it turns out, has set notions on who shall inherit. There are those lucky enough to receive patronage from the powers that be, i.e., “people of color” and other “marginalized” groups, and those who are not so lucky. These latter are the white majority, who are regarded more or less openly as an unwelcome presencebastards in our increasingly “diverse” country.

Something strange is happening: American life is being racialized as never before, but the majority race is excluded from this new form of politics. This hardly seems a recipe for peace, but Biden doesn’t seem to care. Not a day passes without some imprecation against whites and their alleged responsibility for “systemic racism.”

“Equity” (as opposed to equality) is Biden’s lodestar. It is stunning how far this baldly racist agenda has advanced in just a few months. In Vermont (which has a Republican governor), whites are at the back of the line for vaccines. Biden’s COVID relief bill included reparations for black farmers, and more ambitious projects resembling the “land reforms” of post-colonial Africa are being considered in Congress. Biden’s “infrastructure” bill, as Tucker Carlson put it, is in large part a South African-style “spoils system.” 

A corollary of “equity” is that citizenship no longer means anything. People who have lived here their whole lives, who follow the rules and pay their taxes, are expected to surrender their rights if they have the wrong skin color. They have no choice but to accept, and subsidize, their replacement by foreign populations invited here to build the Democratic Party’s power base into a permanent majority. The Democratic Party brags about this demographic change,  but no one is allowed to notice it lest they be branded a racist. 

There is no border crisis, they keep saying. Can’t have a border crisis if you don’t have borders, can you? There is some logic there. 

The real crisis, they insist, is in Central America. It is here that Americans must devote all our attention, our resources, and our sympathy. Americans have no right to enforce our laws, but we are morally obligated to send our money into a sinkhole thousands of miles away to support Biden’s foundlings. We are also required to end single-family zoning to accommodate this surge of humanity, apparently. To do otherwise would be racist. 

The distinction between citizen and foreigner has been growing fuzzy for decades, as Americans were ripped off left and right, but this is something else. It is complete and total dispossession, and it is deliberate. 

Listen and Obey 

The style of the Biden presidency fits the national humiliation underway. It is floating, detached, patronizing, lazy even, spoiled with unaccountable power, and almost resentful of expectations. Unsanctioned curiosity is not welcome. Look no further than Jen Psaki’s glib response when asked if Biden agrees, with his own ambassador, that the Declaration of Independence is comparable to Mein Kampf. 

Biden has proven to be a sanctimonious bore, but he at least seems to enjoy being fake FDR, or John Paul II, or whatever role he’s supposed to be playing. There is always some threat or, God help us, “prayer” on his tongue. He loves a good “crisis” much more than the prosaic ends of statecraft. 

To get through the gun violence “crisis” (which is also, dontcha know, a “public health crisis”) we simply must accept that the Bill of Rights is not “absolute.” And as if he were bestowing some lost privilege, rather than stating the obvious, Biden has declared that vaccinated people can now go outside without wearing a mask. This is what Biden calls “stunning progress.” Message received: normal life is never coming back, and if it ever does, it will be only at the sufferance of our rulers. 

In Biden’s America, the people stand at attention. They must remain in a constant state of agitation, fear, distraction, and shame, and they must never ask questions. That is how Biden likes it. He prefers being a “crisis president.” Should the COVID panic end, people might start to notice they elected a shambling figurehead. 

Every day seems to bring some new encroachment on liberty and dignity. There is a striking element of stealth in all this. Without the consent of the public, the White House is working hand in glove with corporate America to force “vaccination passports” on the population that we never voted on, and never asked for. Even as this takes place, migrants are pouring into the country unannounced, unvaccinated, and in the middle of an economic crisis no less.

Biden, who we recall is a “moderate” and a patriot, is prepared to mint millions of new Democratic voters overnight from this illegal population. That is not all. Seemingly all at once, the Left is pushing for all the radical ideas of Republican attack ads, from court-packing to adding new states and ending the filibuster. Biden has been an eager participant in the moral blackmail behind all of this change. Voter ID, one of a few remaining obstacles to his party’s power, is now “Jim Crow on steroids,” he says. 

Stalinization and Demoralization

There are plenty of real problems for Biden to address if he were so inclined. Young people face high barriers to starting families. The middle class is collapsing. Biden isn’t interested. That would require his handlers to love the country, when clearly the opposite is true. 

They treat America as they see it: as a dumping ground, a mere territory that happens to be inhabited, regrettably, by a great many kulaks who must, like an enemy at last under heel, be broken and subjugated. 

In Biden’s America, there is only one Party. Its slogans are suddenly everywhere. The federal government, the “private” sector, and corporate media are all marching to the same tune. We have even seen the Pentagon attack a cable news host—and its own soldiers—for contradicting the Party and its dictates. Justice has been corrupted. The Biden regime is persecuting Trump supporters and conservatives, as Julie Kelly has reported extensively. Some January 6 protesters are being held in solitary confinement. At the same time, Biden’s rioters are allowed to go free. 

Americans still do not know the name of the police officer who fatally shot unarmed, white, Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt—would that be the case if she were a Black Lives Matter activist? During the Derek Chauvin trial, however, Biden saw fit to personally throw his weight behind the prosecution, even as the jury faced a tangible threat of retaliation. In Biden’s America, mob rule prevails. 

Biden’s Justice Department was planning to arrest Chauvin at the courthouse if he were acquitted in contravention of the Party’s demands. 

America’s foundations are wobbly enough. How will abolishing borders and sex differences make things better? The average American today lives in a world of moral, cultural, and social chaos. Yet, a disintegrated public is having whatever is left of the law and order it can still cling to systematically vaporized by the Party in a constant, deafening cannonade of propaganda. They’re not allowed to have borders. Their consent to be ruled is treated as a joke. Their country and its founding are constantly maligned as evil. The distinction between male and female, which predates civilization itself, is scorned and undermined. The chemical castration of children is held out as the next horizon of social justice. Anyone who dissents from this madness is attacked as a QAnon insurrectionist spreading “disinformation.”

Americans are being told that this is no longer our home. We are guests now, and it is we who must assimilate to an increasingly foreign, hostile land. We must adjust to life in an androgynous, Third-World, authoritarian dumpster where we are no longer welcome. 

Will alienation spur a reaction? Or is America already too demoralized to fight back?

About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post

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