The Truth vs. Woke Fascism in Georgia

During World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower liked to remind his troops of the adage, “plans seldom survive initial contact with the enemy.” Today, the corollary is that the truth seldom survives initial contact with woke fascism.

Woke fascism—the unholy alliance between the Democratic-controlled national government, corporate leftist media, Big Tech, and globalist corporations loyal to profits over our republic—is now attacking the state of Georgia for wanting to ensure that elections in the Peach State are free, fair, and accurate.

The reforms make sense. They require a photo ID to obtain an absentee ballot. They end the mass mailing of absentee ballots. They prevent ballot trafficking or harvesting by political operatives. They prohibit private funding of election officials, increase the accuracy of voter registration lists, allow election officials complete access to the counting of ballots, and prevent halting of the vote count.

These commonsense reforms drove the woke fascists, particularly the corporate ones, to hysteria. With no facts to legitimately challenge or debate these reforms, the woke fascists did the only thing they could. 

They played the race card. 

They first claim that voter ID is racist. But millions of black Georgians have photo IDs. Black Georgians open bank accounts, fly on airplanes, and engage in dozens of other activities that require an ID. It is absolutely racist to claim that black Georgians are so incapable that they cannot obtain a photo ID for voting. The law requires the use of a photo ID instead of signature matching, which can be very subjective. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll found that 63 percent of black Georgians support the requirement.

The law makes it illegal to use mobile voting drop boxes and provides for drop boxes in secure facilities. Mobile drop boxes are notoriously susceptible to fraud. The law now requires the regular review of voter rolls. They will be purged of dead people, people who have moved out of state, and fake voters. Those removed will be white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and the dead—this is hardly a racist provision.

The woke fascists claim these provisions amount to a new Jim Crow. In fact, Joe Biden likened them to “Jim Crow on steroids.” These 21st-century ideologues live in a world where power overwhelms ideas. Things are never portrayed as they are, only as they claim they should be.

On March 31, the woke Wall Street Journal ran a fawning story about black executives objecting to the law and calling on others to fight it. Delta CEO Ed Bastian, who is white, was one of the leading woke fascist critics. His complaints about the bill’s mandatory photo ID for voting are ironic, considering Delta’s own photo ID requirements. Equally shocking is his silence about the Chinese genocide of the Uighurs while Delta has no problem operating flights into and out of China. Attacking China would be bad for business.

Another executive who condemned the Georgia law is Kenneth Chenault, former CEO of American Express. While the article portrays him as a morally concerned, politically neutral business leader, the truth is he is a megadonor to the Democratic Party. In 2016, he gave several large donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign

Then there is the case of Ursula Burns. She is the former CEO of Xerox holdings and, shockingly enough, it turns out she is yet another major donor to Democrats. She has contributed to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Kamala Harris, as well as the Act Blue super PAC.

Another signer is Mellody Hobson, CEO of Ariel Investments and chairwoman of the board of Starbucks. She, too, is a liberal megadonor—giving millions of dollars over the past several campaign cycles.

While these woke executives and woke corporations scream about the Georgia law, many of their companies are sponsoring or otherwise supporting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. What are they saying about the Chinese genocide of the Uighurs? 


In fact, another company mentioned is Coca-Cola, which lobbied against a U.S. law to crack down on Chinese goods made by forced labor in Xinjiang.

How many people of color serve as board members for these woke corporations? And how many of these woke corporations require an ID of anyone who enters their corporate headquarters? We know Coca-Cola required it at their shareholder meeting.

Why do these woke corporations think black and brown people are so dumb they need to be rescued from requirements to present ID when the majority of black and brown people have no problem with the idea that IDs are required for so many things these days?

Under woke fascism, no one is allowed to criticize the woke or object to what they want. If you object, the reasoning is irrelevant. You will be punished. This is mob rule, and now we see the mob rule of the woke fascists. Both Microsoft and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, indirectly threatened to take action against Georgia, mentioning their investments and how many employees they had in Georgia.

Delta’s Bastian reportedly said the entire bill was based on a “lie,” as he claimed there was no evidence of massive fraud. But Bastian ignores what everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows: the 2020 election in Georgia was based on provisional election procedures that were not authorized by the Georgia General Assembly.

While the woke refuse to even allow a discussion of fraud in the 2020 election, they miss the more important question. Whether this is just because they don’t get it or whether they choose to ignore the issue, millions of Americans believe the outcome of the presidential race, as well as the Senate races in Georgia, were the result of fraud.

This very good bill, signed into law recently by Governor Brian Kemp, cleans up the mess of the 2020 election and gives Georgia voters confidence that the 2022 and 2024 elections will be free and fair.

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