The Resistance Begins

It is now clear that the Biden Administration poses the greatest threat to the American experiment we have seen in modern history. To be sure, the Obama Administration was a major threat but the Biden team seems determined to push the boundaries of radicalism far beyond even what Barack Obama had fantasized, even though we must admit he laid the foundation for Biden. 

Whether it’s support for open borders, the use of illegal Executive Orders, the undermining of our constitutional rights, or the unprecedented demonization and harassment of conservatives based on phony racial narratives, the Biden agenda is a total assault on America’s founding principles, the rule of law, and our democratic institutions.  

It is not known at this time whether America will survive this assault. To be sure, if Biden succeeds with packing the court, converting D.C. or Puerto Rico into new states, granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and institutionalizing the corruption of our electoral system, we may never recover the America of our fathers. Rather, we will witness the evolution of what one could call a “soft” police state, characterized by cronyism, socialism, globalism, and the complete censorship and ostracization of everyone and anyone not supportive of the revolution.  

It is clearly the duty of traditional Americans to challenge this illegitimate regime and every grassroots group, PAC, think tank, and foundation on the Right needs to be solely focused on defeating this monster or our movement will cease to exist. Groups that shy away from this challenge, need to go down, and if old-line conservative groups are not up to the fight, new groups yet to be formed need to take their place. A successful resistance needs big numbers, but the good news is that the MAGA movement inspired by Trump has created the largest grassroots political movement in modern political history. 

The Rise of the Grassroots

Last week, former Vice President Mike Pence announced the formation of Advancing America Freedom to serve as a clearinghouse for the MAGA grassroots. We can hope that this is not just a group to promote Mike Pence but rather a real effort to harness the energy of the millions of MAGA volunteers and put them to work fighting cancel culture, recruiting candidates, and working to win back Congress in 2022. Right off the bat, I hope they kick off their efforts by hosting a series of massive MAGA rallies featuring Trump himself. 

But the MAGA movement has also given birth to hundreds of smaller grassroots groups all over the country, many involving people fairly new to politics. Groups such as Moms for Liberty and 1776 Forever Free. Other groups are forming that focus on specific issues such as Stop Corporate Tyranny, which was recently formed to educate the grassroots about what corporations should be boycotted for selling out America.  

Challenging the Social Media Monopoly

In order to organize in today’s world, conservatives need social media but they have had it with the pompous liberals running social media companies as if they were the media department for the Democrat Party. Of course, Trump himself has announced the formation of his own platform, set to open sometime this summer. And MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has created a new platform, called Frank, which he says will “handle over a billion users.” 

Then there are a number of other social media platforms that were never part of the Twitter/Facebook/Google monopoly and are very popular with conservatives, such as Gab, MeWe, Rumble, and Parler.

Resistance by State Attorney Generals

The growing resistance movement also includes states and attorney generals who have filed a flood of lawsuits challenging the legality of Biden’s power-grabbing executive orders. Thirteen states are suing Biden for an order that prohibited them from cutting taxes if they’ve accepted coronavirus funds. Louisiana and Texas are suing to force Biden to take custody of criminal illegal aliens instead of releasing them into America’s cities to commit more crimes.  

Arizona and Montana are suing the Biden open borders crowd for limiting the detention and deportation of illegal aliens, which is clearly in violation of federal law. Twenty-one state attorneys are suing Biden over his illegal cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline. Twelve states are in court with Biden over his fraud-based climate policies, which will do great damage to their economies. 

And there are many others. Just about every Biden executive order is under legal challenge. 

State Legislators Attack Election Fraud 

While the MAGA movement is outraged at how many Republican state legislators sat on their hands while their election laws were watered down right in front of them, these folks have finally awakened and belatedly have joined the resistance. At least 40 bills have been introduced in over 20 states dealing with the integrity of our elections. 

In response to revelations that Facebook poured millions of dollars into shadowy groups engaged in shady election work such as “ballot harvesting,”  Arizona introduced a bill to prohibit private donations from funding this kind of activity.  

Also in Arizona, the Senate finally got around to announcing a forensic audit of the 2020 results which was riddled with illegal voting. And in Wisconsin, the assembly authorized a new investigation of the 2020 results in that state. And of course, Georgia has passed a somewhat tepid package of election reforms, but the bill does call for showing an ID for absentee voters, a huge improvement. 

Not to get lost in the rush, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has just proposed a slew of voter integrity measures, including a ban on mail-in voting. 

Finally, former Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller has formed a group called America First Legal to assist Republican attorneys with challenging executive branch abuses in addition to filing lawsuits of its own.

Private Legal Action Targeting Vote Fraud Continues 

Lastly, there are groups that continue to research vote fraud and litigate when necessary. Some of these groups have been at this for years such as Judicial Watch. Some are newer to the game. JW is the grandfather of such groups and they’ve been suing states for years for refusing to clean up their voter rolls regarding dead people, out-of-state voters, etc., as required by federal law. Indeed, Judicial Watch conducted a study that revealed 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters.” 

But other groups are also doing similar work such as the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which recently forced Pennsylvania to remove 21,000 people from the state voter database. 

Then there’s Heritage Action for America, which “plans to spend at least $10 million on a wide-ranging election integrity campaign to strengthen voting laws in eight swing states.” 

Even the staid Republican National Committee has announced the creation of a committee to “work alongside state governments to push for election reforms including a voter ID requirement and having poll watchers count every vote.”

Moreover, unbeknownst to many people, lawyers and researchers are continuing to dig up evidence of voter fraud. Attorney Matthew DePerno, for example, just discovered modem chips embedded in the Michigan voting system motherboard, which means the machines were online, something the Left constantly told us was a “conspiracy theory.” 

Nor has Sydney Powell given up on legal efforts. And in Wisconsin, the private Amistad Project continues to unveil election fraud and just last week filed a formal complaint filed with the Wisconsin Election Commission alleging that city officials allowed private activist groups to control significant aspects of the 2020 elections, including ballot “curing” and vote counting. 

And there are other less well-known groups working tirelessly on voter fraud, such as Valor America and True the Vote. 

The liberals, NeverTrumpers, and RINOs have been pushing the narrative that the election was relatively clean, but if that was the case, why are so many states enacting voter integrity laws? And why are some many legal groups still involved with litigation? Even a nonpartisan fact-check group called Just the Facts has just released research showing that it’s very possible the illegal alien vote alone cost Trump the 2020 election. 

The resistance is just beginning but we have a lot of work to do if we are to save America. 

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About Steve Baldwin

Steve Baldwin served as a California State Assemblyman representing the 77th District in the San Diego area from 1994-2000. For a decade after that, he served as the executive director for the Council for National Policy. He works currently as a freelance writer and is the author of From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth About America’s Public Schools. His work has been published in The American Spectator, WorldNetDaily, Barbwire, Newsmax, Human Events, National Review, and many other publications and blogs.

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