Lunatic Democrats Invent the Nuclear Self-Decapitation Attack

In the continuing saga of daft Democrat Cancel Culture legislation, apparently vertiginous Democratic Representatives from California, Jimmy Panetta and Ted Lieu, recently wrote a letter with 29 other similarly disoriented lawmakers, asking Joe Biden to renounce his absolute authority to launch nukes

The lunacy of such an idea is actually terrifying.  

Any president in a worst-case scenario would have maybe 10 minutes to react to what is known as a BOOB attack (Bolt Out Of Blue) launched from a hostile submarine off the East Coast.  

The BOOB is designed to “decapitate” the effectiveness of U.S. retaliation by taking out the president and the command stream that used to be called the National Command Authority, so as to blunt a full U.S. counterattack.

Over the last 60 years, the United States has carefully laid out the chain of command to launch an effective retaliatory response in such a situation.

Changing this system at the very top would be an act so moronic that it defies description.

Panetta and his equally naïve Democrats want to reduce an exclusive presidential authority to a vigorous game of Rock-Paper-Scissors while nuclear warheads are inbound.  

It is quite literally a self-imposed decapitation attack.

Is there any more ludicrous scenario than an urgent meeting between Vertigo Joe Biden, octogenarian Queen of Hearts Nancy Pelosi, and Willie Brown’s former main squeeze, Kamala Harris, sequentially tossing fingers to see who gets to push the Button?

Then there’s the issue of SELREL, or selective release and selective employment.  

What if the president wanted to delegate nuclear weapons release and employment to a designated commander for a contingency the president wanted to meet?  

At this very moment, Communist China is practicing for an invasion of Taiwan.

Such an invasion, if carried out, could go nuclear.

How would a committee reach agreement to act quickly enough to seize the SELREL opportunity to blunt a larger attack before that opportunity evaporated?  

Imagine the conversation for a SELREL by committee: 

Joe: “I want a selective release to Pacific Command to counter the invasion of Taiwan by Xi.”

Kamala: “That’s racist! You can’t nuke people of color! There are little girls in school busses!”

Nancy: “I have enough $13-a-pint ice cream to feed the whole People’s Liberation Army. We could pass that around, cause we know what’s in it!”

Joe: “Why don’t you give them your Botox, too, you twit.”

Kamala: “That’s racist! Botulinum Toxin is made from nerve gas! And there are little girls in school busses!”

And so on, and so on, until little red Chicom flags sprout all over Taiwan.

Unless, of course, Panetta, Lieu, and company already know that presidential dementia is real. 

Meanwhile, they might consider funding the first-ever escalator for Air Force One, so no one outside the country will learn what they, apparently, know.

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About Mark Sessantuno

Mark Sessantuno, a pseudonym, is a national security expert.

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