The Left Doesn’t Want You to Believe in DeSantis Claus

Is the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination already over? “60 Minutes” seems to think so. They did a dishonest hatchet job on one governor, leaving all the others jealous that the media doesn’t think enough of them to try and destroy them before they become Joe Biden’s nemesis. That governor is Ron DeSantis of Florida.

“60 Minutes” didn’t attack Greg Abbott of Texas. They didn’t attack Kristi Noem of South Dakota. They didn’t attack Doug Ducey of Arizona, or even Brian Kemp of Georgia. “60 Minutes” admitted which Republican fuels its nightmares by attacking Florida Man Ron DeSantis.

Governor Ron DeSantis is just 42 years old. He may only be 5-feet-9-inches, but Florida’s 46th governor is currently America’s wise giant. He’s the most popular and the most successful governor in the land. DeSantis is the governor who is calling the shots for all the others. 

DeSantis hasn’t taken the easy route to frontrunner. When the mainstream media just couldn’t fluff up New York’s Andrew Cuomo—giving him an Emmy!—or California’s Gavin Newsom enough, they were attacking DeSantis for every move he made.

When he lifted Florida’s mask mandate and lockdown months ahead of every other large state, the media launched a fear and smear campaign. Politico declared DeSantis was doing it all for Trump and ignoring the science. But if that story had been right, wouldn’t DeSantis have been sacrificing his own voters—Trump voters—to somehow help Trump’s campaign? How does that make any sense? Don’t ask the media to be logical. They don’t learn that in woke school. They learn to attack critical thinking, not engage in it.

They did it again when DeSantis ordered Florida to prioritize its older citizens for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, we have a year’s experience with this virus. We know the most vulnerable are those over 65, and those with preexisting comorbidities. DeSantis, following the science, prioritized Florida’s older population. He appeared with a 94-year-old Korean War veteran to celebrate the vaccine. But NBC News slammed him, calling it “chaotic” and suggesting his priority was based on politics. The Peacock Network even brought Holocaust survivors and the Bay of Pigs into the story (as if Millennials even still learn what any of that is in our woke public schools).

If you’re following the media’s bouncing ball, the elderly and most vulnerable are the same people Politico said DeSantis was putting at risk when he reopened the state. Now they’re arguing he’s prioritizing saving them at everyone else’s expense. Again, don’t expect them to be logical. They just fling their pixel poo at the nearest wall to see what sticks.

So that’s a major political insider website—Politico—and two of the big three networks that have gone after DeSantis hard. There will be more. ABC and CNN don’t want to feel left out. The state’s media have been trying to hit him just about every day. They’re not targeting him because he’s bad. They’re targeting him because he’s right and he terrifies them and the Democrats.

With Ron DeSantis, you get a leader who does not fear the media at all. Even better, their attacks seem to energize him. You can almost see his spine straighten and light up when they attack, like he’s just charging up to destroy them with a logic blast. They never learn, they never see it coming. In his often understated way, he just wrecks them. And then he walks away. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. 

DeSantis has kept Florida, America’s third most populous state, open far longer than any other large-state governor—in either party—during the pandemic. The media promised doom and gloom, but it never came.

These decisions matter. Florida’s unemployment rate has remained lower than average. That means its people are working and pursuing their dreams in freedom. People are moving there from other states just to be free again. Florida’s COVID-19 death rate has tended to stay below those of other states even with younger populations (it’s one of the oldest states in the country). His state is set to spend billions less in its budget than blue New York, which is facing ruin. New York’s governor now faces impeachment for, among other things, condemning thousands of elderly New Yorkers to die in nursing homes. And then covering that up. But Cuomo got his sweet Emmy! Maybe they’ll let him take it to jail with him. 

California’s Newsom, beloved by the corrupt media, faces a recall election. DeSantis faces a Republican Party that’s falling in love with him. 

The Democrats who run Washington (and think that this gives them the right to run our lives) floated the idea of a COVID-19 “vaccine passport.” The nation recoiled in horror at this assault on civil liberties. While everyone else was scurrying and texting their consultants asking what to do, DeSantis just calmly took action. He was the nation’s first governor to outright ban any vaccine passport in his state. Others, from Texas to Tennessee to Missouri, quickly followed. But don’t forget who led the way: Ron DeSantis. 

Where the media and Democrats see a monster, Americans who are paying attention see a benevolent, smart, fearless leader. He is fighting to protect jobs and he is fighting to protect civil liberties while also fighting the pandemic. And he is racking up the wins.

So he’s no monster, not to patriotic Americans anyway. Ron DeSantis is DeSantis Claus, the bearer of a great gift. He protects the precious gift our founders gave us and our forebears fought and died to preserve: the gift of freedom. 

That’s why the Left hates him so much.

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