Focus Forward

Traditional America is essentially leaderless. The colors have fallen in battle and no one has picked them up. The colonels and captains are pretending they don’t see it, while the corporals and privates, who fear being overrun, are fixing bayonets.

Ever notice how the politicians who are reportedly “concerned” about your job being offshored are the same ones voting for the bills to offshore your job, outsourcing it to H1-B replacement worker programs, or hosting political fundraisers with offshoring and outsourcing lobbyists? Yeah, strange isn’t it?

Just acknowledge it. Those people you sent to Washington? They’re not going to save your job, protect your children from Marxist indoctrination and race hustling at school, or preserve what’s left of the Bill of Rights. We’ve outsourced our citizen responsibilities to the wrong people, and many are mistakenly still waiting for those same people to ride to the rescue.

Make America Free Again

Since 2001, America has been the proverbial frog placed in a pot of warm water with the heat gradually turned up. In case you haven’t noticed, the water is now at a rolling boil.

In hindsight, the day the PATRIOT Act passed was the last day America could truthfully consider itself a free nation. Now, nearly half of all Americans are afraid to speak their minds publicly and privately. They self-censor and carefully cultivate their speech because they are concerned they will lose their jobs or their children will be retaliated against by the education Red Guard at their schools. More recently, they have been afraid they will be targeted by the FBI, placed on a no-fly list, or arrested and held without bail over their supposedly First Amendment-protected political beliefs. These are real fears. They are well-grounded in fact and are no longer the fever dreams of paranoid libertarians.

In America, every single electronic communication is monitored and recorded by the national security apparatus; the same national security apparatus that has now decided failure to accept the ruling elite’s political and social ideology is terrorism.

The latest “Intelligence Community Assessment on Domestic Violent Extremism” should send a chill down the spines of every American. The lack of credible supporting intelligence aside, this particular assessment is fraught with irregularity. Intelligence assessments are routinely used to trigger or support executive branch policy decisions called “presidential findings.”  The Central Intelligence Agency uses presidential findings as legal authorization under Title 50 of the U.S. code for lethal counterterrorism operations. By regulation, these are supposed to be directed at foreign enemies. So what does it mean they are now writing intelligence community assessments about 75 million Americans?

Who tore down our Constitution and its Bill of Rights? In essence, we did, through the politicians—Republicans and Democrats—that we sent to Washington to represent us. Who delivered our constitutional republic into the hands of the national security apparatus? We did. We gave them warrantless authority to violate our constitutional rights via the PATRIOT Act, the USA Freedom Act, and the FISA Amendment Acts, all in exchange for a false sense of safety. We willfully covered our eyes while the Department of Justice built a protection racket for the ruling elites and their government enforcers. Even still, it is our own people, so-called conservatives—not Antifa or Black Lives Matter—who work as informants for the FBI against our own legitimate political activities.

Traditional America needs an intervention. It’s time to quit this self-destructive behavior. It’s time to stop being obedient subjects and stand up as citizens.

Tech Toxicity

The age of technology may have proven too much for Americans. A constitutional republic requires citizen participation. It requires accountability of government and of society’s critical institutions, such as the press and academia. Technology gave us a connected universe of information and personalities at our fingertips, and that information proved to be an overload. Social media, streaming entertainment, and he-said-she-said 24/7 political commentary fed our dopamine receptors with affirmation, outrage, and hypocrisy. We let our public discourse become a gigantic middle-school girl fight and, in the process, we took our eyes off the ball of our responsibilities as citizens.

Let’s face it, in life there is only so much bandwidth to deal with the free citizen’s voracious mortal enemy—the power-hungry, dictatorial tyrant. After working a full day or more, dealing with kids, running a business, and managing an ever-dwindling family budget, most Americans have very little time to analyze politics and governmental issues. Tech companies, with a nudge from the government, compete hard for that sliver of free time with social media and 24/7 entertainment packaged as news and commentary, also known as propaganda. 

How are citizens supposed to deal with the authoritarian machinations of our rogue elite while balancing work, life, and crisis-of-the-moment daily drama? Simple—stop playing their game.

Unplug from the constant two-way stream of propaganda-down and surveillance-up. Use the internet, and its delivery mechanisms—smartphone, computer, and TV—just like any other tool. Turn it on when you need it to perform a task, and turn it off when you’ve completed it. Do not plug yourself into their machine with always-on wearables and voice-activated assistants. Don’t let the digital world enumerate every aspect of your daily life and shape your real-world associations and beliefs. Take back that sliver of free time in your life and reallocate it to citizen time—a time to exert your power by building knowledge, fostering local, real-world associations, and making your voice heard in your community.

Don’t Debate Stupid

Conservative media is chock full of news and commentary. Most of it is light on the news and heavy on the commentary. The internet business model is still a click-based revenue generator, and nothing generates revenue like outrage and hypocrisy.

Many so-called conservative and independent writers ride this pony in a veritable clickbait-rodeo. Instead of discussing actual policy issues that impact citizens, content focuses on what the latest dimwit politico-celebrity influencer said. If that isn’t bad enough, conservative politicians and writers then spend the next two weeks rebutting the idiocy of said dimwit’s statements, and voilà—all that citizen time bandwidth is eaten up. Vital ideas and concepts, such as an actual political agenda that can take back and sustain our country, get pushed out of the way. Rinse and repeat. 

If traditional Americans are going to defeat the authoritarian leviathan, then their influencers, writers, and politicians need to stop with the he-said-she-said bullshit and start focusing forward—on the direction we want to take this country, and on the agenda we need to achieve that goal. If your elected representative is in a daily Twitter spat with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, then he isn’t working on that agenda. When it comes to debating stupid, just say no.

Next, it is incumbent upon traditional Americans to create the conditions for useful dialogue by voting with their feet. In other words, ignore the grift, the Twitter fights, and the cheap entertainment.

What David French, Rachel Maddow, and Jennifer Rubin think is irrelevant. Almost every talking head in front of the mainstream media microphone adds nothing of value to the solution to our national predicament. Ignoring these low-value propagandists serves two purposes, first it frees up bandwidth for serious discussions of the problems we face, and second it deprives them of the oxygen they need to survive . . . eventually killing them off and removing their useless noise from our politics.

They Fear the Reaper

The enemy attacks what it fears, and it fears an organized, independent, grassroots political movement. These independent movements are considered dangerous because they are not controlled by the party bosses and corporate donor class.

The Obama Administration weaponized the Internal Revenue Service to go after Tea Party political groups because they feared the grassroots. After all, it was a grassroots Tea Party coalition that took back the House of Representatives during the 2010 midterms and put a stop to Obama’s overt agenda to transform America. Using the Obama playbook, the Biden regime has unleashed a weaponized national security apparatus to go after traditional Americans who make up the political opposition, because they fear what we can become. As Gustav Flaubert said, “You can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies,” and by that metric traditional America is gold.

To the current regime, a well-organized grassroots political movement is the grim reaper of its nightmares, and right now, there are grassroots political movements forming across America. Groups like the Texas Constitutionalists and American Majority are mobilizing citizens and their state and local officials to counter Washington’s extra-constitutional plans and intentions. American Majority is training citizens to organize and manage their local grassroots movements. The Texas Constitutionalists are busy advocating HB 1215, a state sovereignty bill that protects Texans, under the penalty of law, from the overreach of Washington’s political enforcers. HB 1215 would effectively enact the concept of nullification at the state level. More red state grassroots movements need to work toward initiatives like these.

The regime doesn’t care about things that aren’t a threat to its power. Consequently, they want you focused on these frivolities that don’t matter—the throwaway issues that distract from their real agenda. If you’re comfortably whining about the latest men-in-girls-bathrooms outrage while ignoring the intelligence community’s assessment on domestic violent extremists, then the regime is winning. If you’re spending your time following Twitter spats and the latest manufactured drama, you’re missing important information on things that can literally kill you.

People should be free to talk about whatever they want to talk about in America, but mindless middle-school arguments and political infotainment are not substitutes for tackling the real problems we face as a nation . . . and formerly free society. When it comes to reengaging and protecting the Constitution, when it comes to resisting authoritarian factions within government and society, we need to be serious—and focus forward on the agenda and actions that will lead to victory and to the restoration of a free constitutional republic. Be the reaper!

About Max Morton

Max Morton is a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, former CIA paramilitary operations officer, and a veteran of multiple armed conflicts, revolutions, and contingency operations.

Photo: Getty Images

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