If Women Compete Against Men in Sports, Don’t We Have to Let Women Juice?

U.S. Women’s Soccer star Megan Rapinoe likes to use her status to stake out political positions. Without a doubt, she’s great at her sport. She’s been equally outspoken and woke, especially during the Trump years. She may want to think ahead a year or two, though, to the next Women’s World Cup. More than just women may be playing in it.

Leo Messi is arguably the greatest soccer player ever, but his Argentina national team has not and will not win a Men’s World Cup. It’s the one trophy he has played for that he has never won. He won’t win it in 2022 and he’s on the wrong side of 30 now. It’s probably his last chance. 

But the Women’s World Cup is in New Zealand in 2023 and since men who identify as women can play women’s sports per the Biden Administration’s new diktats, why shouldn’t Messi identify as a woman for the purposes of playing in and winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup? And 2027, and 2031, and so on? A great like him could dominate for a long time.

It’s not just Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and many other stars out there won’t win a Men’s World Cup. They’re amazing players but bound to play for weaker national teams. But even one of them playing as a woman would change everything. Leo becomes Lea, Cristiano becomes Cris, and France’s Paul Pogba identifying as Paula could play to be the first athlete in history to win the World Cup as both a man and a woman. They’d play for their respective countries and have a much better chance of winning because, according to a recent scientific study, biological males have several inherent physical advantages over biological females. 

The U.S. women’s team dominates when it’s only playing against other women, they almost never lose a game. But a couple of years ago, the best women’s soccer team in history lost a scrimmage to an academy team of teenage boys in Dallas. It was a friendly game to help the women prep for a tournament, but still, the score was 5-2. How would they fare against Messi, Ronaldo, Hulk, England’s Harry (identifying as Harriet) Kane, or Egypt’s Mohammed (as Marian) Saleh?

If you and Megan are thinking this will be limited to soccer, you’re already behind the curve. Transsexual women—men who identify as women but still have the biology of men—are competing in, winning, and shattering women’s records in sports all over the place. Some brave women are raising objections, but most are staying quiet out of fear of the trans-totalitarians. 

What should women do? I don’t recommend anyone do anything harmful to themselves, but Barry Bonds seems to be doing just fine. What should they be allowed to do to deal with the fact that they will be playing contact sports and in other competitions with transsexual women who have the innate biology and the physical advantages of men? 

Before you answer, think about this. LeBron James will retire from the NBA someday. He’ll play his last men’s Olympics. But as a woman? He could extend his career by a decade or so. Lebron could retire from the NBA at 40 and dominate the WNBA until he’s 80. Michael Phelps has hung up his record-breaking career in the Olympic swimming pool. Apolo Anton Ohno has hung up his Olympic skates. Age eventually catches up with everyone and the younger competitors in their lane inevitably overtake them. 

But Phelps, Ohno, and others could just switch over to the female teams and go on to win more medals. It’s not like the culture would condemn them. According to Olympic decathlon champion Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner, the world is more tolerant of him identifying as a woman than it is of him identifying as a Republican. 

As usual, “South Park” saw this coming years ago. In a 2004 episode titled “Up the Down Steroid,” handicapped character Jimmy is injured and trains to compete in the Special Olympics, where there’s cash on the line. So another character, Eric Cartman, identifies as mentally disabled so he can enter and compete, too. OK, he fakes it. He rides the special bus to school, modifies his hair, wears different shoes, and acts in certain ways to fit in. But none of that changes the fact that he’s not disabled in any way. There’s fortune and glory on the table and he’s not about to miss out. Jimmy finds out, and he responds by taking performance-enhancing drugs—steroids. It’s “South Park,” so the whole thing is a hilarious politically incorrect mess. But in the end, cheating is exposed for cheating, both by Jimmy and by Cartman. 

In the real world, in 2019 a 44-year-old transgender male shattered a world record in women’s powerlifting on the way to winning a pile of medals. At that point, he was called out by female athletes for cheating, took a urine test confirming his biological status as a male, and had to give all the medals back. 

But fast forward to 2021 and it’s official American government policy, courtesy of Joe Biden, to let transgender women, who are still biologically male as urine tests would confirm, compete in women’s sports. And they are crushing it everywhere. Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page is fully on board with transgender women competing in women’s sports.

What’s a woman to do when the retired Alex Rodriguez identifies as a woman and joins a women’s fast-pitch softball team? What are WNBA players to do when a guy who couldn’t make the cut in the NBA identifies as a woman and uses his seven foot and 300 pound biologically male body to boss the boards? 

And what will the never-shy Megan Rapinoe do when she heads to New Zealand and finds herself, at 5’7” and 132 pounds, facing off against a transgender version of Brazil men’s forward Hulk, who looks just like his name implies, now identifying as Hannah? 

The Brazilian men are unlikely to win anytime soon and Hulk is over 30. He could start a whole new career by declaring he’s now a woman. Rapinoe and the team could try to recruit American men’s star Christian Pulisic or even the retired Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey. But at that point, whose sport is it anyway, and would Rapinoe even make the team?

This is not theoretical. It’s happening now, just not with these big names involved. I’m using them to make a point. You’ll probably never see a Ronaldo identify as a woman just to go and win another trophy. But you will see transgender women start to compete for team slots at the highest levels of competition, and taking them, and then other teams will be forced to respond. One response will be to recruit and deploy their own transgender women players. 

Another response will be to let them juice. Let them do what Jimmy did on “South Park,” baseball sluggers did in the 1990s, and take steroids, human growth hormones, or whatever else they think they need to compete. They’ll be going up against testosterone, which feminists blame for starting wars, so it’s powerful stuff. They will need help.

Juicing is dangerous, you scoff. 

Yes, it is. So is forcing women to compete against biological men. It is also unfair, just as juicing was unfair when several baseball players got caught doing it. That’s not opinion; it’s science. 

Trans women taking over women’s sports is already happening. Joe Biden and the Left have kicked off this biological arms race. It’s not Megan Rapinoe’s or any other woman’s or girl’s fault that they will have to find ways to deal with it. But deal with it, they will be forced to, and they’ll probably have to do it without uttering a peep in protest. 

Women fought so hard to get their sports recognized, and the Women’s World Cup is now a global event. Americans like it because we win it. But trans women are going to take it all away from them, with the Democrats’ blessing. If female athletes can’t enhance their physical performances to match biological males’ inherent advantages, what’s the point of it all?

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