America’s True Threat

America’s regressive “woke” Left’s hideous ideology amounts to little more than Communist dogma, with the Trojan horse substitution of racial divisions for class struggle. Like their Chicom mentors, these Amcoms’ goal remains the same: the transmogrification of the world’s beacon and preeminent defender of freedom into a totalitarian socialist cesspool. 

Thus, for these cosseted Amcom ingrates who enjoy the rights, riches, and privileges—if not the responsibilities—of our exceptional nation, it is rank mendacity to allege our nation’s gravest threat is “white supremacy” and systemic racism, which are both exceedingly vile and extremely rare. What is the true threat to America? The systemic Communism of the Amcom woke supremacy—largely funded through your taxpayer, tuition, and consumer dollars—which they are using to infringe, erode, and end our God-given freedoms.

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has infested our federal and state governments and demanded indoctrination with the immoral and injurious Communist race theory (née “critical race theory”), which is paid for by . . . you. In sum, the government is no longer the guarantor of but the gutter for your God-given, natural rights.

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that is dangerously politicizing the military. Woke supremacy is indoctrinating service and civilian personnel with Communist race theory that, again, originated with the murderous Marxist-Leninist dogma that has formed the ideological basis for America’s greatest enemies. The effort even includes “diversity officers” modeled after the commissars who oversaw ideological conformity in Communist armies. Bluntly, it is increasingly evident that the military cares more about Communist race theory virtue-signaling than victory. 

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has led corporations to indoctrinate their employees with Communist race theory. They use their human resources departments to hector, fire, and or otherwise persecute employees who dare to dissent. They launch advertising campaigns—paid for through their customers’ patronage—that brand Americans as racist for not submitting to this rancid leftist groupthink.

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has turned higher education institutions into Stalinist brainwashing emporiums whose sole concern is indoctrination not education; the ultimate sin is intellectual heterodoxy born of critical thought; and neo-segregation and identity politics portend an eclipse of the Enlightenment and a return to the Dark Ages. 

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that is injecting Communist race theory and all manner of pseudoscience into the minds of children; and, as Loudon County, Virginia, reveals, parents who oppose it are being targeted for abuse and worse by elected officials, “educators,” and leftist activists.

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has given us the egregiously mislabeled “accountability” journalism, causing the Sovietization of the corporate media into state-run media, which mirrors the ideological deceits of Pravda and The People’s Daily. Suddenly, a profession that once guarded the First Amendment jealously has transformed into a vanguard of censorship and cancel culture.

It is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has led to a recrudescence of the blacklist to censor and silence conservative creative voices. It has even led the entertainment industry to self-censor for both domestic and, ever more lucratively, the overseas market, particularly in genocidal Communist China—which the hypocritical Amcoms’ refuse to decry and “cancel” despite the Chinese genocide against the Uighurs.

Over and over, it is the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism that has deliberately divided Americans; demeaned our nation; endangered our rights; and jeopardized the futures not only of our children but of our free republic itself. To the doubters, ask yourselves why—at the very time technology has empowered people to have their voices heard and heeded to an extent heretofore undreamt—the vast majority of Americans believe they hold opinions they cannot publicly express without fear of retribution?

Very simply, they fear the Amcoms’ woke supremacy and systemic Communism. 

Thus, imbued with implicit Bolshevism and unconscious Maoism, the Amcom “woke” supremacists who are imposing systemic communism upon the American people must be revealed, uprooted, and educated with civics, history, and economic lessons.

For how else would these Amcoms realize they’re the villains?

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About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

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