Nope, He’s Naked!

In Hans Christian Anderson’s tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” swindlers come to town to make the emperor clothing that only smart and competent people can actually see. They tell his subjects that if they are stupid or ignorant, they will be unable to see the beautiful and expensive clothing the emperor wears.

Regular people in the town flood the streets to see the parade with the emperor in his lovely new clothes, only they can’t see the clothing because it’s not actually there. It’s not until a child, unaware of the admonition, blurts out the truth that the villagers can admit they don’t see anything, either. The emperor is actually naked but their fear of being thought stupid actually made them fools.

You’re not stupid, folks. The emperor has no clothes. The swindlers around Joe Biden have been telling us he is competent. They tell us he is “moderate,” even after signing the most progressive and expensive pork-laden pretend relief bill this country has ever seen. They say he cares about people at the border, even after he quickly put kids back in the facilities formerly known as “cages,” and we are expected to believe that if it wasn’t for him and his administration, the American people would have no vaccine right now—even though we all know it was actually President Trump’s business acumen that made it happen.  

The media and his administration are treating us like the dumb masses they believe we are while they pat old Joe on the head and tell him how beautiful his clothes are.

Running cover for such an obvious shadow presidency is the ultimate admission of knavery on the part of the elite leftist governing class that insists they know better than the American people. It is their destiny to be in charge, they believe, and you will obey them or face consequences. 

You can see evidence of that everywhere today. It’s in our cancel culture, in the censorship of opposing ideas in social media as well as in The Old Gray Lady who published and then regretted publishing Tom Cotton’s article regarding the horrible riots we saw most of last year at the hands of the Left, subsequently placing a five-paragraph disclaimer on his opinion piece. It’s in the silencing of conservative voices that are having a positive impact on the American people, the most important example being the cancellation of an actual sitting president on Twitter. But perhaps we should circle back to that.

The leftist Leviathan has its tentacles sprawling into our local governments and local institutions as well as at the federal level, Big Tech, and media complex. The proof is in the politicization of the Centers for Disease Control, the lopsided COVID restrictions, the teachers’ unions using our kids as hostages while they demand more money, the pick-and-choose local restrictions on certain businesses like gyms and hair salons, all while allowing powerful megastores with effective lobbyists to remain open. The tentacles have long been in our universities, and now they are creeping toward our children under the guise of storytime, complete with transsexuals and sans Dr. Seuss.

These swindlers don’t care about you, your family, your lifestyle, or your freedoms. Their worldview is the only one that matters, and if you do not agree and comply, you are the enemy. They weave the invisible threads of compassion, justice, and moral superiority into our Emperor’s administration, and they know if they fake it long enough, many people might believe the golden silk is there, though they can’t see it with their own ignorant eyes.

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About Angela Kelley

Angela Kelley is the Director of Operations for American Majority. She has an extensive professional background in higher education and program management. She loves politics and genealogy and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images