Confessions of a
Woke Right-Winger

Headline, January 6, 2021: “White Insurrectionists Break into U.S. Capitol.”

Hear the news? Yeah, yeah, I know. White groups self-identifying as patriots, inspired by President Trump, broke into the Capitol. Kind of predictable, no? What else would a bunch of white, crazed, nationalists fueled by ignorance and a hatred of diversity do? Predisposed to grab their guns and religion, and to fight for their deplorable world, they did what comes naturally.  

The last time the nation witnessed something similar had to be at least—I don’t know—summer 2020 maybe. But I have to confess that unlike this insurrection, that was a revolution! When Antifa freedom fighters and mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters burned cities down across the United States, including even a Minneapolis police station, while officials watched, we now understand that it was because of systemic racism.

At first, I didn’t concede that violence was acceptable when the cause for violence is justified. It didn’t occur to me that I should defer to people with certain melanin levels, given their unique perspective. But now I know the country had to allow them the freedom to express their point of view by destroying private property. Now that I’ve come to admit that racism is a uniquely white American blind spot, how could I ever see otherwise? 

Just start with America’s original sin of slavery. Though the United States—a white Christian nation—along with England and France, were the only nations in the history of the world that thought slavery was a problem, we now realize that we were and remain solely responsible, and should carry the burden of that guilt. With some of our ancestors buying slaves from other black slave owners in Africa, how could it be otherwise? Yes, we fought a civil war, led the world in civil rights, and have committed ourselves to an ongoing welfare state dedicated to minorities (to the tune of $30 trillion); and yet with sensitivity training, we now know these aren’t proud achievements.

Our biased textbooks were written to justify white instincts for racial oppression. With college and modern media, we now understand that suffering under totalitarian, dictatorial, and undeveloped nations have all occurred due to the rise of Western colonization. The fact is we’re just hog-tied to our white nature, and Trump and the Capitol is just the latest horror show. 

Trump and Hitler, amirite? If we could have eliminated the two of them right-wingers—the world would have been without suffering. As the Left further breaks down traditional America, the Right will naturally fade. And how dare my former right-wing friends continue to resist the enlightened Left! Yes, they are admitted Marxists, who believe in radical overthrow, who run BLM, Antifa, and other groups, but they seek social justice. Marxists of the past like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, also had to resort to violence to censor right-wing speech, y’know . . . crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

How do we better explain to our right-wingers that their beliefs on individualism and freedom, free-market capitalism, and Judeo-Christian ideals, have only served to protect a white male ruling class, and continue the oppression of minorities, women, or anyone different? As the perpetrators, with the white privilege, we should also suffer the most, as is only just.

Right-wingers mustn’t make excuses that they were not born in the country when slavery was instituted, or insist that they have never participated in any racism. Instead, they should focus on their collective guilt born of their whiteness. You need to be vigilant about your ignorance, even when you think you have counterevidence or evidential disagreement. You will see the light: whiteness does fade. 

Next time you turn on the TV and see a mob of white people acting out, you need to be aware of your own white bias. Leftist violence since the revolution of 1917, through two world wars, the Cold War, and now with the rise of China, is for a higher moral purpose. Any critical thinking or insistence on limited state power only blinds us from realizing the coming utopia. 

With Representative Sara Jacobs’ (D-Calif.) truth commission, diversity education in public schools, and media advocacy, it is time to embrace the new world, where whiteness becomes a minority. We must admit that this will only come with global capitalism driving amnesty, or loose enforcement on border laws, and encouragement of mass immigration for the jobs we deplorables are unwilling to do.

In truth, it is only our xenophobic genes that require borders, when obviously all people should freely cross into our country. 

As Americans, we need to catch up with the rest of the world like South America, Africa, and China, and help bend the historical curve toward progress. A future where the new person(s), unrestricted by white understandings of gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, or burdens like the family, are erased from our founding documents. The former tools of repression will fade away, with God, natural order, and social contract, for the needed revolution.

May the January 6 invasion of the Capitol be the sign that the revolution is here.

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Robert Orlando is a filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and scholar. As an entrepreneur, he founded Nexus Media. As a scholar, his studies include film, religion, ancient and modern history, and biography. As an award-winning writer and director, his films include the thought-provoking documentaries "Silence Patton," "The Divine Plan," and "Citizen Trump." His books include Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe and The Divine Plan. His work has been published in American Thinker, The Catholic Thing, The Daily Caller, HuffPost, Patheos, and Merion West.

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