Giving Up on Freedom

The world is ridiculous right now.

Up means down, boy means girl, racist means anything you don’t like, and privilege denotes that which you were too lazy to go get for yourself. “Fair” has become the word of the day, which, when used, usually means we’d better buckle up because nothing is coming that resembles fairness. None of it makes any sense, and it’s impossible not to see a master plan (and a master planner) behind the bombastic and changing wordplay that continually assaults our reason.

We spend hours—precious hours of a too-short life—researching, pointing out inconsistencies, demanding clarity in thought and reason, arguing with the closed-minded. To what end? The intent of the master plan was neither to make sense of anything, nor to increase the fairness quotient in the least, but rather to devolve a whole society into an angry, confused melee full of folks pointing their fingers at one another. It’s The Tower of Babel, societal Chaos Theory, and the land of Oz, all introduced with great purpose by a wizard behind the curtain—the effect of which has been to erode the greatness of this country. 

#MeToo Metamorphosis 

Think how easy it’s been for them! They began with an age-old grind, targeting women as their easy prey. The #MeToo movement (now all but disappeared), an obvious extension of the former bra burners, goaded women into publicly displaying their menstrual cycles for all to wretch over, whipped up “glass ceiling” arguments with accusations of “no equal pay,” and marched in protest for a couple of years. The question to which it demanded an answer was clear: why can’t a woman be treated the same as a man?

It was during this time we saw the likes of Jordan Peterson and Steven Crowder debating with women over the gender pay gap, equal opportunities for different genders, and women’s rights. The airways shrilled with women upset over the perceived differences.

 If women can and should be treated the same as men, why can’t a woman be a man? If the differences between the sexes are determined by a simple decision, then, one can declare oneself any sex one wishes! The definitions of male and female now lie smashed to smithereens on the rocks of progress and wokeness.

Then what crowded the airways were scientists debating the biological differences between those born male and female. Arguments blasted from social media about whether sex is the same as gender, and if it’s an attitudinal difference or a scientific one. Children (always known for their great perspicacity and self-awareness) can now make permanent, binding decisions about what gender they wish to remain for the whole of their lives.  Videos rampaged across Facebook and Twitter of weak-kneed parents smiling beatifically on their young sons, encouraging their choices of ruffles and female names. Daughters now bore shorn ’dos and bound budding breasts. 

It doesn’t take an observant person very long to see the tangible effects in society, as it has become more and more difficult to figure out whether a person is male or female. These gender-bending folks have become more prominent, their numbers increasing with startling swiftness. The descent to madness progresses another giant step into the maelstrom.

The George Floyd Phenomenon 

Someone (or someones) with a keen sense of timing introduced the next full measure of chaotic methods. Watching—and waiting—for precisely the right situation, they found their opportunity in the death of George Floyd. With jaw-dropping organizational effort, as if a plan had been waiting in the wings for such an auspicious opportunity, the country plummeted into a new age of race riots as all pale-skinned men instantly became complicit in the death of a thug they’d never met.

Social media fed the frenzy: blackout screens, accusations of “silence is violence,” friend turned against friend as everyone tried to make sense from the senselessness. Those who had broken bread with acquaintances of other races were now accused of something sinister—racism. If you were never aware you were a racist, well, that is proof that you are! TV screens filled American homes with images of white people bending an apologetic knee to black crowds in sorrow for never having recognized their personal racism.

Wasn’t all of this enough? As we emerged from every new battle, every attack on core values, every irrational argument, beleaguered and a little wearier, we prayed for sense to return to our beloved country. We wished for it, we railed against the mounting atrocities delivered in the name of “fairness,” and we planned our country’s return to patriotism and solid morals. John and Jane Citizen stood firm, and they multiplied. As MAGA became a rallying cry with tenfold millions behind it, the nefarious planner behind the chaos did not remain inactive.

As a parallel harmonic wave to all of this, tut-tutting became a pious practice. Don’t use the wrong words, don’t sound too angry, don’t draw the wrong conclusions, or else you will be shut down. Don’t say things with which we disagree, don’t create or support any platforms that have the potential to be louder and stronger than the leftist-controlled ones in current vogue. Don’t use humor in a way that might offend an oversensitive someone, don’t use a label to assist an argument. Don’t. Just don’t.

So now we are left with words void of meaning—even though they are age-old, useful words. Common sense no longer finds a home in discussions. We stammer in our frustration, we weep in our grief, as our words, and the very thoughts our words convey, are targeted as weapons and are no longer protected under the preeminent Amendment. We are being herded as a great horde of sheeple into pens awaiting intellectual and moral execution.

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About Belle Kendle

Belle Kendle is the pen name of a writer and small business owner living somewhere in the American South.

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