Joe Biden: Unconscious Maoist

During his half-century in the federal government, Joe Biden proved himself a plagiarist, a grifter, and a middling partisan hack. Newly installed into the presidency, Biden is now proving to be an unconscious Maoist, critical race conspiracy theorist, and aspiring totalitarian.

In a recent “appearance” with his fellow genocidal communist China appeaser, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for the umpteenth time Mr. Biden mumbled through the patent, conspiratorial slander that America is systemically racist—i.e., evil—and, in consequence, the racist citizenry must be reeducated by the self-anointed elites of the federal government, multinational corporations, and the dinosaur media. Per the “Big Guy”:

We both recognize our responsibility as leading democracies to defend our shared values around the world and to strengthen our own democracies at home, that means rooting out systemic racism and unconscious bias from our institutions and our laws as well as our hearts.

Yep, like their fellow Maoists, Biden and his tyrannical comrades on the critical race conspiracy theory pimping Left know what is in your heart and head better than you do. By dint of their totalitarian ideology, they have managed not only to be better than the rest of us; they also know how to make us better—or else. 

Who would have thought Biden could so succinctly capture Maoism’s totalitarian praxis, let alone advocate it being used upon the citizenry he, by constitutional design, is supposed to serve and not suppress? Then again, Mao was all about “unity” between a people and a party and had no qualms about how to achieve it. Apparently, neither does Comrade-in-Chief Biden.

While his son Hunter’s million-dollar payday from Communist China could be considered but another example of the grift by which D.C. and corporate elite line their families’ pockets, Biden’s unconscious Maoism clearly manifested itself when he excused Communist China’s genocide of the Uighurs. Believing there are good people on both sides of the genocide, Biden chalked it up to the Communist Chinese regime having a different “cultural norm.” Biden’s later decision to end reporting requirements for U.S. academic institutions receiving genocidal Communist China’s bribes . . . er, beneficences . . . was just the cherry on top of the mountain of renminbi. Who but an unconscious Maoist could pull that rationalization of genocide and foreign influence out of his . . . hat so quickly?

As Biden is far more demonstrably a Maoist than your typical Caucasian is a white supremacist, a conscientious citizen may feel compelled to object to having his thoughts and feelings so cavalierly branded racist. Further, a conscientious citizen might argue that the real “Big Lie” of systemic racism is but a tool of the tyrannical to expand their power, excuse their excesses, and advance their totalitarian agenda. But Biden would assure him that would be one’s “unconscious bias” talking, old sport. And it would only further “prove” to our governmental, corporate, and media overlords the need for citizens to be reeducated on matters racial to protect Our Oligarchy . . . er, Our Democracy™. 

Yeah, Mao would have yawned, “been there, done that.” Perhaps, though, he’d consider Mr. Biden’s imitation, however anile, a form of flattery (for little the latter does is sincere). 

In Frank Dikotter’s first book in his trilogy on Communist China, The Tragedy of Liberation, he lays out in detail how the Chinese Communist Party went about “thought reform”:

In October 1951, Mao announced that ‘Thought Reform, especially thought reform of the intellectuals, is one of the most important prerequisites for the realization of democratic reform and industrialization.’ Shortly afterwards, Zhou Enlai, dressed in a grey woolen Mao suit, lectured 3,000 eminent teachers in the Huairen Hall in the party headquarters in Zhongnanhai. The premier warned them that they were imbued with the ‘mistaken thoughts of the bourgeois class and the petty bourgeoisie’ and must work hard to ‘establish the correct stand, viewpoint and method of the working class.’ The lecture lasted a full seven hours. Wu Ningkun, an expert of English literature educated in America who had only just returned to China, against the advice of his brother in Taiwan and his elder sister in Hong Kong, gave up his perfunctory attempt to take notes after a mere hour. ‘Little did I know that the seven-hour report was nothing less than a declaration of war on the mind and integrity of the intelligentsia for the next forty years!’

Indeed, it was a declaration of war, repression, and extermination on all segments of Chinese society. As a contemporaneous party official explained how to be a good Communist when dealing with “counterrevolutionaries”: “You must hate even if you feel no hatred, you must kill even if you do not wish to kill.” And the CCP did—by the tens of millions.

Now, read “thought reform” as “unconscious bias training.” Read “imbued with the ‘mistaken thoughts of the bourgeois class and the petty bourgeoisie’” as “unconscious bias and racism.” Read “‘establish the correct stand, viewpoint and method of the working class’” as one must prove to be more than not biased but actually “anti-racist.” Only an unconscious Maoist like Joe Biden can be ideologically purblind to the dangers of a government arbitrarily branding a citizen as a “counterrevolutionary” (read “racist”).

Yet, there is also a price to be paid by those who would appoint themselves the coercive political reeducators of a nation. As Dikotter chronicles:

Lin Zhao [said] ‘my hatred for the landlords is the same as my love of the country.’ This she demonstrated by ordering a landowner to be placed in a vat of freezing water overnight. She felt ‘cruel happiness’ on hearing the man scream in pain, as this meant the villagers would no longer be afraid of him. After a dozen victims were executed in the wake of a rally she had helped organize, she looked at each of the corpses, one by one. ‘Seeing them die this way, I felt as proud and happy as the people who had directly suffered under them.’ She was barely twenty.

Now, read “landlords” as “racists.” Truly, as America’s tyrannical Left has proven in their zeal to “cast away illusions, prepare for struggle,” what one really jettisons to accommodate their totalitarian ideological aims and hatreds is reality, history, and one’s humanity. Consider the aforementioned Lin Zhao, whose fate Dikotter aptly records in an endnote:

Lin Zhao, like so many others, later became a victim of the regime. Arrested as a counter-revolutionary in 1960, she was secretly executed eight years later after writing hundreds of pages critical of Mao Zedong in prison, some of them in her own blood.

So let’s give a hard pass to Comrade-in-Chief Biden and his leftist cadres. Our republic needs an American restoration; not a Maoist cultural revolution—be it conscious, unconscious, or comatose.

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