Crony Socialism’s Death Throes   

The Democrats’ crony socialism is in its death throes.

Our communications revolution empowered individuals to make their own decisions and have their voices heard and heeded. It was a welcome development for our constitutional republic, for it promised to increase the liberty and the equality of its citizens. 

But the empowerment of Americans to make their own decisions and pursue their own happiness in a more egalitarian and, thus, more perfect union proved a threat to the self-anointed elites who lust to dictate our destinies. Leftists, corporatists, globalists, academics, the spoon-fed media, and all others who want to control you for power and profit have combined with and within the Democratic Party to arrest and reverse the continued empowerment of the sovereign citizenry. This inherently anti-democratic combination, which was celebrated for rigging the 2020 election in Time, constitutes crony socialism.

Crony socialism encompasses those institutions and individuals who cower at the prospect of losing their unmerited power and status due to an empowered public. Fearful, they have sought shelter within the Democratic Party, which itself is in irreversible decline; and from the Big Tech robber barons, who ironically helped spawn the communications revolution now threatening their crony socialist comrades and, yes, themselves. 

Craven Vanity

Bluntly, they believe the only entity on earth that might be powerful enough to bully the citizenry into submission is government.

That this elitist alliance is destined to fail is patently evident in their calumnies and actions—indeed, they reveal they are more cognizant, both consciously and unconsciously, of their coming demise than are their Republican, populist, and conservative opponents.

You can read it in these crony socialists’ insane executive orders, bills, and op-eds demeaning their political opponents as cultists and domestic terrorists who must be detained, deprogrammed, and droned. You can hear it in these crony socialists’ violent, hateful rhetoric about Trump supporters and, in fact, everyone upon whom they project their own misdeeds. 

You can see it in these crony socialists’ canceling in a social media-fueled auto-da-fé of anyone who dares blaspheme the tenets of their secular leftist religion. Simply, it is a neverending cycle for the crony socialists: they project their sins onto their victims, censor what they fear, and punish those who cannot be persuaded. 

It is an unsustainable defensive posture. Nevertheless, they are aggressively using every means at their disposal to delay their inevitable demise. What else can they do? These crony socialists have long passed the expiration date for restoring their sanity. Again, these crony socialists did everything in their power to rig an election, and only managed to put Biden in office by a combined 40,000 odd votes in three states. They lost House seats and nabbed a split in the Senate only due to unforced errors by the GOP. 

In their craven vanity, these crony socialists attempted to intimidate their opponents by boasting of “destroying democracy to save it.” All they succeeded in doing, however, was to provide a road map for their opponents. The key difference will be how their opponents, unlike these crony socialists, will proceed to fully and legally prevail and peacefully undo the Left’s illicit handiwork and beat them at their own game. (And, when that happens, the Left will try to change the rules again. It will avail them naught.)

The Real Bitter Clingers

Their less-than-overwhelming electoral result notwithstanding, if these crony socialists actually believed their policies for America were going to succeed, one would expect them to be a lot more confident and a lot less paranoid. Yet they exude only weakness and fear, which suits them well. 

After all, these crony socialists share a great dread of the increasing liberty and equality in a more egalitarian, prosperous, and strategically secure nation that is guided by an empowered sovereign citizenry. And as they expose their morally repugnant venality, hypocrisy, and ham-fisted attempts to abort our promising future, things will continue to redound to their demise, not ours. (Exhibit A: the Keystone XL pipeline union members who voted for the architect of their unemployment, Joe Biden. It will not escape their notice.) 

True, it will be a long, bitter, twilight struggle as these crony socialists gasp and grasp for the last ephemeral vestiges of their illusory superiority. But make no mistake: it is a done deal. 

As the people of Eastern Europe who liberated themselves from the Communist yoke instruct us: once a people is empowered, though there may be frustrating fits and starts, eventually they will refuse to be muted or mastered. And it will make no difference just how hard these crony socialists cling to their globalism or secularism or “wokeism.” These crony socialists are already in their death throes, bitterly clinging to the ass end of history before scraping the bowl on their way down the memory hole.

When their time comes, let us be magnanimous, and bid these crony socialists good riddance from our freer republic.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

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